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Date:  2022-09-22


Service marketing refers to the process of promoting or selling economic activities that the producer offers the clients. The service marketing of the Bouleau and Huntley demonstrates how service business is progressing. It shows who amongst the people have a direct contact with the available consumers. The concept is generally viewed as the last to adopt the concept of the considered consumer-oriented marketing. Service marketing theory tends to explain the significance of other costs of services which includes such services like related monetary and non-monetary cost. The related monetary costs always tend to base more on the searching for services within the organization, purchasing and at the sometimes using the above and beyond services which are given or paid to the consumer. It may always entail such services as traveling, parking and food and beverages.

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The nonmonetary cost within the organization includes such factors like time, discomfort and the effort that are associated with the search and the use of the services. The nonmonetary cost always tends to be higher when the workers and the clients are involved in a lot of work as this tends to increase the traveling opportunity and the search to find out more opportunities. This has increased the production process within Bouleau and Huntley organization through improved production rates. According to Lee (2012), service delivery success is measured in terms of service quality and factors such as tangibles (appearance of the facility and personnel, reliability (deliver promised service dependably), responsiveness of the staff to the client's query or demands, assistances (demonstrating knowledge and courtesy) and empathy (providing individualized attention to the customers).

Factors that facilitate the success of service delivery

The main factors that facilitate service marketing include:


Customers and clients in most cases require information on the ability to obtain and use the products and services that are offered by the company. Therefore the direction of sale, conditions for usage and the confirmation of the reservation that is offered by the Bouleau and Huntley are very significant to customers.

Order taking

Clients and customers' needs to know what is vital and are available as they may want to secure a delivery for the same. The process, therefore, should be polite, accurate and faster.


The payment offered by the Bouleau and Huntley organization enables the customers to enables the customers to pay faster and more cheerfully as the transaction system is very simple and reliable to use.

The four main distinctive groups of the nonmonetary approach in the service marketing and which users within the Bouleau and Huntley include:

Time cost which is a very significant point within the service delivery system. Time is a very important factor to be considered in any organization that wants to achieve its productivity goals as it determines the output and used to measure the capacity of work that is carried out within an organization over a given duration of time. It, therefore, guides the company to avoid time wastage on non-enjoyable activities that add less value to the productive mission of the organization.

The physical cost the entails factors like fatigue and discomfort. This also influences the service delivery system and is more related to the customers and the client as compared to the organization workers. They tend to determine whether the services which are employed by the organization is reliable enough to meet the clients expectation. Phillips (2014) argue that companies achieve success by avoiding such factors like making the customers wait for quite a long time before they can get the service or making the service delivery system to the client to be quite n hectic process.

The psychological cost such as the mental effort that can affect the production too. This may be as a result of fear within the organization, the perceived risk that may be involved in service delivery and also the feeling of inadequacy within the company that can interfere with your mental concentration in the productive work and thus reducing the general production within the organization.

Revenue Management and its Importance towards the Success of Bouleau and Huntley

The business organization now focuses on which will enable it to maximize revenue collection that can be obtained from available capacity at any time within the organization at a particular time. The revenue management process within the organization is very crucial as it ensures the better capacity of resource utilization and ensures that enhance capacity for higher payment segments within the organization. The process is more successful when applied to the business system that is characterized by:

High and maintained fixed structure and averagely fixed capacity which will automatically result in perishable inventory.

It is also applicable to a situation where there is variable and uncertain demand

In a situation where there in varying customer price and sensitivity the revenue management system becomes very significant and all these factors are applicable to the Bouleau and Huntley organization.


Lee, B. (2012). The determinants of consumer attitude toward service innovation - theevidence of ETC system in Taiwan. Journal Of Services Marketing, 26(1), 9-19. Doi: 10.1108/08876041211199689

Phillips, A. (2014). Systematic Marketing Facilitates Optimal Customer Service: The Marketing Audit of a Rural Public Library System. Public Library Quarterly, 33(3), 219-235. Doi: 10.1080/01616846.2014.937212

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