Responding to Union Demands With a Management Sanctioned Version

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Date:  2022-08-23


The case study mainly aimed responding to union demands with a management sanctioned version in the United States. Initially, the private sector was known to concentrate on employees more than the public sector however due to the advancement the public sector has also taken an interest in employee management. Due to this reason, the American public sector has been on the lookout on the best strategies that will enable them to manage the human resource in their organization effectively. Several approaches have been identified such as a competency-based strategy to monitor and enroll employees (Cardy & Selvarajan, 2006). Using this strategy, the public sector in US uses the skills and knowledge that an individual poses in an area to enable them to either get a promotion in the organization or be hired in the organization. The strategy enables the organization to know the skills and knowledge needed to run the organization. Another approach that has been implemented in US in a bid to properly manage public sector organization is the use of one-stop shop centers. The centers enable the clients to access all the public services in one location (Bonder et al. 2011).

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To effectively manage the human resource in the US public sector there was a need to implement a competency-based system to supplement the traditional method of human resource management. To effectively integrate the competency-based system, job analysis was introduced. This mainly is concerned with what the job requires an employee to have to enable in accomplishing organizational objectives. The competencies, on the other hand, concentrates on the knowledge, abilities, and skills that an individual possesses to allow them to perform what the job expects (Dainty et al. 2005). The integration of the two concepts, i.e., job analysis and competencies enable the human resource department in public institutions to be managed appropriately. The approach has also been adopted by most US private sector companies. Likert scale is used to measure the competence levels of various employees recruited to the organization and those already in the organization; it is a five-step scale from those with little expertise to those with the most expert knowledge.

The decision to use Likert scale was terrible because the human brain can only master one knowledge area at a time. Hence it is difficult to get an employee who has all the needed knowledge in the various sections of the organization. Moreover, the use of the same competency test on new employees and those who are already in the organization was not a good move. The bible teaches us that we should do good onto others will be awarded eternal life (Romans 2:6-8 The New Kin James Version). Those who are already in the organization tend to have developed the skills over time unlike the newly recruited. Therefore, the use of the same competency skills on the new and existing employees disses unfair treatment. Also, the new employees lack the confidence required as well as knowledge on the organization culture.

Alternative Solution

The competency-based framework is the best strategy in ensuring the management of human resource in an organization. The two competencies that are of concern in an organization are the employer-based and organizational based competencies (Strategy 2015). The identification of employee-based skills enables the organization to gain a competitive advantage over others in the market; organizations need to install a competence management system in the organization to ensure that employees pose the required competencies all through in the organization (McLay, 2014). Blue ocean strategy can also be used by organizations; this is whereby organizations use innovative ideas to invest in fresh markets which have little competition which enables them to be dominant.


Schmidt, W. W. (1990). Peace Officers Bill of Rights Guarantees: Responding to Union Demands with. Regulation, 356, 90.

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