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Dragon's Breath LLC is a small business security service organization of the disabled veterans. The organization has been in operation for more than 100 years providing information security services to the state and the federal government. Dragon's Breath LLC is a small business with the capability to deliver services like many big businesses. The organization has the ability to compete and perform like the big businesses through the controls, procedures and processes that ensure high professionalism. The organization has a competitive advantage over the big businesses due to the ability to reduce bureaucracy and overhead costs associated with big businesses. The lack of bureaucracy ensures that decision making in the organization is easy and robust which ensures high flexibility to meet the vendor dynamic needs as well as any changes in the market. The ability to get rid of the overhead costs ensures that Dragon's Breath LLC is able to deliver high quality and professional services at a lower cost compared to the large organizations in the same information security business.

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The organization employees should be legal citizens and immigrants who are observant of the state and federal law. Dragon's Breath LLC meets this requirement based on its employees loyalty to the state and vendor organizations cannot be questioned which makes Dragon's Breath LLC the perfect consultant for Information Security Assessment Services for the government. The organization understands the state and federal government information security needs and challenges in the 21st century and has put measures in place to ensure effective means of creating interface with customers through on site presence which ensures continuous systems support and cooperation. Dragon's Breath LLC has a general liability insurance that secures its operations and employees from any unforeseen circumstance which is a minimum requirement by the RFP. Besides, the organization has previously provided information services to the state and federal government which have a number of employees that surpasses the 5000 employee minimum requirement of the RFP.

Information Security Assessment Services (ISAS) is a very sensitive services especially when it comes to the government systems due to high vulnerability and stakes involved. The state government through the department of Finance and Administration aims at acquiring Information Security Assessment Services (ISAS) at a favorable and competitive prices which is possible due to the organization small operation base which reduces overhead costs and can be able to provide services at relatively low cost. One of the minimum vendor requirement is assured professionalism this is accounted for because Dragon's Breath LLC employs former soldiers and IT engineers who are conversant with state and federal government information security needs and practices. The unique qualifications of the organization employees ensures high observance of federal and state information laws while exhibiting high professionalism and patriotism. The patriotic nature of Dragon's Breath LLC employees ensures information security measures and protocols are respected and adhered to in accordance to the state and federal regulations while ensuring that they can be trusted with confidential state and federal information security information and responsibilities.

Phased Project Approach and High-Level Project Plan Outline

Scope of Work and Qualification to Respond

Dragon Breath LLC has designed its management functions to ensure efficient autonomous decisions by the representatives at the point of need. Through autonomous decision making the organization makes it possible for easy adaptation and cooperation with the nature of the customer's needs. Information security customers contracting Dragon's Breath LLC largely benefits due to the responsive nature of the organization which makes it easy to create and implement risk mitigation frameworks similarly to those provided by large information security organizations. The employees of the organization provides the organization with an added advantage due to their exposure and experience in the field of information security at the government level. The information security sector changes drastically and Dragon's Breath LLC has put measures in place to ensure that its services are in line with the current information security trends and can be able to forecast for future information security needs which makes it possible to create risk mitigation measures for state and federal government information needs. From this review, it is evident that Dragon's Breath LLC meets the minimum requirements of professionalism, experience, and other technical requirements such as absence of any active contracts with state agencies or any conflicting interests.

Tasks for Preparing (ISAS) RFP Response

Task 1: Assessment of Minimum RFP Requirements

The first task in the plan to respond to the (ISAS) RFP will be to assess the vendor minimum requirements which will help Dragon's Breath LLC to be able to match its qualifications with the required competencies. The task will take 2 weeks and will be spearheaded by a chosen committee of 5 senior organization members. The task will cost the organization $5000 to meet the transport, report writing, and meeting costs. The committee will be required to visit the Governor's Office of Diversity Business Enterprise to acquire vendor minimum requirement information and other information such as the RFP submission deadline.

