Research Paper on Types of Data Resources and How They Are Used at Amazon

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Date:  2022-06-05


Data resources are quite essential in any business and its operations. Data can be automated or non-automated which depends on each organizations mode of operation and information technology requirements. The forms of data resources are cloud storages, hard drive resources, database central servers, and networking system and storages (Abadi, 2009). Hard drives are utilized in managing data and can be stored separately from the main system. It is simple to use as compared to other data resources.

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Cloud storages are resources used to store data and relevant processes over a networked system. It is an available capacity for storage of information over a networked framework. The major files and information are centrally stored on a remote server computer (Jian et. al., 2016). This form of storage usually averts data loss since backup locations can be in different locations over the network.

Database central servers is a data resource which comprises a collection of pertinent information and usually can be managed and updated over time. A client-server model can be utilized to update the database and post relevant information over the network (Lakshmi et. al., 2012). It is an integral resource for management of other data resources since it executes vital tasks such as archiving, analysis, long-term storage.

Networking resources which are attached to the storage model offer an avenue to manage large data which can be utilized by many users across the network. Some firms that operate without a central IT section can easily apply this resource to manage and control their data. With its hard drives organized in a display of interdependent storages status 1 array, it presents a system with a platform to write information which is bucked up to the immediate drive. It minimizes costs as it offers a central location to share information and scaling.

Application of Database Storage Solutions in Amazon

These resources are quite important to Amazon in its daily operations. Cloud storage has provided Amazon an avenue to protect and store its data and firewall. Amazon has various central locations where clients can shop online from their websites. It has enabled the storage of consumers' data as well as keep their information to generate analysis report or to make processes and scheduling quick and easy (Bertolucci, 2012). Scalability is also effectively offered by the cloud storage resource which accommodates the ever-increasing client-base.

Networking systems for Amazon are reliable. They have enabled the company to interlink all the websites to a central location to facilitate storage and retrieval from one location. The network works efficiently to enable all the workers to communicate without necessarily moving from place to the other for information. It has enabled the company to utilize the storage resources holistically. Data of a particular product can be accessed from one place upon a placement of an order by a customer.

Hard drive resources can store large information and can be accessed at any given point or period. They are used as buck up systems or when frequent retrievals are not required and also when information needs to be stored for the long term as a point of reference (Brackett, 2015). For instance, information of a consumer who has deleted their accounts can be stored in such sections.

The database central servers are utilized at Amazon to provide backup storage locations for large information and to facilitate quick retrieval. Amazon is a company that relies on an extensive database to store products information and clients details on a central server. The company can easily acquire clients' details, employees' information, profile details and many more from the server.

Short-Term Issues

Data may be accessed by malicious persons and individuals who hack security firewalls to breach privacy. The attacks can be internal or can be instigated from external sources. Amazon provides online shopping platforms and clients details can be accessed and used illegally by other malicious individuals. Another issue is the leaking of information of consumers.

Long-Term Issues

Compatibility and ethical issues: Amazon relies extensively on data resources and other system's segments may present compatibility issues due to programs upgrade and sometimes due to hardware issues which can even cause a system to halt.


Amazon can establish reinforced firewalls which are tailor-made for the company to secure and protect data and information for all employees and prospective clients. These systems should be bucked with security software such as antivirus and firewalls which keeps up-to-date information on the status of network traffic.


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