Essay Example on IKEA: Motivating Workforce, International HR, and Global Profit

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Date:  2023-06-06


IKEA, as a leading Swedish franchisee, has had to explore and experience the market values and changes across multiple countries. As such, its need to provide low cost but quality furniture products have seen it record various profit revenues across the world. It has been able to achieve this feat by paying attention to its core values that emphasize the use of common sense and simplicity, working together and daring to be different.

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Motivation, Leadership, and International HR Approaches

IKEA is known worldwide for its involvement in many business ventures across multiple countries with the production of furniture at lower costs and of higher quality is a significant profit gain. As such, it has been able to adopt great human resource principles and approaches to achieve growth (Luthans, 2018, p.555). These efforts include conducting personal training on employees who are chosen as better candidates in line with the IWAY core values and expectations (Hansegard & Grundberg, 2012). The employees are, therefore, expected to perform considerable market approaches based on hard work and needs evaluation.

IKEA has also set up policies that ensure that the consumer attains noticeable gains from them. The company holds a policy which states that the consumer has to do their part as the company has done. That is, the furniture products need further assembly; therefore, it is the work of the customer to fit the furniture together. Furthermore, the company is insistent on using cheap and safer transportation means to minimize environmental pollution, use of multiple cultural facets in any area of work, and the abolition of forced child labor in any workings (Luthans, 2018, p.555). The company has also resorted to using solar panels and other renewable energy products across its stores.

Further Steps IKEA can take

Being a global franchisee, the company must predict its future activities to depict whether the company can survive further on slots (Luthans, 2018, p.555). These additional steps would include coming up with restrictive actions on market structures that exempt corruption-investing in a resounding and notable public relations task force that can listen to multiple consumer views and play these modalities to its diverse consumer needs (Luthans, 2018, p.555). The company can also resort to using cheaper but quality timber when making their furniture's hence being able to cut down on their cost of production and implement better and safer ways of resource distribution. There is a need to set up a correspondence team that studies the company's diverse market structures, offers incentives on what should be taken into account, and providing free training to consumers on the IKEA working policies to better enable them to attain consumer wants better (Luthans, 2018, p.555).


In summary, IKEA's founding principles and values have enabled the company to benefit adversely from its ventures due to adequate and quality leadership adopted by its founder and workers. Therefore, any business venture must take a similar working policy that places value on quality but affordable products to everyone. Such actions help improve market approach and consumer access as multiple consumer products flood the economy and are of high quality and affordable price range. To get adequate revenue, any company must adopt a resound but implementable core values and practices that can help it moderate its workings on multiple consumer produce.


Hansegard, J & Grundberg, S. (2012). "IKEA Chief Executive to Step Down," The Wall Street Journal Online.

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