Some Achievements of the United States During the Progressive Era Essay

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The progressive era was one of the Americans memorable times as far as the history of America is concerned. The progressive era happened between the 1890s and 1920s. During this era, there was a lot of social activists and political issues that came up to get rid of problems that were started as a result of industrialization, rapid growth in the urban areas, people migrating into the country as well the politicians that were continually involved in corruption for their gains. The primary target of the progressive movement was mainly to mark the primary machines in politics and the people who gave them orders. For the campaign to able to eliminate the corrupt practices and other misleading activities in America during the era, they had to first deal with the various corrupt people that represented the various offices to restore a more advanced direct democracy for America. Whereas there were massive changes and events that characterized this period in American history, there is an equally huge take-home notes that modern society can learn about this very vital period of American history.

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During the progressive era as far as America is concerned, many activists joined hands to change the aspects of the country such as the local government, the education system in the public sector of the country, the health sector as well, transportation, insurance and not to forget the industrial area and the various churches in America. There was a general social outburst by the society fighting for their basic right and the respect of humanity. The societies were at the forefront of leading the onslaught against the forces that were determined to block the overall process. These activists who joined hands to eradicate the practices in America included; Charles Evans Hughes, Robert M. La Follette Sr and Theodore Roosevelt who were Republicans. There was a however heavy price to pay for leading the social movements that included picketing and random protests that sought to bring social order to the overall society. The activists also included Democrats such as William Jennings, Al Smith as well as Woodrow Wilson.

Furthermore, the movement also had American people from the presidential politics who included; Edith Abbot, Grace Abbot, Jane Addams and not to forget Sophonisba Breckinridge. These teams of leaders were so determined to question the status quo and to initiate the restoration f the social order in the American society at large. The American citizens, during their initial stages, started to operate mainly at the local level but as time progressed as much had to be done started to carry out their activities in the state level. The local operations ensured that there was sufficient backing to the movement's ideas and ideologies that include the restoration of the ideologies that the American community was based on, one which is the respect for human rights. As this era continued and the movement now started operation in the state level, citizens from the middle class began joining and offering their endless support to the movement. The progressive era was meant to ensure that the society maintains the social order while respecting and observing the overall and basic human rights that included but not limited to the racial integration of the various American social groups. The middle-class supporters included lawyers, business people as well as teachers and ministers from the country.

As the great Carrie Chapman Catt once said," Ours is a nation born of revolution, rebellion against a system of government so securely entrenched in the customs and tradition of human society," (Rodgers, n.p) During the progressive era, America progressed from certain oppressive practices such as corruption and other malpractices that oppressed the citizens of America to an era of Democratic dominance. The following are the practices that changed during the progressive period that aided America in its quest for prosperity and democracy. As far as Chapman Catt is concerned, from the beginning, nations were governed and ruled by kings while the people had to go through the pain and to suffer a result of their bad governance and had to pay the cost.

However, the way of ruling changed as the revolutionists protested and introducing new ways of managing the people of America needed at that time. The revolutionists insisted that the two elementary principles required of a democratic government are not only the saintly foundation of the existence of the American citizens as a whole but has been their main pride as well as the main anchor of the liberty of the American people. Women during the progressive era were never given some privileges and opportunities to take part in the countries progress (Barry, Leonora 92). On April 26, 1917, a meeting was held in Washington DC to discuss the issues women in the society faced that hindered them from being part of the country entirely.

In the past, women in America were not permitted to be part of the states presidential election process, the election of the senators and other local authorities that govern the country. Te presidential itinerary was something held in very high regards that including women were seen as a move to water down the progress and the seriousness of the whole progression. During the meeting, the women suffrage was discussed, and the only thing that was remaining was how it would be set up to completion (Well 141). As a result of the meeting and a series of partitions from various activists, women finally achieved their right to vote for the leaders of their choice as well as managed to be granted other rights and privileges as well.

Other elements of the country that changed during the progressive era were the industrialization sector. Industrialization may have a positive impact on the lives of American citizens, but it had some negative consequences as well on the people of America. It ended up creating a gap between the rich and the poor. The workers of the factories worked hard, but still, they were subjec6ed to cruel acts as they were immigrants to the country (Well 141). During the progressive era, a movement came up to respond to the adverse impacts industrialization had on the citizens America as well as the immigrants. There was a change in the industrialization sector in that the workers were treated with care and were never oppressed.

Another thing that changed during the progressive era was that the people stood up for themselves in order to fight for their rights and the rights of the oppressed. This is seen in the case where the middle class people in America such as the lawyers, teachers, physicians among others joined the movements to fight for what is right. Before the era, American people just watched as leaders oppressed and misguided the country. However this changed as activist and other democrats started fighting and demanding for justice. People in America changed as well during the progressive era. This is evidence in their quests for fighting corruptions and oppression in the country. This is deemed as change as earlier there was no such thing.


Summarily, during the progressive era, the chief objective of the progressive movement was to eradicate corruption in the government. They also had other goals such as relieving women from specific oppression such as not be allowed to vote as well as freedom not to perform other rights as well, negative impacts of industrialization on the American citizens and the immigrants among others. As a result of the movement, women were given the right to vote for the leaders of their choice. Democracy was attained in America as every citizen and residences in American were given equal opportunities and privileges to participate in the country's operations.

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