Soft Power Influence Essay

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Date:  2022-05-06

Soft power majorly involves the use of persuasion and attraction in order to influence the behavior of others. In most cases, political leaders use soft power of attraction and persuasion so as to get the voters do what the political leaders want. Moreover, soft power is about influence and not force. Especially in business, from the way you persuade your customers and attract them to do what you want, soft power is applied. More demonstrations of the soft power influences are discussed below.

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A few days ago I visited a physician. He warned me of my weight increase and advised me to try all possible ways to reduce my weight. He really tried to convince me on the use of certain medications which aids in burning the body fats. He used logic and evidence of his cousin who used the same medicine and was currently doing well. Being an expert in the medical field he used rational persuasion to convince me in losing weight after all it was for my own good (Pamment , James, pp. 56).

Moreover, as I was walking along the road from the doctor's place, I met with Jessica my best friend. I used the normal consultation tactic of persuasion over her. Because I knew she liked chocolates I promised to reward her with one if she will accompany me to the restaurant I normally take my lunch. Eventually, we went together and I convinced her on the good meals and services offered there. She liked the place and soon she also became a member of the restaurant.

Consequently, we went back to college. When we were released to go home I noticed that my neighbor was absent that day. Well, being the president in my class I tried using legitimacy to persuade my other friends to use the route next to my neighborhood. I thought this will work because they will respect my authority as their president but it did not work. Rather, they talked back at me, claiming that they are not on the school premises, therefore, am not their president and are free to do whatever they want.

When Others Tried to Influence You

Incident What was the situation? What tactics were used? What was the outcome?

Visiting the doctor More body weight Rational persuasion I was convinced to use the medicine, and I ended up using it.

Examination test reaching my target goal Inspirational Appeal I was promoted to the next grade

When You Tried to Influence Others

Incident What was the situation? What tactics did you use? What was the outcome?

Lunch in restaurant My best friend was not convinced to take lunch from that restaurant Consultation She was able to accompany me to the restaurant and eventually became an active member in that restaurant too

Route to be used when going home My neighbor was absent, thus didn't have company to my route legitimacy No one gave in to my request

However, when others were trying to influence me on doing something I felt like I was right and they were wrong. For instance, when the physician was trying to persuade me on using the medicine to reduce my weight, I felt like he was wrong and was more convinced that the exercises were the most convenient way to reduce weight.


In conclusion, soft power can influence the individual's behavior thus ending up amending their behaviors and thoughts completely.

Works Cited

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