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Integration of immigration to the United States is an issue that can be viewed in various dimensions. The interdisciplinary analysis of this issue gives a clearer picture of the impacts that came with the same. The interdisciplinary analysis, therefore, may capture the economic, social, cultural perspectives as well as many other areas of the same issue. The social science in its view draws its implacable ideas from theories and proponents as well as principles of psychology, anthropology, sociology and other sciences that are socially based. The ideas are generally based on the past ideas that have been put to explain certain social issues that form the subjects to the study. This is common to social science, and in most cases, it integrates to humanity and not based on the sociology alone. Social science is focused on a human issue that is shifting constantly with the consideration that the human beings have an innate and a capacity that is not erodible to make change of the things that happen when human is told why they do them or how action is expected in a given direction for the sake of the future. Social science has the principles that are subjected to change with time and are never ideal since they can be modified to suit any given situation despite the objects of proof that are evident in some of the sub-disciplines that are mathematical, no logical justification can be made to the views of social science without relying on the assumptions which may appear to be primitive. The social science handles the tension that comes with immigration in the United States as a result of the increasing number of people in the very same region. This is made better by putting the focus on tactful research and getting control of more factors that are likely to come up as a result of immigration integration in the United States. The research pattern of social science is cumulative in itself and misses the breakthroughs in the times when validation of the facts are needed.

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The interdisciplinary analysis, on the other hand, addresses different perspectives and in geared towards coming up with important skills that are transferrable in the fields such as critical thinking and analysis of communication and develops at all stages. They are arbitrary constant and serves principles that are acceptable in all the ages. Unlike the social science, the interdisciplinary analysis is focused on putting together all the considerable issues in coming up with a critical view of a situation which cuts across the ages. In the analysis of the immigration integration of the united states, therefore, its ensures it projects the outcomes that are likely to be encountered in the long term and at the same time looks into providing the appropriate solutions for the same challenges likely to be faced due to this change. The interdisciplinary combines in it several methods across all the disciplines that can be used to investigate the subject in question and to bring up a common theme having incorporation of many other instructional approaches. By applying the interdisciplinary analysis, the most palatable information required is possibly extracted, and wider view of the factors relating to the immigration in the united states are pointed out because of the exhaustive pitch of information given by this approach.

Distinguishing Among Empirical, Theoretical, and Personal Arguments Within the Behavioural and Social Sciences

The empirical basis of the research applies to the means of acquiring information through the factual and evidence of the matter in question. It concludes by majorly investing in direct observations to gain knowledge regarding the field. It has the qualitative and quantitative basis of analysis of the behaviour which is applied in social science. The empirical within the social science is focused on the investigation of the extent of the impacts likely to be caused by the immigration integration of the united states as a well as the number of the individuals exposed to suffer from the same. In one way this makes it an ideal approach to analyses the phenomenon since it draws much from the concept of interdisciplinary analysis. The facts of the empirical research are provable since they are based on the observations that are verifiable and experimental and they are as well practiced in the experience and theory.

Theoretical analysis in social science is based on the ability of the scientists to think in coming up with the most appropriate topics of discussion which are considered suitable in explaining a given factor of study. It is based on the attempts to predict and give explanations about some behaviors in the respective context. The theoretical research is immeasurable in their execution and hence are just but the proponents that stand to convincingly give elaborations about certain facts of life. The theories can be adjusted time and over as the discoveries that challenge the existing ideas are made. The continued process of research is directed to qualifying and confirming the prior ideas as the correct or adjustments made to them if need be for the same. This is so because the orientation of theory cannot be proven or disproven but only be looked into for satisfaction and adjusted to fit. The behaviour of individuals, therefore, is mostly explained according to an individual's application of the scientific facts about the same behaviour. The concept of theory in sociology is vital in their abstract nature and not the content they carry. In as much as the theories may try to say the same thing, they always employ different language degree in articulating given facts and hence are more of the sociology than interdisciplinary. The extent of the theories greatly varies either as in those that have been put forward to explain the integration of immigration in the United States. The contextualization and testing of the theories as well vary from principle to another who is most concerned with the future of the theories. The theories of social science are best understood in the view of models that have limitations and lack the laws of the science which are universal to all conditions and can be proven. The testability of the theories, therefore, is based on the future impacts of the increased population in the United States.

Arguments in social science come as a result of a variety of choices to be made concerning a single issue which in this case is the integration of immigration in the United States. The criterion of choice is based on the individual's ability to think to lead to different schools of thought; otherwise they philosophy of social science consolidates the whole thing. The argument generally is dependent on the level of the scientific understanding of the concept being acted upon. The difference in the levels and the general meanings of the scientific facts possess a reason for individuals' to be in a position of ensuring each puts forwards in accordance to their level and way of understanding of the matter. The philosophy of social science includes all the varied standards of knowledge that compete against each other. It also gives the light in several ways in which these choices made should ideally be understood and gives the way they should as well be passed. The diversity comes with the variation of the results obtained in actual researches conducted in social and natural dimensions. Because of the arguments, the philosophy of social science displays disagreements that are as many as the number of the areas from which the social research have been taken by providing a range of alternative ways of approaching the same question and thinking through it. Arguments generally lead to the adjustments of the theories, and their modification as well though arguments give the consolidated result to be trusted even after weighing the opinions of the other individuals.

The Scientific Method Used to Obtain Knowledge Within the Social Sciences

Like other scientific fields, the social as well uses the scientific methods in acquiring information stressing on accuracy and biases in the collection and analysis of the social data by conducting experiments, exhibiting scepticism and using the systemic observations in acquiring information and concluding. The social and behavioural social science strives to explain the behavioural and social facts that people are exposed to and have interactions with. The scientific methods majorly employed in social and behavioural science beginning from the collection of data in the field to the analysis of the data to conclude and these for instance include.

Experimentation which is a purely scientific but social science as well applies it to acquire information for recording and analysis - social science majors on experiments in retrieving the information that concerns a particular question.

Accuracy is another method that is employed in social science to ensure the error is minimized as much as possible and to allow consistency of the information without alteration or bias and clashing of the same. Permanency is also employed with the focus aiming at the existence of the postulated ideas for future use and availing them for testing in the time to come.


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