Should It Be a Requirement to Spay or Neuter Your Pet Essay

Date:  2022-01-14 02:52:39
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Several countries have so far established low-cost neuter/spay programs that will make surgery affordable and accessible especially to those who own pets. Spaying pets will enable them to live a longer and healthier life as well. Spaying mostly helps pets in preventing uterine infections as well as breast cancer. Neutering will be beneficial to a pet mostly before her first heat hence offering the best protection from dangerous diseases which may harm the pet (Choron, S., Choron, H. 2015). Also, neutering pets are accompanied with major health benefits more so on the male pet. Through this strategy, the male pet will be prevented from testicular cancer. The paper will begin by exploring the specific question on whether it should be a requirement to spay or to neuter a pet. The paper will present a strong argument that spaying pets is relatively a requirement as well as a strong argument that neutering pets is an unacceptably dangerous move. It will be followed by the analysis of the merits of reasoning and the support provided by each.

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The argument that it is a requirement for a pet to be neutered or spayed:

Premise 1: neutering male dogs and cats will enable them to behave much better. Hence, it will greatly help them focus their attention on their human families (Sandoe, P., Corr, S., Palmer, C. 2016). In comparison, the unneutered pets may mark their territory by using strong-smelling urine all over the house. Hence, such cases can be avoided totally by spaying pets in their early stages.

Premise 2: spaying the pet is highly cost-effective, i.e. neuter surgery on a pet is much less than the cost of caring for a litter. It also caters for the cost of treatment when the unneutered pet escapes and gets involved into a fight with the neighborhood stray.

Premise 3: neutering and spaying the pet is always good for the community. Stray pets pose a real problem in most parts of the country. They can as well prey on wildlife, damage the local fauna and also frightened young children, causing car accidents on the roads. Hence neutering and spaying pets pack a powerful means of reducing the number of animals more so the pets on our streets.

Premise 4: neutering and spaying help in fighting the overpopulation of the pets. Yearly, thousands of dogs and cats of all ages are euthanized or do suffer as stray. Due to these high numbers, it is a result of unplanned littering across the community that could have been prevented by the strategy of neutering or spaying.

Premise 5: spaying, the male dog, wont want to roam away from home. By not neutering the male dog, they will do everything to find a mate (Kerasote, T. 2013). It includes digging his way under the fences to escape from the house. Hence, once it is free to roam, he risks injury on the road and unnecessary fights with other males.

Premise 6: the neutered female will not go into heat. Since cycles can vary, female pets usually go into heat three to five day approximately every three weeks during their breeding season to advertise themselves for mates. Hence they will urinate and yowl more frequently all over the house.

Premise 7: spaying pets provides a significant health benefit especially the male one. Neutering the male pet will help in preventing unwanted litter and it will avoid the risk of testicular cancer.

Conclusion: it is a requirement to spay or neuter a pet.

Support for the argument that it is a requirement to neuter or spay a pet:

From my point of argument, I will support that it's a requirement for the pet to be spayed or neutered because there are too many animals like dogs and cats without a genuine home. Pets naturally reproduce hence there is a sense to spay or neuter them (Choron, S., Choron, H. 2015). It is because there are already many unwanted pets that live on the various streets. It also could lead to these animals being injured by the car on the roadside or being abused by someone as well. Neutering and spaying pets can also reduce the chances of them getting certain diseases. Due to the presence of the pet breeders outside there, pets could easily become extinct. Moreover, a regular pet owner who doesn't want to have many kittens, puppies should try whichever means to get their pets neutered or spayed. Also, neutering pets enable them to be safe since the male dogs do not have much time to roam outside in search of the mate from the neighborhood stray. I don't like the idea of pets living their whole life in pain, hunger, and sadness due to suffering. Also neutering or spaying is mostly necessary for the stray dogs and cats. The practice helps a lot in controlling the pet population by helping in avoiding the massive amounts of uncared pets in the community. However, certain applications of pets require a behavior control which could be attained through spaying and neutering. From this argument, I think that spaying and neutering pets are necessary

The argument that it should not be a requirement to spay or neuter a pet:

Premise 1: spaying or neutering a pet usually makes them so fearful. There exists evidence that suggests that neutered pets especially the female dogs are more likely to become fearful while the unneutered dogs are more likely to be aggressive.

Premise 2: many neutered female dogs usually develop urinary inconsistency. Typically, when female dogs are neutered before they hit puberty they have higher risk of developing urinary inconsistency (Sandoe, P., Corr, S., Palmer, C. 2016).

Premise 3: neutered pets also have the chance of developing hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is that condition where the thyroid does not make much thyroxine, the hormone that controls the pets metabolism leading to hair loss, weight gain as well as ear infections among the pets.

Premise 4: neutering pets could enable them to effortlessly catch infectious diseases. Studies have discovered that the use of pediatric spay leads to higher chances of puppies catching a contagious disease (Choron, S., Choron, H. 2015).

Conclusion: neutering or spaying pets should not be a requirement.

Support for the argument that neutering or spaying pets should not be a requirement:

The four premises are supported by the extensive research indicating that pets are naturally made to reproduce hence there is no need to alter any. If pets are altered, they would soon become extinct. Hence it is our responsibility to keep these pets indoors, and if they cannot have any pregnancies, it would be necessary (Kerasote, T. 2013). Also, it is the responsibility of the owner to prevent the unwanted litter of these pets. Pets need their sex hormones to mature naturally both mentally and physically. Moreover, if you cannot handle a pet in its natural state, then there is no need to own it. Medical research states that neutering pets before two years harms them especially the full dog development. It is recommended to train our pets to behave properly not by spaying them. God is the creator of all living things hence the pets were not created without their reproductive organs. Hence who are we to remove them?

Analysis of the Reasoning on Both Sides

As explained, both arguments have premises that are supported by substantial scholarly research. Both cases additionally provide strong support for the truth of their conclusions. Each event includes a premise that links the factual claims made in the previous assumptions to the specific judgment rendered by the conclusion, resulting in powerful support for the truth of each outcome. However, their conclusions make different points, resulting in an apparent contradiction. Having studied both sides of the case, my evaluation of the research indicates that pets should not be spayed or neutered because its god who is the creator of every living organism in the ecosystem. Also, it is the sole responsibility to control their pet and train them to behave well. On the other hand, pets should also be spayed to control their population (George, Z. 2016). Currently, there are pets which are homeless and just roaming in major towns and villages.


In summary, pets are a gift given to us by the supreme being hence it is the mandate of the owner to take good care of it by protecting from infectious diseases that could ruin his life. Having researched the topic of spaying pets, I have strong support for contrasting positions as well as the substantial evidence on neutering the pets which are associated with specific harm to the animal.


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