Research Paper on Somali Refugee Crisis

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Date:  2022-03-28


Somali refugee crisis has been the most horrendous situation, which has led down the political and social aspects of the country. While the situation keeps on worsening, the international communities like the United States and Kenya have taken part in responding to the crisis and helping the country in one way or another. These international countries have forwarded their assistance through several means including forces and unions. But the fact is that the Somali refugees have to make their situation better by involving the government and finding other means of settling in their country rather than migrating to other foreign countries.

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American Citizens and Somali Refugee Crisis

However, based on this statement that 'the international communities have responded well to the Somali refugee crisis,' the American citizens have taken part in understanding the situation, and this has been the most significant crisis to them. Somalia has been one of the most contributors of refugees in the world. Nearly all the refugees migrate to the United States to seek help and find peace. Therefore, one of the reasons why the situation is the most important for the American citizens to understand is that the admission of refugees to the United States is unequivocally safe. This is because there are fewer terrorist attacks made by refugees. For this reason, the American citizens strive to understand the refugee strategies because they believe in humanitarianism. Besides the American citizens in the involvement of the Somali refugee crisis, the government has also taken part in formulating the rights of the refugees from all the Islamic countries including Somalia according to the article 'Closing its doors to refugees is unlikely to make America safer, 2017.' That is why it has offered their assistance to the country and they allowed the immigrants to live and work in some parts of the United States.

Moreover, United States has done several things to protect itself against all terrorist attacks. Therefore, understanding the Somali refugee thoroughly is the most important aspect for the American citizens. Notwithstanding the challenges faced by the American citizens in tackling the refugee admission and resettlement, they believe that admitting more refugees in the country will make them win moral victory among other allies internationally. Even though president Trump formulated the amendment that restricted all the Islamic countries from migrating to the US, (Liptak, 2017), the citizens had a chance to handle the Somali refugee crisis. This shows that the American citizens can respond well to the situation and help all the refugees to get their rights and live a peaceful life in the United States.

The United States has done several things to remedy refugees in Somalia. The solution to solving the situation does not depend on the number of refugee immigrants to admit or deny, but it depends on the willingness of the nation together with the government. Therefore, another reason why the Somali refugee crisis an important one for American citizens to understand thoroughly is that the American citizens are striving for diplomacy and to solve the wars that do not accomplish anything but rather cause more conflicts. The statement is supported by (Darboe, 2013) that the United States is a nation of immigrants. In general, the United States is considered as the international community that has taken part in remedying the Somali refugee crisis and has more to do when it comes to the provision of assistance and care to the affected nation (Crocker, 1995). On the other hand, the remedies of the situation depend on the refugees to make themselves better. This is through ending wars in their nation and letting the government control the nation instead of the allies or the resistant groups.

The Role of Political Science in Somali Refugee Crisis

Political science plays significant roles in illuminating the refugee crisis not only in Somalia but also in other affected countries. It has helped me and my fellow citizens to understand the facts behind the Somali refugee crisis and everything that has been taking place in the country. By studying political science, it has made me understand what other international communities such as the United States can do to help in remedying the refugee crisis and offering assistance to the nations. According to the research, the United States is a home to immigrants. This is because the citizens value the refugees and they consider humanitarianism as a philosophy that saves the human being from sorrows. Therefore, political science has brought a clear overview of the role of the nations in tackling terrorism that has caused the accumulation of refugees in diverse countries. Kenya is another country that has played a significant role in admitting refugees from Somalia (Mwangi, 2012). Since the two countries are neighboring nations, it has been easy for the Somali refugees to enter into Kenya without restrictions, unlike the United States. Recently, President Trump formulated a policy that restricted all the Islamic countries from entering the United States simply because of prevention of terrorism. Therefore, political science has made me understand the relationship between Kenya, United States, and Somalia regarding refugee crisis.

Another ideology is that political science has pointed out the facts of refugee crisis generally by understanding the number of refugees in the whole world through the courtesy of the United Nations. I have also learned that less than one percent of refugees in the whole world are resettled, and most of them are hosted by the developing countries that include Kenya, Pakistan, and Ethiopia. This shows that refugees have a rough time in their life because they do not get enough basic needs such as shelter, food, and education. UNHCR has played a significant role in considering the refugees who are in the riskiest status by giving them resettlement. Therefore, political science has clarified every fact for each country hosting refugees. I have also learned that of all the countries in the world, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Syria are the most leading nations with the highest number of refugees. This is because these countries experience terror and conflicts regularly, and that is why most of the people are fleeing away.

Policy Recommendations Based on the Somali Refugee Crisis

Based on what I have learned from the Somali refugee crisis, several recommendations need to be addressed to the US government or generally the international communities that take part in remedying refugees in Somalia. These recommendations will help to satisfy the needs of refugees and even solving the conflicts in their respective countries. The US government use the views from the citizens and organizations to make implementations regarding the refugees in Somalia and their consideration in terms of supply of basic needs. Therefore, below are the few policy recommendations I have for the US government and other international communities based on what I have learned from the Somali refugee crisis:

Resettlements. The government should provide resettlement for all the refugees and offer them a good care assistance. By so doing, the refugees will feel safe and contented with the resources given. Therefore, the Somali refugees should have a privilege to be treated well as per the policies of the UNHCR.

Another recommendation is that the leaders of the United States and other international countries should not restrict the crossing of borders. Implementing this policy will save several lives because most of the refugees die because of being stranded on the borders without getting any help from the neighboring nation. Therefore, my recommendation is to allow easy crossing of the borders for the affected countries.

The governments should also find means of stopping racism and terrorism in some Islamic countries. These two aspects are the ones that largely cause tensions and conflicts in the country, which in turn result in refugees fleeing away. Stopping racism and terrorism will also reduce refugees in some countries.

Another recommendation is that the United Nations (UN) and UNHCR should have a right to protect all the refugees in every country. This will diminish conflicts and tensions in the country.


In conclusion, Somali refugee crisis is a horrendous situation that has ever happened in Somalia. The United States and other international communities that include Kenya has taken part in offering assistance to this country and reducing tensions and conflicts. On the other hand, political science has helped in understanding the refugee crisis not only in Somalia but also in other countries.


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