Social Psychology and Film Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

The research paper delves into examining how supporting the belief of maintaining a relationship partner can solve problems, make a disagreement an opportunity to understand one another better, improve the relationship, and become interdependent. Also, growth belief will become strong under adverse relationship conditions. However, if individuals who want to maintain a marriage and love someone else than his or her partner at the same time, adverse relationship conditions will be even getting worse and it will break down the relationship and become independent.

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Study 1 and study 2 shows that growth belief was most beneficial under negative relationship conditions. For example, when the preference for partners was initially low, the problem was not solved after the discussion. However, if an individual already had a low preference for a partner, but want to stay married for a stable life and love someone besides one's partner, then the conflict will widen. There is also a psychological reason among the people who cheat in the relationship. This type of people wants to make a fresh start rather than negotiate and resolve the current relationship with a partner. Moreover, these people continue to try to find alternatives externally. Therefore, such a person may have less will to work for and improve their current relationship than the average person.

When one remaining partner finds out that one's wife or husband is in love with another the growth belief will rather weaken. Besides, if a person truly loves someone wholeheartedly and feel betrayed by his or her partner, it will be hard for his or her relationship to last for long. Other partners may also be hurt so badly that they may no longer be willing to work on the problems to improve the situation.

The film ' The Lobster ' is a satire on the society that pushes for marriage. The horrors of this embarrassing world are even more frightening because it is not so different from the world we live in today. The film gives freedom where partners are allowed to enjoy conjugal freedom even in hotels. The film prohibits loneliness. In a hotel where these forcing rules work, the participants are completely helpless. If they fail to find a mate, they are ultimately abandoned and killed in the forest. However, some people do not show much enthusiasm in finding a mate in such a desperate situation. However, there is a forest where people can live a free life as a solo artist. There are rules against being a couple, as opposed to the hotel. However, the main character finds true love in his unconstrained freedom. People can fall in love more and more in the midst of the taboo of freedom. People who want to maintain a relationship but love someone else might feel marriage is a form of formal behavior and defined by society.


In conclusion, people who want to maintain their marriage but indulge in a love affair outside marriage encounter negative outcomes. It is probable such behavior can lead to divorce. According to the findings from both study 1 and 2, it is evident that when either a husband or a wife has a low preference to one another, the partner can decide to continue with the relationship but the conflict between the partners will widen. Most importantly, those people who cheat are perceived to have a psychological problem because they prefer to start a fresh relationship instead of negotiating to solve the rumble in their initial relationship. Arguably, when a new partner discovers the husband has a family, the growth belief will weaken. The film, 'The Lobster' is an example of perfect satire on the society that encourages people to marry or face the macabre of death. The film emphasizes on making marriage a mandatory stage in life. If a person is not willing to marry, he or she must face the consequence. Therefore, the film makes us perceive marriage as a formal behavior that is acceptable in the society.

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