Essay Sample on Safety Risk Management: Identify, Evaluate, Analyze & Mitigate Risk

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Date:  2023-01-26


Safety Risk Management infers to a formal process used in identifying and defining a risk system, by identifying the hazards, evaluating the risks, analyzing the risks, and establishing ways of mitigating the risk. In spite of the fact that other factors of risk management equally help in building a safety program in a particular organization, the safety risk management process deals with direct risk exposure; therefore, requiring a well- organized procedure that will help in the identification of risks and hazards (Khan, Rathnayaka & Ahmed, 2015). The most essential step in the process is the identification of hazards as it is the primary step that will lead to all the step. This process also requires individuals to understand safety behavior and develop measures that will help in mitigation exposure.

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Importance of Key Performance

For a company to be indicated as a high performer in its field, it has to show the KPI (Key Performance Indicators that showcase that it is well- performing both in the present and in the future. There are many reasons as to why Key Performance by an organization is essential as it is one of the primary goals of the business (Stolzer, 2017). The employees' morale is strengthened through key performance as they will feel responsible for the high performance and will gain satisfaction for the impeccable job. Furthermore, key performance is crucial to business objectives as it ensures that the targets are at the forefront during decision making. Importantly, key performance is vital for performance management as they simplify the process in the organization.

Fundamental Purpose of Safety Assurance

Safety assurance is an essential component of the safety management process in any organization. It refers to all systematic and pre-mediated actions crucial to guarantee that all the operations in an organization meet the safety needs. It is achieved by management the safety systems in an organization. It mostly takes the form of employees' submission of safety reports and auditing. It ensures that there is safety performance upon an established risk control measure. It also ensures that the risks controls are analyzed, created, and mitigated in the safety risk management process. The safety assurance process also ensures that operations are in place and that there are new or modified risk controls.

Interplay Between Production and Protection Measures, Targets and Assessments

Production infers to the making of value. Thus, it is essential that process descriptions are accompanied by value-oriented production monitoring in all their operations. This is just as essential as the integration of safety controls so that the protection needs are achieved. It is as well crucial that targets are set for both protection and production of Key Performance Indicators. Additionally, there should be well- outlaid protocols that evaluate the degree of success of the operations. In the safety perspective, assessment is related to risk assessment.

How Equipment Specifications in One Process Become Output Requirements for Another

The specification of equipment may define the performance needs of equipment and guarantee that the equipment distributed will meet the performance needs. Thus, the equipment and the material act as the input. Some of the equipment specifications include ways in which they will be used, operations of each equipment, and the descriptions of maintenance. The equipment stipulations will provide a brief definition of the performance needs to the consumer; the consumer is the output in this case.


Khan, F., Rathnayaka, S., & Ahmed, S. (2015). Methods and models in process safety and risk management: Past, present, and future. Process safety and environmental protection, 98, 116-147.

Stolzer, A. J. (2017). Safety management systems in aviation. Routledge.

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