Response Essay: "The World Don't Give a F*** About Your Loneliness"

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Date:  2022-11-20

The world is a rocky place and life is full of ups and downs. There is a concrete danger of having a blind optimism that life will always be rosy. As such, I agree with Marc Miller's quote "the world don't give a f*** about your loneliness." Indeed, there is a problem of thinking that one will always come out on top even when armed with a positive mind. From time to time, people experience misfortunes in life such as everyday challenges and obstacles. Nevertheless, what is important is how we deal with the misfortunes or challenges that may come along the life journey. The world or life is indiscriminate and treats everyone equally in the sense that one may be forced to face shortcomings and setbacks (Powell). The world throws obstacles that may make challenges seem harder because it doesn't care. In light of this, some people are affected by how others think about them because they give it too much attention instead of minding their own business and concentrate on making their life better. Therefore, relationships or interaction with other people defines who we are. There are people who care less about your progress or your health because they are keen focusing on their life. As such, only a select few such as family and close friends may show that they care.

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In light of the world's lack of care for one's loneliness, people close to a person may show concern. There are many ways in which people show that they care for others. For instance, parents are concerned about their children's welfare, be it in school and often engage them to know their progress. Similarly, a concerned colleague at work may ask a fellow co-worker about family-life. These questions are examples of simple ways people show that they care. Therefore, even though the world may seem to not care, there are people who do. In my experience, I have seen people contributing funds to support disabled war veterans who require support for their sacrifice. Similarly, charity and non-profit organizations pull together funds and resources to eradicate poverty, diseases and substance abuse in the society. Such actions show that people care for each other. In my life, I have seen how my parents and relatives show their care. My parents took me to school so that I can have a better life in the future. Friends and relatives also support me on social occasions such as celebrating my birthday or achievements in sports and academics as a way of care.

The attribute of care is crucial in understanding Mac Miller's claim in his song "Rush Hour." People who care less about you will always try to embarrass or humiliate a person which has a great impact on esteem. For examples, school bullies have led to rampant cases of teenage suicide and loss of confidence. If the victims never gave a f*** about the bullies or acted as victims, they would have realized that there is more to life than the setbacks we experience. It is unfortunate that Miller's sentiment is a revelation of the reality of life even though people choose to ignore it.


Since the world does not care about people's loneliness or problems, what matters is how we respond to life's obstacles. In my opinion, Mac Miller's view of the world motivates me to become a better person: A person who focuses on the bright side of life and is devoid of a negative vibe. The bottom line is that people should be concerned about things that are important than adversity because life is not supposed to be easy.

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