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In any company or organization, communication is one of the key concerns of the management. When there is an effective communication among the stakeholders, the business operations can be achieved easily. The work of the outsourced network management specialist is to guide the organization in designing a telecommunication network that covers all needs of the organization and makes sure that all data is secure. The increased cyberbullying and insecurity has made it necessary to create strong measures that protect data from theft and manipulation. In a company that deals with patents and intellectual property, the telecommunications network is important to make sure that all workers communicate effectively and that all data from the clients are protected and managed efficiently. The telecommunications network is the connection of terminal nodes to make sure that there is communication between the nodes. The analysis below shows the different ways in which the telecommunication network can be designed to meet the needs of the organization.

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Requirements Analysis

The merged firm has an increased number of employees and they have many roles that will require communication. The first requirement is a social intranet software. It is common for a company with many diverse activities to face communication failures. In the new merger, there are 23 attorneys, 3 receptionists, and 12 support staffs. The staff has to travel to the government patent offices to file and defend patents. The offices are in three different locations and they have to coordinate and operate in a uniform manner. Attorneys are expected to send and receive the legal patent documents and to update the client records even when they are out of the offices. The attorneys and the support staff should have access to all documents and real-time information about their clients so as to plan and stay u to date with the daily schedules. All identifiable and confidential information should be protected as per the law. From the above analysis, it is evident that there should be a lot of communication among the staff members. The social intranet software will help to create a central portal in which all attorneys and staff members can access all data, documents, and updates all in one place.

The other requirement is private, group messaging and chat tools that can allow the employees to pass quick messages in a secure way. The company needs to have an easy way to report the progress of their work to the clients. The chat tools and group messaging helps to keep the team motivated and on track. It is also possible for the management to monitor the progress of all activities. The portal should also allow video conferencing which is believed to be an effective tool in team communication (Karis, Wildman & Mane, 2016). The other requirement is the issue tracking software. It enables the management to receive issues from the clients, to analyze its needs and to allocate it to the right employees. It also makes it easy to track the progress of the issue. The attorneys will use this software to follow up on issues and the clients will get timely updates about their issues. The other requirement is the internal blogs and videos. Blogs improve the engagement of the employees and they get a chance to express their ideas and to cohesion among the employees (Mazzei, 2014). The benefit of engaging employees consistently is that it improves their morale and innovation ideas (Marchington, 2016; Daneshgari & Moore, 2016). The software will engage the attorneys and the support staff to research and update each other on the changes that may occur in the legal processes.

Information Protection and Security Requirements

The protection of the information from the firm is critical and this is intended to protect any unauthorized access to the data, any modification, deletion, inspection, use or disclosure that could lead to adverse results. The data that needs to be protected include personal details like names and social security numbers, the financial data about the clients and the nature of their cases among others. The details of the attorneys who undertake the cases should also be protected as well as the location and earnings from the patents. The data about the firm should also be protected and no intruders should access information about how the firm operates. For that reason, all systems and sites should be protected using passwords and other measures to make sure there is adequate security. The security measure can be achieved by the use of the CIA triad principles which stands for confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility. Confidentiality involves keeping all private information away from unwanted access. It can be achieved through cryptography, which refers to encryption and decryption of messages. It can also be achieved through encrypted conversation and through two-step authentication and other security measures. The security requirement for all data is to ensure there are restricted access and use of the data.

Communications Technology Solution

The solution to the challenge of intrusion and misuse of data from the firm is to install a firewall that protects the data from unwanted intruders, to install a security system that does not allow intruders to access the information and to have a telecommunication system that meets the requirements mentioned above. The network system should include social intranet software, blogs and videos, chat tools and messaging software, and issues tracking and ticketing software. The solution should meet the needs of the company and should be economically achievable. The telecommunication system will be designed in a way that it can be updated when necessary to include any new requirements. The solution will be divided into four layers; physical access, application access, infrastructure access and data in motion layers. The requirements will be fit into these layers.

The diagram shows that the CIA principles will guide the operations of the telecommunication network. All requirements of the firm will be solved through the four layers and a firewall will be used to restrict accessibility.

Benefits of Proposed Solution Explained

The proposed solution will have several benefits to the new merger. The first one is that all employees will have an easy access to the up to date data about the firm. They will get updates from the blogs, chat rooms and emails via the network system. The second one is that there will be high motivation and easy monitoring of the progress of the work allocated to the form and an easy analysis of the progress can be given to the clients. Cases of lost documents will be minimal and all documents will be accessible by all authorized personnel of the company. The other benefit is that the system will reduce the paperwork in the firm and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm's operations. Communication and sharing of data will also be secure and standardized.


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