Research Paper on Racism in American Society

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Date:  2022-11-02


Racism is an intolerable vermin which the American society has for long being trying to exterminate. Just after colonialism incidences of racism were common in all parts across the United States, however, persistent protests by human rights groups ascertained that the issue was contained to a certain level. In the contemporary society, a lot of associations have tried everything possible to eradicate racism, however, recently it appears that the vice` presence is increasingly being felt. A recent poll conducted in 2018, indicates that 64 percent of Americans feel that the issue of racism is still a major issue. One of the most affected areas is Queens County which despite many attempts to eliminate racism, it still remains alive.

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Mia Irizarry is one of the people who was recently subjected to racism. In a video which she filmed on the unfortunate day, one can see the aggressor Caldwell Woods approaching Mia as she constantly persists that he keeps his distance from her. Moreover, the hatred in Woods can be depicted as he admonishes Irizarry for wearing a Puerto Rican T-shirt, claiming that it is unacceptable for her to adorn the attire in the United States (Regina). This is just one among the many incidences of racism being experienced by individuals in Queen`s County. In addition to this, Mia can also be seen trying to seek help from a forest preserve police officer who ignores her and walks away. This further indicates that the victims of racism are not in a position to receive assistance from some law enforcement officers when the situation turns tragic for them; a factor that is very disconcerting.

It appear that incidents pertaining to racism in Queen`s County are more prevalent than in any other County across the United States. The most explicit occurrence of racism that has, however, occurred in 2018, involves Edward Ruggiero a 58 year old man in Queens country who was seen lashing out at black women taunting them and telling them to head back to Jamaica. The individual further makes some racial slurs by calling them "monkeys (Checkey)." The aggressor was, nonetheless, charged with menacing. This argument was spurred by a simple phone call made by the victim which angered Ruggiero. It is saddening how something so small could blow out of proportion revealing the real racist character. The person who recorded the video indicated "It was honestly so disgusting to witness (Checkey)." It is further disturbing to note that even those who most people look up to in the society have been consumed by the vice of racism. For example, one of the longest serving members of a board in Queens County was last year quoted indicating that proposed bicycle lanes would no longer be an issue of concern after immigrants had all been rounded up. This appeared to imply that such people were the only one who rode on bicycles.

A great deal of racist tendencies in Queen`s county could have been prompted by the revelation that a majority of black individuals in the county earn more than their white counterparts. This is an issue that has mostly been contributed by the idea that a majority of black families have two income earners compared to those of white individuals where only one parent was present in most families. This is likely to have promoted a feeling of inferiority among the white people who have for long being used to be in total control. Moreover, the fact that the county is not as progressive as others are could have further provoked the increase in incidences of racism. Further still, the idea that immigrants have been moving into the County both legally and illegally is likely to have incensed some native residents who have lived in the Country for many years and feel that the newcomers are intruding.

A majority of individuals especially those moving into Queens County from the Caribbean end up becoming self-starters. As a result, "a majority of them become aggressive in attaining their goals thus creating that aspect of separation when they become successful (Angotti 12)." Moreover, since few black individuals leave in the wealthy neighborhoods, it is easy for them to be victimized by white people who are envious of their success. Additionally, discrimination is imminent where there are no equal employment opportunities for all individuals. Also, it is highly likely that a child who hails from a wealthy white background will be as wealthy as their parents compared to a black child who was born to parents bearing the same status in the society. This is the condition which most of the minority populations have to contend with.


To sum it all up, there is no doubt that despite many attempts to eliminate racism, it still remains alive in Queens County. The many emerging incidents are proof of the existence of this vice in the society. A lot of individuals are getting provoked for the smallest reasons. For instance, the Edward Ruggiero who upon listening to a black woman talking over the phone starts hurling insults and racists slurs at her. Also, the idea that people from other races such as the black individuals appear to be more successful than the white people may have further contributed to the discrimination they are facing. Once can also observe that little is being done by some high ranking members of the society who instead of preventing the occurrence of racist incidents choose to turn a blind eye. It is, therefore, a high chance that more stern measures are introduced in Queens County so that it can be possible to counter this social ill once and for all.

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