Sexual Abuse by Peacekeepers in the Central African Republic

Date:  2021-03-08 06:04:59
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The article elaborates the increased incidences of sexual abuse perpetrated by the European Union Peacekeepers who are in the Central African Republic. A reported tabled by the United Nations in Geneva did state the increase in cases of abuse on children where the same was described as extremely disturbing accusations. According to the article, the UN human rights chief Mr. Zeid al-Hussein did demand for investigations into the issue considering the gravity of the situation. Notably, he was referring to a case where the European Union peacekeepers were reported to have raped two girls both aged between sixteen and seventeen years. The article identifies that the incidences took place in the years of 2014 and 2015. Adding to the same, the article does point out the fact that other reports did indicate that a seven-year-old and a nine-year-old had further been paid the French troops so that they could have oral sex with them and that such cases were widely known. The article did point out the fact that overall there was an increase in such cases calling for a thorough investigation and those involved brought to pay for the deeds.

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Response to the article

The article does present significant concerns when it comes to the overall issue of safety of children. There is the question of child protection from neglect and abuse. The first is that the people who have been entrusted to protect the children from the abuse are the ones who are on the leading from when it comes to not protecting the children. The European Union peacekeepers have been pointed out to cause harm to children by subjecting them to sexual abuse. It is unfortunate that the acts have been described to be taking place for a prolonged duration of time and not much has been taken to address the situation. Nothing has been done to help in dealing with the issue makes the whole situation worse.

The international organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union must ensure that they take a tough stance against those who carry out such despicable acts. The article has put much emphasis on the fact that the peacekeepers have proven not to be effective when it comes to dealing with the issue of protecting the children. Further, the article presents the fact that that there is division when it comes to how the international bodies are handling the entire issue of protection of children. Much as accusations have been brought forth regarding widespread cases of abuse of children, there seems to be no common ground between the organizations when it comes to how they plan on addressing the issue. What is presented instead is a matter where there is blame among the organizations. It is unfortunate that the blame game that is manifested particularly in the European Union and the United Nations compounds the problem further. For example, as there are wrangles, it has become difficult to address adequately the issues presented in the article. It is evident that the peacekeepers may be engaging in abuse of children that is against the requirements of the law. Despite the presentation of the reports, the article points out that little has been done to help bring the culprits to book.

Major points presented by the article

The article does mention the increase in cases of children falling victim to the peacekeepers. Much as it is expected that the soldiers would protect them, the exact opposite of the same is manifested. It is an issue that needs to be addressed considering the impact that it has. It is unfortunate that children are at risk when they are around the peacekeepers because of the report that shows the chances of them getting abused. It is a point that needs to be given much thought particularly because of the image that it presents about the peacekeepers. The primary goal of the EU and UN peacekeepers has upheld peace while in the country and not doing contrary to what is expected of them. The fact that the article emphasizes on the issue is a reflection of the risk with which many of the children are exposed at the hands of the peacekeepers.

The other point reflected is the need the need to have action taken against those abusing the rights of the child. Many of the children are vulnerable. Because of the same, it is mandatory to have the law enforcement agencies exercise much caution and make it their business to protect them. However, what is manifested in the article does not show the same. The peacekeepers who have the duty of protecting the children from abuse are seen to be the ones who perpetuate the evil acts. Some go the extra length of paying the children so that they can have sex with them. Such activities expose children too much harm negating the need to have the perpetrators brought to book.


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