Task 2: Assessment of Dragon's Breath LLC Qualifications

After completing the vendor minimum requirements the committee will assess the organization suitability for the proposal and the chances of success. This is an important phase because it identifies the organization strengths which will be included in the proposal. The organization assessment will ensure only factual information is included in the proposal which will be in line with the state proposal regulations. The organization assessment will take 3 weeks to create a conclusive report that will be used in the proposal application. The process will cost the organization $1000 and will require the organization past financial reports and management reports.

Task 3: Cost Assessment

Cost assessment will evaluate the cost of providing Information Security Assessment Services. This is an important phase in the response for proposal because it will play a significant role in the approval of the proposal. This phase will take 1 month and will involve assessing all the costs pertaining providing Information Security Assessment Services to make a competitive quote. The phase will require the assessment of the current Information Security Assessment Services market costs, inputs and profit expectations of the organization. Using previous similar projects cost to create the cost estimate for the proposal will help to improve accuracy. The cost assessment phase will cost Dragon's Breath LLC $2000.

Task 4: Assessing Terms of the Contract

The last phase of preparing to respond to the Information Security Assessment Services RFP will involve assessing the vendor terms and conditions. The government RFP for Information Security Assessment Services will be used to assess the terms of contract which will be considered before submitting the completed proposal. This task will not cost the organization and will take less than a day for the proposal committee to review the terms of contract. However, the committee will be joined by the organization legal advisor to assess the legal liability of the contract to provide Information Security Assessment Services to the government. After reviewing all the tasks the proposal will be prepared for submission and if there are any questions they will be submitted during the bidder's conference for any clarification.

RFP Clarification Questions

  • Will the service costs be adjusted in future due to inflation or any changes in input costs?
  • What are the objectives and goals of the government in Information Security Assessment Services?
  • What is the schedule of reimbursements for the services provided or the payment intervals?
  • What is the scope of the services which will be covered in the contract?

Review of Requirements and Clarification Questions

Important Requirements in Information Security Assessment Services (ISAS) Consultant RFP

The government needs (ISAS) consultant with a proven experience and success in providing information security assessment services. The state also wants services that have favorable and competitive prices and the task will involve strengthening the State's information security. The State does not require an organization with an active contract with any state government agency and on course of the contract the organization cannot engage in information security services with the state government agencies. This requirement aims at ensuring that there is no conflict of interests between the organization and the state government in the course of the project. The proposer organization is required to be operating legally and have a positive past reputation in terms of hiring and business commitments. The Proposer should have employees who are qualified and good citizens. Any proposer which has undocumented immigrants as employees will be disqualified. Therefore, it is important for the organization to document and carry out a background check on all its employees.

The vendor requires the potential consultancy firm to operate within the context of technical environment as prescribed by the State Information Resources Architecture. The proposer should be stable financially and provide positive credit references from previous vendors which will be aimed at assessing the financial responsibility and stability of the organization. The vendor prohibits any communication between a potential service provider and the officials of the state government and communication is allowed only with the RFP Coordinator. All the communications regarding the RFP should use the prescribed identification number and no oral communication regarding the RFP will be allowed. The RFP bidder should be adequately insured and should be able to provide the employee's compensation and public liability insurance cover before the contract is officiated. The (ISAS) RFP proposer should be licensed by the respective agencies to partake in all the services and when the evidence of licensure will be required the proposer is not allowed to withhold such information. In case of severability only the items that have been declared by a court illegal or are in conflict with the law will be affected and the rest of the activities shall proceed to completion. Finally, the vendor requires the proposer to have previously provided services to a government entity that has a minimum of 5,000 employees. The number of employees should be calculated as the entire organization employees.

Clarification Questions Review

The clarification questions seeks to clarify the goals and objectives of the state in regard to Information Security Assessment Services which will help to orient the organization preparation as well as the cost proposal. The clarification questions identifies a significant gap on the description of the services to be offered as well as the factoring of inflation which can affect the cost of services. Therefore, the clarification questions will mainly assess the proposal scope which will significantly affect the proposer planning and costing. The clarification questions will not affect the proposal plan but will improve it to make it clearer and vendor needs informed.


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