Essay on Planning Company Party: Teamwork & Appraisal Review

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Date:  2023-06-11


I hope all is well; I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their humble sacrifice to agree on becoming part of the party planning committee. I have been able to review every member's performance appraisal and am glad to be working with such a great team in planning the way forward to have the company party. However, from my reviews of the company schedules and found out that the best time to have our meetings will be three times per week, that is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at precisely 2.30 pm.

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Also, if no one is comfortable with the above scheduled period for our committee meeting, please note that your opinions are highly welcomed, and everyone will have to choose to attend the meeting to make this event a success. Members, please make email as our official communication channel in case one is busy. Still, the first meeting is a guarantee for every member since it is all about assigning each member with the tasks to be accomplished to make the company party successful and one they have never experienced in their working life.

Thank you so much for taking much time to read this email and for accepting being part of this beautiful team. I will be keeping in touch with every member soon, but I'm also available in my office to discuss any concerns regarding the email, or you can notify me through the email or by phone.

Yours sincerely,




Email Components

Writing emails entails a lot of components that are essential to communicate effectively and convince the receiver to comply with what the letter is saying. The first thing to consider is salutation because it shows the receiver that you care about their well being and is professional to address people in such a manner it gets their attention fast (Al-Jarrah, Khater & Al-Duwairi, 2012). Also, close and thank you procedure is highly recommended, and this sends the message that you appreciate people's effort and opportunity to read your email. Through a close and then you, a person can get a lot of responses from the receiver, and in most cases, the replies are positive and agree with what the email addresses (Sietsma & Apt, 2013). Last but not least is for the email to be direct to the point by highlighting the reasons for writing the email so that the receiver can know how to reply or respond to the message.

Ethical use of BCC

Most of the companies communicate through emails, which are significant leads to email etiquette and privacy. The blind carbon copy (BCC) make individual send messages to invisible people and this can prevent the recipient from knowing who else read the letter, which raises some ethical and legal concerns (Al-Jarrah et al.,2012). One of the major concerns is that the recipient is not protected because the message can be read by a third party, which is the violation of the personal privacy of an individual, and can ruin or affect the existing relationship between the sender and the recipient. Therefore, if someone decides to apply the use of BCC in their email, they should notify them, or the message should be intended for both of the parties that are the sender recipient and the third party.


Al-Jarrah, O., Khater, I., & Al-Duwairi, B. (2012). Identifying potentially useful email header features for email spam filtering. In The sixth international conference on digital society (ICDS) (Vol. 30, p. 140).

Sietsma, F., & Apt, K. R. (2013). Common knowledge in email exchanges. ACM Transactions on Computational Logic (TOCL), 14(3), 1-23.

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