Samuel Beckett's Malloy Essay

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Date:  2022-04-14

Malloy is portrayed to be living in his late mother's room for which he cannot track the aspects that brought about his arrival in his mother's house. Malloy is a participant in writing thus suggesting that he is not whatsoever affected by mental problem if he can keep writing articles worth demanded by the public. The man who arrives at his house that was formerly his mother's house suggests that Malloy is capable of constructing relevant ideas that are worth selling thus overshadowing the aspects of thinking that Malloy is mentally challenged. Malloy's statement that his writing is designed to "speak of the things that are left" and about "goodbyes," shows that he was not mistakenly found in his mother's house. Contrarily, it shows that Malloy is revisiting his destiny and the things that he did not accomplish in his life (Beckett, 2009). For that matter, his arrival at his mother's house might have been after the death of his mother to act as a way of saying goodbye and to communicate of the things that he did not manage to communicate when his mother was alive since the lines "speak the things left" and uttering "goodbyes" cannot be referring to a living being.

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Additionally, Malloy's character and personality are full of remorsefulness from the point when he ran over a woman's dog and killed it. To show that he was remorseful, he "abandoned his bicycle" and uttered that he will no longer call it a bike (Beckett, 2009). He also walks in no certain direction as a way of depicting that he was immensely affected by running over the woman's dog a situation that might have made him reach to his mother's house mysteriously and finding her missing. For that matter, saying that he was speaking of the "things that are left" and "saying goodbyes" reflects on the things that he did wrong and which challenged his emotional wellbeing to the point of making him seem mentally retarded. The anger and remorsefulness that he had made him act inhuman to the charcoal-burner whom he attacks and beats savagely. Moran writes his report as initiated by his remorseful mind to the point of doing the unthinkable and performing things that tend to challenge his mental outlook by any normal person. According to the sentiments that "to whom who has nothing, it is forbidden not to relish fifth," his bizarre habit is resulted by the fact that he participates in aspects that rendered him to look useless in life (Beckett, 2009). Additionally, he ended up missing to meet his mother due to the aspects that made him delay on the way thus he does not know whether his mother is dead or alive. Malloy, therefore, faces emotional problems that are concerned with lack of proper attachment with his mother thus he is found mysteriously in his mother's house. Quotes like "don't wait to be hunted to hide" shows that the presence of Malloy in his mother's house was majorly a hiding place from his wrongdoing to the people in the community.

Malloy must also be aware that his mother is hiding from the person who might be hunting her from the comment that "do not wait to be hunted to hide" (Beckett, 2009). Therefore, Malloy's character and unnatural acts try to depict his intuitive way of solving his problems by not communicating everything for the public to study him. For that matter, he worked all means possible to address the aspects that made him do wrong to people by even avoiding his bicycle which made him run over a woman's dog thus killing it. In spite of the fact that Malloy seems to be emotionally challenged, his actions show that he was a remorseful person therefore his attitudes stand up clearly that he is not retarded or mentally ill but just trying to hide from his allies.


Beckett, S. (2009). Three Novels: Molloy, Malone Dies, The Unnamable. Grove/Atlantic, Inc..

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