Social Impact of Sporting Activities - Essay Example

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Date:  2021-06-22

The cities which adopted the midnight basketball program experienced a rapid decrease in the rate of the crimes in the towns. For instance, the rates of stealing property and destruction have significantly lowered since any people who used to flock the streets at night are now doing something they are interested in and enjoy doing (Vandenbroeck, 1999). Furthermore, societies have taken it as a culture to adopt and implement programs that suit many youths hence solving issues without much effort. According to James and James, 2008, construction with more regard to social is a theoretical perspective that explores the ways in which reality is negotiated in everyday life through peoples interactions and a set of discourses. With reference to children and youths, construction is the development stages that leads to the youth into becoming responsible members of any given society. In Canada the choice of sports tends to favor the youth as it enables them become more responsible members of the society. Additionally, in some other cases, young men engage in skating activities that they enjoy which cultivate discipline thus lowering the crime issues concurrently. However, there are some criticisms that have arisen such as most communities tend to support sport plus programs since it is a cheap way of lowering crime rates and occupying the youths compared to supporting programs that will reduce critical issues affecting the community. The drawbacks in society is the political and economic aspects that tend to affect the systems set up. For instance, under economic aspect these communities may not be well abled to fund for more constructive activities other than sports. The background of the participating youths may also tell a lot on their economic capabilities. This in a way segregates the youths into classes. On the political aspect those in power tend to dictate what activities to fund, and thus most often they tend to go for the ones with the least budgets. Also, the programs are focused on decreasing the risks in the community without solving the problems.

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In these localized contexts, interacting and relating with others is inevitable as no one can achieve their goals without others. Similarly, the social context plays a significant role in the nurturing relationships among the Canadian youths in the inner-city (Holt et al., 2013). However, building relationships is neither a tough task or a simple task. Previously, researchers construed that friendship among other relationships is a result of everyday activities and interactions (Williams, 2007). However, different people have different personalities, traits, and viewpoints which can bring along a lot of conflicts in the society particularly where people do not get along with each other (Maunder, 2017). Hence, relationships are gradually built, day by day where people interact and understand the uniqueness of each other. Besides, when one interacts with other during the day to day activities, they can appreciate the different viewpoints that make every individual unique in their character. According to Stamatoglou (2004), friendship is nurtured in the day to day culture routines of the youths. Therefore, youths in the community tend to interact substantially in the various forums such as classrooms, play fields among others. The consistent interactions then develop and result in a friendship, especially among children who understand each other in different viewpoints.

In this ethnographic study, the youths are used as a symbol of peace whereby they engage in the sporting activities in which they positively interact with others. people are social by nature, the fact that there is a forum that enables youths to come together and interact while forming a bond is one key way of ensuring that they are molded in the right way. The teens involved in the various sporting activities are presented with opportunities for mentorship and building relationships. These programs have created an environment that allows the youth to have more time for interactions as they participate in the various games and programs (Maunder, 2017). Moreover, the games were mainly structured to create a non-competitive and casual environment where the youths will freely interact with one another. The programs were significant to individuals who had a distanced life whereby they could not interact with people either in school or at home because of unknown reasons the programs helped them...

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