Rosemary Cosmetics Marketing Strategy Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-20

Rosemary cosmetics are a local company that mainly focuses on natural skin care specialized in makeup. The product formula is based primarily on raw, natural, non-toxic, and organic products which hydrate and illuminate the skin. The product takes care of the women's beauty from the inside out. Rosemary cosmetics are proud to be a member of the Leaping Bunny Program, which means they never test on animals. Besides, Rosemary cosmetics use 80% of the ingredients from local providers. (Zinkin,2006)

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The primary uses of the main extract which is rosemary plant are: rosemary plant I best for oily skin to remove excess oil. It has a unique astringent formula that leaves the skin looking fresh on the oily skin. The rosemary extract helps with oily skin without causing dryness without using harsh chemicals. Secondly, Rosemary used as a natural ingredient in natural cosmetics helps to eliminate puffiness under the eyes due to aging and restless night. The anti-inflammatory qualities allow stimulation of circulation throughout the face. The antioxidant quality slows down aging. Finally, Rosemary is also known to help reduce hair loss due to the way it helps proper blood circulation. Stimulating hair growth through the increased blood flow in the scalp is clear when massaging products with rosemary in them.

Rosemary extract that is used in rosemary cosmetics is used as an antimicrobial agent, skin conditioning agent, antioxidant and fragrance ingredient. The demand for natural products has grown therefore competition in Vancouver area is meager. Similar products in the field of distribution are rare. Every lady wants to look and feel natural and young. The natural look trend has become very popular and will go on for the next four years or so. Rosemary cosmetics are the way to go because it is natural organic skincare product specialized for makeup and rosemary is very beneficial to the skin.

Branding the product is, therefore, crucial since it is what that makes the product to stand out in the market. Your brand is the experience that your consumers are having. Branding is majorly what the company believes in, what it offers, what it promises and the personality I convey. (Baker,2014) Branding for this case allows our consumers get to have a good experience when using cosmetic products from natural ingredients. At rosemary cosmetics, we believe that the customers' needs should be met. Our vision is to create and better everyday life of women by making them look good. Rosemary cosmetics are a natural cosmetic like that is specialized for makeup. The main ingredient products used in this product is coconut oil and rosemary. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional cosmetic line at a very affordable price that most people will afford.


Rosemary cosmetics offer very quality and affordable products around Vancouver area. Pricing strategy is mainly affected by the pricing process of a particular product. The main objective of pricing is to meet the market demand, and this is affected by the company's marketing financing, strategic and outcomes goal. (Nagle &Muller, 2017) Rosemary's cosmetic's goal is to offer a natural line of cosmetic products that are chemical free to our modern women. Pricing expectation, as well as the levels of available stock and production resources, also affects pricing. If the ingredients used to make that particular product are unavailable, the price they would sell the products with would be high. In case the market is shallow; the cost would also go higher.

The main objectives of pricing process in a company are to encourage a lot of profits, increase the number of sales, allows the company to compare prices with other competitors, encourage smaller competitors to change industries and finally having to meet the rates of returns that have been targeted. The final consumer price points that the company agreed on will be affordable to every female whether working or not. Rosemary cosmetics have original and quality products at a very affordable price.

Distribution (place) strategy

There are two distribution channels used in marketing. Direct channel and indirect channel. Direct channel involves distributing well directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. There is no intermediary used during their transfers. Consumers can interact with the manufacturers of the product directly. The second channel is the indirect channel which involves the use of wholesalers and retailers in order the goods can reach the consumers. In the indirect channel, they use intermediaries to sell their product. The manufacturer does not fully come into contact with the consumers, and they do not fully benefit from the product. Factors used in choosing a marketing plan are the number of goods, competition in the marketing place and demand of the consumer. (Zinkin,2006)

The product will be distributed around the Vancouver areas stores. Distribution to our online shoppers in Vancouver area will be free. An extra cost of distribution will be incurred for our online customers who will be in other areas.

Promotion strategy

Promotion is when all forms of communication are combined to the consumer to persuade customers them to acquire the product. Rosemary cosmetics company uses both online and offline promotion strategies. The primary target is women between the ages of 20-50 years. Therefore, they are all considered digital enough to use social media. Marketing communications used in marketing are advertisements, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling, social media and online communication. (Zinkin,2006) The primary purpose of integrated marketing communication (IMC) is to bring all this communication together to work hand in hand in order the required information to reach the necessary audience. (Baker,2014)

Rosemary cosmetics main IMC objectives is to create awareness about the product, to influence customer's attitude towards the product, to enhance purchase actions, to encourage repeated and more purchases and to build customer traffic in our online and physical stores, to build a good and famous brand and finally to increase on the number of sales they make daily.

It is clear that the marketing strategy used will be useful to offer rosemary cosmetics company good and effective sales. The product is a cosmetic line that uses natural ingredients such as coconut oil and rosemary as the main ingredients in their lines. The primary objectives are to offer a natural, affordable makeup line for a modern woman for them to look beautiful. Rosemary cosmetics main IMC objectives are to create awareness about the product and to increase the sales.


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