Poor Relationships With Law Enforcement - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-19


Being the new Police Chief and a servant of God I would first remind myself that I never want to force my beliefs, but I also do not want to be intolerant (Aliyu, 2018). With that in mind, I would begin discussing with the community leaders what their main concerns are regarding crime and disorder. As noted in our textbook, police may not always agree with the community on what are the most prioritized issues (Rushin & Edwards, 2016). However, to restore order in my community, it would be essential to treat the problems that the community sees important as equal to the ones that the police deem significant. I would want the community members to identify what their primary worries are and what they feel is most threatening to their safety and well-being. After identifying the leaders and the problems within the community, I will then begin to work towards proposing solutions (Timpf, 2017).

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The recent incident of an officer-involved shooting within my Department paired with the way the media has increasingly portrayed Law Enforcement as the "bad guys" is one of the many causes for my officers to begin to engage in "de-policing." As stated in The Assailant Study that was published by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, many Law Enforcement officials now believe that defiance and hostility displayed by assailants have unfortunately become the new norm (FBI, 2016). This has sadly led to officers becoming "scared and demoralized" and wanting to avoid interaction with the community (FBI, 2016). Also, due to recent justice reform acts assailants are beginning to believe that their actions no longer have severe consequences or consequences at all, especially if they are drug-related charges. Therefore, this de-criminalization of drugs has led to an increase in violent attacks (Aliyu, 2018).

Describing the new plan to my officers, I would start by pointing out that those communities that have poor relationships with Law Enforcement, that officers are more likely to be purely reactive (Aliyu, 2018). In my Department's attempt to restore trust and confidence within the community it would be important to remember that the Lord loves Justice so as long as this is done is a fair and reasonable way then there is nothing wrong with seeking it (Psalms, 33:5). I would encourage my officers to get out in the community and talk with local business owners, patrol local neighbors, and begin talking and communicating with natives. Our community needs to stop seeing police officers as a threat and begin to see them as someone who is there to help and who they can trust.


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