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Date:  2022-12-12


Rural health management involves the health status of rural people along with the policies that guide the health-care delivery systems that serve them. In most of the cases, rural health management faces health disparities since various occurrences are hindering the provision of health care systems in rural areas. As the United States population in the rural communities decreases, resources to address their health status decline as well, which exacerbates the difficulties of accessing health care and may also compromise the strive to boost the health care delivery system. However, when accessing care, rural population face various constraints, financial factors, cultural and social variances, educational deficiencies, lack of acknowledgment by delegates and the isolation of rural communities. This paper will deliver a review on the article "These 10 States Are in Danger of the Most Rural Hospital Closures" by Gaby Galvin (2019) on rural health management.

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One of the significant issues facing rural health management is the issues concerning rural hospitals closure. In a majority of the cases, the rural hospitals face various challenges as they strive to deliver health care to the rural populations. For example, they encounter inadequate or unprepared health care professionals, financial disparities, minimum resources, among others. However, according to Gaby (2019), dozens of health care facilities in the rural areas have shuttered recently. For instance, 64 rural health care facilities were shut down between 2013 and 2017. The individuals in the rural areas are more impoverished, older, and in most cases have limited access to insurance converge compared to the urban counterparts. Also, there is the chance that individuals in rural areas are at high rates of chronic diseases which are affected by the shortage of health care practitioners operating in rural areas. Due to the various cases of limited access to insurance coverage and high chances of chronic diseases amongst the rural populations, the occurrence increases the possibilities of financial problems for the rural health care facilities since the rural communities have difficulties in servicing the care delivered.

Furthermore, the article derives that, people in the rural areas are frequently by the issues of older populations as well as physician shortcomings which delivers a difficulty in health care access compared to the urban peers who can easily access health care. In as much as the rural landscape consists of healthcare systems similar to those on the urban communities, there are fewer resources for services and services in the rural populations. According to a study from Navigant, a consulting organization, about 1 in 5 rural health care facilities, a total of 430- are at a high stake of closure as a result of their financial deficiencies, and may hinder many Americans from accessing health care which could also affect 150,000 hospital-related employments (Gaby, 2019). In most cases, health care provider in the rural setting leaves employment in the rural areas to seek joemploymentbs in urban communities due to better resources, better working conditions, better pay, among other issues. Thus, it is essential for human resource to consider the circumstances of employee recruitment and retention as well.


To sum everything up, human resource needs to leverage their knowledge of the difficulties in this setting in line with the observation of the specific client organizations. In as much are issues are facing rural health management, the problems concerning the financial position of the rural hospitals need critical consideration. Many rural hospitals have shut down while other rural hospitals remain at the verge of closure. As the article concludes, it derives that hundreds of hospitals in rural America could close if their finances do not improve with ten American states (Namely; Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, Michigan, Arkansas, Minnesota, Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, and Mississippi) being at risk of higher rural hospitals closure.


Gaby Galvin, (2019) "These 10 States Are in Danger of the Most Rural Hospital Closures" Retrieved from:

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