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Date:  2022-11-30


Mai Dubai is water Company in Dubai that was started in December 2012, but the construction took place in June 2013 and completed after 11 months. This shows the effort that the company put to work to be recognized as an international brand within such a short period. The name came from the Arabic spoken word for water which is Mai. When said in English, a person may confuse the word for "my Dubai" therefore mastery of the name is not a huge task at all. The Company is registered as a Limited Liability Company and is under the full ownership of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority which is a contributory factor behind the successful growth as stated in Mai Dubai website. This paper seeks to discuss the Political, Economic, Social, Technological and Environmental factors (PESTE)of Mai Dubai Company.

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Political Factors

The most significant political factors that can impact directly on Mai Dubai Company in the United Arab Emirates Company are the laws of the UAE that regulate the quality of products that a company makes. In Dubai, these laws are similar to the seven Emirates in Dubai. The difference comes in where there exists a matter of civil nature which is dealt with using the rules of the specific region. The UAE has one common constitution; therefore, the Emirates have to follow the laws stipulated regarding the standards and quality of the products made. Apart from that, the company has also to adhere to the laws governing accounts and the general running of the business in the company. Any increase or decrease in the rates of taxes affects the company. The same case applies to a change in the political situation; for example, if a government changes, the company can either be impacted positively or negatively (Henriquez, 2017).

Economic Factors

Economic factors too affect the business rates of a company like Mai Dubai in that when the country faces a crisis; a company is affected. Dubai has experienced a decrease in prices due to the global recession that resulted in a decrease in the economy. The economic situation continued to deteriorate because of a financial crisis that had continued to affect the financial situation of Dubai at that time. Although the company had not been started at that time, most companies in Dubai were affected. The situation, however, changed after the economies delved in doing real estate business and stopped relying on one main area of specialization in their economies. This has contributed to the success of new Companies like Mai Dubai which has grown within a short period as a result of economic stability (Gregory, 2019).

Social Factors

Social factors are another vital factor for a business. This is where people are the most common consumers. A common trend of always taking water has emerged; therefore a water business especially a well-known established brand with quality products will thrive significantly just like Mai Dubai has within the past few years of operation. Maintaining a peaceful environment with the neighboring countries also contributes to the growth of the business as a result of adopting and maintaining a proper social environment for the business to thrive.

Technological Factors

For businesses like Mai Dubai, technology has rally plated a significant role in the growth. The importance is that it is used from packaging as well as the distribution of the products is dependent on using technology. For the company to meet the demands and timely delivery of products and supply the required amount of products to its customer technology plays an important role. Maintenance and investing in high-quality products is essential because it aids in the production of quality products.

Environmental Factors

Environment impact is significant because it aids in the brand image. Mai Dubai since it is a water business which aims at improving the health through drinking water which is common advice that is given to many people when they claim to be having various body discomforts mostly are told to drink water that aids in the general proper body functioning. Thus being able to provide affordable products to aid in good health boosts the success of the business (Gregory, 2019).

Product Development Strategy

There are different sellers in the market brands for example in making sales for products like groceries. Some brands are packaging their groceries under their brand and delivering the products to the consumers at the areas of residence or wherever they wish. Several factors influence the sellers to adopt that kind of strategy for marketing their products unlike just displaying them in the shelves of supermarkets. Delivering products which is not only limited to groceries but also other products has begun recently and has become a common strategy to meet the needs of the consumer and develop the brand and save time for consumers. The groceries are not new, but the mode of the consumer is the different one because they are being brought the goods up to their doorstep which has contributed to the growth and success of the online services that the sellers have begun to adopt (Henriquez, 2017) recently.

Marketing Penetration Strategy

The strategy used by Mc Donald's is a determination of the business to develop a plan that makes it ahead of the rest of the firms that offer the same services. The brand is recognized as the largest fast-food chain restaurant in the world that uses the penetration and development strategies to support the continued business and opening of new businesses under the same name. This brand is an excellent example of a successful business that has used this strategy and hence they have ended up being a hugely successful company as a result of using the penetration strategy says (Gregory, 2019). The negative aspect is that the brand faces competition from other brands and that use the same strategy that it does.


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