Romeo and Juliet Annotated Bibliography

Paper Type:  Annotated bibliography
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Wordcount:  699 Words
Date:  2022-05-17

Evans, G. Blakemore. Romeo and Juliet. Cambridge University Press, 2003.

In this article, Evans Blakemore provides a synopsis of the kind of things that took place in the play that was written by William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was a conventional writer, poet and also a comedian who took part in some writing activities to avails some of the issues that he had in mind. Romeo and Juliet is a story about love, and he wanted to make the world know that love was an important thing that everyone needed to keep in mind.

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The article, in this case, is credible because it provides all the issues that were associated with Romeo and Juliet as they were trying to fall in love. The author of the article is also known when it comes to doing of synopsis and summary of plays done by Shakespeare. This means that he has a vast idea of what it entails and also the kind of message that the writer of the play wanted to pass to the world.

The article, in this case, is reliable in that it avails some of the ways Shakespeare had a connection to his works. It states that Shakespeare had a lot of passion when he was writing the story and also felt that there was a need to make sure that his feelings were connected to it. In that case, it is a proof of the topic that is under study, and it is reliable.

Luhrmann, Baz, and Craig Pearce. Romeo and Juliet. Twentieth Century Fox, 2002

Luhrmann Baz and Craig Pearce are linguists and literary work analysts who have been taking part in the activity for many years, and in this case, they wanted to avail some of the ways Shakespeare managed to communicate to the world through poems and literary works. In this article, they are talking about "Romeo and Juliet" which was a love play that was written by Shakespeare. In the story, they state that Romeo fell in love with Juliet, but the parents could not allow it and so they had to figure out how to manoeuvre that barrier.

The article is credible in that authors have a good record when it comes to doing analysis and handling literary works that were all done by Shakespeare. In that case, it is evident that they are well conversant with all that is needed and also whatever that is handled in that literary work. The article is still credible as it is centred on Shakespeare who was good in poetry and also did a play that was embraced by many.

The article is useful, and of much importance, concerning the research at hand in that, it avails the relationship that Shakespeare had his works. It is also supporting the topic by only majoring in the work that was commonly known by Shakespeare, and that means that kind of connection that he had with work was perfect.

Pollard, Alfred William. Shakespeare folios and quartos: a study in the bibliography of Shakespeare's plays, 1594-1685. Cooper Square Publishers, 1909

Pollard, Alfred William is an author of the article at hand and it majors on the bibliography of all the plays that were done by Shakespeare. He states that Shakespeare was a man who liked doing a lot of plays and therefore all that he did was embraced by many in the society. Besides the bibliography, he also states some of the ways Shakespeare managed to balance his life and work.

The article is credible as it not only focuses on of Shakespeare's works, but it touches on all that he did when it came to the field of literature. It has a vast collection of data regarding the issues that were handled by Shakespeare and therefore it contributes to the knowledge of the kind of connection or relationship that he had with is work.

The article is reliable and useful in this case as it provides a bibliography of all the works that were done by Shakespeare. In that case, it makes it easier to be able to identify the kind of relations that he had with them. Also, it also explains why they were written and also the target audience.

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