Research Paper on Parenting Styles' Consequentialism on Adolescent Behaviors

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Date:  2022-03-15


Adolescence is a hard developmental phase for teenagers and parents. Parenting styles influence the behaviors and personality development of their adolescent children. Parenting styles fall into five main categories. The first category is the controlling parent who rules their houses based on the rules they establish. The second parenting style is permissive. These are the cool parents. Thirdly, the enmeshed parenting style pertains to those parents who believe the lives of their children are their lives. The fourth parenting style category is neglectful. Parents in this category do not have time for their children regardless of what the child is going through in life. The final category of parenting styles is balanced. Parents in this category are easygoing.

Parenting styles start having an effect on children from a young age. It influences their behavioral issues and development; thus, teenagers depicting behaviors contrary to society, trace back to their childhood. Negative maternal and paternal styles cause girls and boys to develop aggressive and behavioral issues. Moreover, another effect emanating from parenting styles involves the socioeconomic status of the family. Children from high-class families tend to behave differently from those who come from the middle class or low class. For instance, children whose parents have private insurance tend to behave during dental visits compared to those without. Also, those adorned with the privilege of attending good schools behave positively.

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The relationship between a child and his or her parents greatly influences his or her personality development in the long term. Factors such as acceptance and rejection, which stem from the Parental acceptance-rejection theory famously known as PART also narrow down to parenting styles. The theory focuses on explaining and predicting the main consequences resulting from parents rejecting their teenage children or accepting them. Acceptance and rejection work within the behavioral, emotional, and cognitive development of the adolescent. These result in dissociative behaviors among adults. Ultimately, parental styles, rejection, and acceptance may create either an outstanding citizen or a bad citizen. Many juveniles develop delinquent behaviors because of the parenting styles used on them. If the parent neglects them, they find ways to cope and fill the emptiness left behind by their parents.

Parenting styles also influence the reactions that teenagers have to their peers. Teenagers may take rejections differently based on their perception of the world. However, under the authoritarian parental style, teenagers have been known to cope with peer rejection. Permissive parental style tends to hurt teenagers experiencing peer rejection. Thus, this may result in the adolescent having behavioral issues, which may develop into even bigger issues once they become adults.

Hence, certain personalities from adolescents are means of coping with the corrosive impacts that parental rejection has on them. Further, these coping mechanisms also extend to their emotional deprivation. Consequently, acceptance and rejection from parents also result in expressive behaviors impounding in society. Rejection and acceptance from parents create a bipolar dimension where every child is placed based on the parenting style his or her parents use.


In sum, this paper explores the consequences that parenting styles have on adolescents. Parenting styles can make a good and law-abiding adult or a criminal. Many forces, both good and bad influence the outcome of a teenager into adulthood.

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