Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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Date:  2021-03-06

The chivalric code is the most vital form of human constructions. It also does an important part of the medieval literature as well as the beliefs of the Gawain systems. Sir Gawain is the protagonist in this piece of work and is also the central figure whose ultimate character change forms the focus of the work. By all standards, Gawain is seen as the epitome of chivalry as proved by the quote, "My life would be least missed if we let out the truth. Only as you are my uncle have I any honor for excepting your blood, I bear in my slight body virtue" (Gardner 55). Some of the chivalric values that are demonstrated by the poet are such as selflessness, loyalty all to ones king and to ones relatives. This fact is what makes the Gawain adventure interesting.

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The Gawain is used to illustrate the picture of the chivalric values. The encounter highlighted in the text that brings in crises in the whole system, and he is torn between two on who to honor. Should he honor the pleas of the lady or remain faithful to his lord? Those are the questions that he asked himself. At this point the value of Gawain, which is the moral code is shaken. Gawain always feels like he has a duty to preserve his purity as a Christian. This feeling is due to his commitment and duty of a chivalric to Lord Bertilak. The Lady Bertlak is still confident to challenge Gawain morals despite knowing his stand. Despite Gawain knowing his stand, he still finds himself questioning himself if it is right to reject the request of the Passion Lady

I would say that the chivalric code has a positive effect on those who practice it because we find that the poet is practicing the chivalric code, and he upholds his Christian faith unconditionally despite what challenges he faces. According to him, Christian faith is saving grace. We find the poet from time to time seeking guidance from God and say prayers facing the picture of the Virgin Mary to God for saving him from the adulterous temptations of Lady Bertilak

From the literature we learn that is extremely difficult for Gawain to choose which side to lean on. At one pint, the passion of the Lady pulls him to be tempted to submit to her requests but, on the other hand, he has strong values, which he has lifted from the chivalric code that he still feels obligated to follow. He is torn in between the passions and needs of the body and his faith. He finally passes the test due to his faith. However, since at some point he was not sure of what to do he could even be judged wrongly for being torn between two. It is, therefore, a very important virtue to be able to choose between the good and the bad and make a firm decision without lying on one side. It was unfortunate that the advances of the Lady were a conspiracy of the Lady and the Lord to outwit Gawain in this game

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