RSSL: Addressing Competitive Issues With Malcom Baldrige Criteria - Essay Sample

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Problems are part of the companies, and there is a need that a lot of care be taken to ensure that the issues that the Company is facing interfere not with the operations of the Company. Rocky-Side Short-Haul Lines, Inc. (RSSL) is one of the Companies that is operating in the competitive environment and is affected by various factors that are pointed out by the Cranford Consolidated Products (CCP), which is a body that works actively improving quality by using the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria. From the seminar in which the Rocky-Side Short-Haul Lines, Inc. was presented, it got depicted that there are numerous errors that the Company was facing. There was a need for a desperate action to ensure that the transportation services that are offered by the Company.

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Statistical Process Control

Integration of the statistical process control in the Company is one of the most vital steps that companies need to employ to determine the problems that they are facing in figures. For instance, if during transportation of goods some get lost, this control measure will ensure that the there is statistical values of the loss an the activities that are needed to be undertaken to effectively deal with the issues. The method, therefore, basically is to monitor the whole control process to help in the improvement of the quality of operation.

It is realized that the Company was spending much in correcting the errors as shown in the data, the Company spend $2 per error which may turn to a large amount of money if there are so many errors that are found in the company operation. One of the activities that the Company must do is to ensure that they do a comparative analysis of the data before and after the implementation of the Statistical Process Control. Using this process, the quality data that are produced in the form of process measurements or the form o product are measured in real-time during the manufacturing, and the obtained data is plotted on the graphs to determine the control limits.

This is one of the reasons for the Statistical process being employed by many companies. The data can easily be read and analyzed and spot the direction of the quality process.

Before establishing the quality system, it is essential to note some of the facts concerning the quality improvement system. Rocky-Side Short-Haul Lines, Inc. must acknowledge that the Statistical Control system is established in two phases. The first phase is the initial establishment phase, where the system will not be able to show consistent data because the operation is yet to be fully introduced in the system. Therefore, the data gotten cannot be relied on.

The second phase, which is very important for the Company, is the regular production use of the process. There are a number of things that the Company needs to understand in the second phase - the time to examine the process, which depends on the companies operation. From the result of the defective files, it is essential to note that it was a depiction of the process control. With time since the SPC is more of detecting and preventing the problems, the issues that the Company is having are likely to reduce tremendously.

Performing the analysis with the second study using the second set of data, it can be noted that there are less defective compared to the first data set with average billing of o.75 which is encouraging and a depiction that the Company is moving towards a positive direction. If the system is continuously used without any problems, it will be true to note the future of the Company will be better with much more reduced effects of defectives. It can, therefore, be generally concluded that the system in place is operating effectively to help the Company back to its normal operations.

Billing Study

From the case provided, the bill of lading was considered to be a problem that the Company needed to address. Despite dealing with the issues of defective, this was a point that the Company required to look at critically. The Company is a big one and needs to gain a lot of market advantage, must go beyond what Statistical process control tools can offer. In that connection, coming up with a group problem-solving session will help in the evaluation and the determination of various problems that would have been the reason for the bill of lading problems. The cause and effects diagram is a vital tool since it aids in the effective determination of what may be the base of the problem and the subsequent effects that the problem may cause the Company. This was a good step for the Company to establish further an effective operating environment to gain more advantages.

Having another method to determine the quality was in order since there were instances when an approach might fail. Having an alternative plan is essential for it can help in providing for the backup. On the other hand, the p-chart that was used could have been having a number of weaknesses. Apart from the P-chart which provided a valid result, Pareto diagram will be to help in the furthest analysis and depiction of the quality assessment. The description is in the form of the bar charts that ranks related measures in the descending order of occurrences. With the Pareto diagram, I will be able to easily analyze the frequency of occurrence of the problem, which is an essential aspect when it comes to quality determination.

The diagram will as well help in providing an in-depth analysis of the problem that most affect the organizations, begins with what causing it and how it can be addressed to avoid future effects. Since that, there was a large number of causes from the cause-effect diagram, and it is vital to come up with a significant reason that needs to be looked into effectively. In this case, the use of the Pareto chart will be considered. I, therefore, recommend for Pareto diagram is a substitute tool for p-chart.

Statistical process control strategies expand the utilization of distinct insights to screen the nature of the item and procedure. There are reasonable and assignable reasons for variation in the generation of each item. Utilizing factual procedure control we need to decide the measure of variety that is normal or typical. At that point, we screen the creation procedure to ensure generation remains inside this typical range (Peres & Fogliatto, 2018). That is, we need to provide the process is in a condition of control. The most usually utilized apparatus for checking the generation procedure is a controlled outline. Various kinds of control graphs are utilized to screen multiple parts of the creation procedure.

Statistical process control methods expand the utilization of precise measurements to screen the nature of the item and procedure. There are reasonable and assignable reasons for variety in the creation of each item. Utilizing factual procedure control we need to decide the measure of variation that is normal or ordinary. At that point, we screen the generation procedure to ensure creation remains inside this typical range (Peres & Fogliatto, 2018). That is, we need to provide the process is in a condition of control. The most ordinarily utilized apparatus for observing the creation procedure is a controlled outline. Various sorts of control diagrams are utilized to screen various parts of the creation procedure. In conclusion, it can be depicted that through the use of the statistical process control tools among other tools, the business is likely to pick up and effectively manage the issues that are facing them.


Peres, F. A. P., & Fogliatto, F. S. (2018). Variable selection methods in multivariate statistical process control: A systematic literature review. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 115, 603-619.

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