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Make-up Art Cosmetics, famous by the initials 'MAC', is a Canadian born business that deals in the design of make-ups and associate cosmetics. MAC started in the year 1984 by two Franks; an artist in make-ups and photographer industry, Frank Toskan and another artist in beauty salons Frank Angelo. The brand's initial desire was to design make-up that would sting the world with its impression uniqueness when in exposed to glare and illumination of studio lights during photography events. The initial target audience was professionals in the cosmetics and beauty industry. However, due to its effect to the public, attracting the public's attention, the brand gained popularity, making it launched to the public soon after ("MAC Cosmetics Homepage", n.d.).

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The demise of one of the Frank's saw the company sell its shares to Estee Lauder Companies in 1998. The new owner capitalizes on their massive global base in beauty to grow MAC further. The company now boast of 1500 places marketing the brand's products in 120 different nations around the world ("MAC Cosmetics Homepage". n.d.). MAC success derives not only from the appeal of art and beauty to a portion of a human being but also from many initiatives the brand has/is always embracing. The brand utilizes both amateur and artists to promote its activities.

The effectiveness of the brand currently puts the brand as a tower in beauty and cosmetics, something that always connects the brand with LGBT and rights agencies. MAC strives to remain relevant despite stiff competition in the market. More importantly, how they brand their advertisement, their way of appreciating both genders in marketing their products, and the dynamics of their logo ("MAC Cosmetics Homepage". n.d.). This work will analyze M.A.C Cosmetics regarding its adaptations from the vintage era, present, and its future era.

The Vintage Era

MAC's story starts immediately after its inception. As put in the introductory part, the business puts several steps that enable it to succeed. During its formation, MAC initiates different approaches that ensure its success. This section will discuss important initiative the business undertook to that has guaranteed its success.

The Intent of the Business Puts it as a Brand

As Jeston (2014) suggests, the success of a business depends on a prior arrangement for who the audience is, is their professionals in its operation and what are the short-term goals. The Franks introduce the brand with the intent to capture cosmetics professionals. Such professional provides the fine-touched skills and advice to the beauty products stores. MAC's Homepage confirms it is the professionals who advised the brand to embrace 'chic approach', which proved to be a utility to the brand at the time. Applying the approach, M.A.C designed and offered black pots instead of the compacts as were in the shelves of most cosmetics shop at the time.

While other brands in the cosmetic industry focused on skin care products, through the advice of the professionals, MAC opted to stamp themselves as the ultimate specialist for color beauty solutions. Professional artists operated the business, taking credit of first beauty shops to engage high-level workers from its inception. The professionals boosted brand through great innovations (Sippel, 2015). The 'intense matte red lipstick', one of the highly significant change, took the market by a storm. As illustrated in the next subheading, it is also through professionals the idea of engaging celebrities in marketing the products of the brand are incorporated.

M.A.C Advertisements that Sold It to a Wider Market

The Company's motto of 'All ages. All races. All sexes' takes a more significant share of credit for the brand's success. The impression is that everyone would get something for oneself at the MAC stores. A higher rate of turn-over, contributed by the young portion of demography pulled in success for the brand.

Faster growth of MAC results from the critical approachs to advertisements. Right after its inception, the brand engages the use of celebrities. Using public figures and celebrities proves the best advertisement beyond the regular theoretical publication set out in marketing books (Sippel, 2015). Even before the mid-1990s, M.A.C was engaging world figures in its campaigns. The 'intense matte red lipstick' gains much market favor after the brand uses Madonna, a fast-rising musician of the time. During a photo shoot scene, the artist wore M.A.C T-shirt signifying her support for the brand's products.

Instead of relying on tradition product promotion techniques, MAC opted to ensure integrity in its carefully articulated product line. The brand expounded on the image by an outrageousness touch to its products. The company gained fame by its ability to honor individuality and self-expression. The effect was a definite drag of customers towards its stores. In 1924, the brand was seen capitalizing on the presence of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The spreading of the disease was on the rise across the globe. MAC targeted anti-HIV/AIDS groups, making them benefit from their charitable focus. The company created the MAC AIDS Fund. Due to millions of anti-HIV/AIDS campaign tours, with some of the campaigners wearing and branding themselves with MAC products, they helped in spreading the brand (Sippel, 2015).

How M.A.C Celebrated Both Men and Women

Right from the inception of the brand, the group indicates an appreciation of everyone. Firstly, the company's motto makes the operation its activities and 'all customers spectrum.' Formulation of the slogan, 'All ages. All races. All sexes', was a clear sign of the company's appreciation of every potential customer, regardless of their sex. As a member of an industry that uses social, sex and feminine appeal to underscore the idea of feeling attractive, MAC defies traditional notions of femininity in its advertisements, a different trait that lacked in other brands ("MAC Cosmetics Homepage", n.d.).

The brand celebrates individuality its look, in which it sought to appeal to the desire of expressing themselves regarding beauty. As such, the brand presents itself as an organization that has an opportunity for empowering and supporting individuality and creativity amongst people. The brand helped in bringing out individuals' inner beauty for the world regardless of one's gender. MAC s efforts were promoted by the slogan "Finally Free". The company celebrates women through 'The Caitlyn Jenner' foundation. Through the foundation, many celebrities collaborated for the betterment of their career. The brand uses MAC 's VIVA GLAM line to raise money for anti-AIDS campaigns. Embracing the use of a women bodybuilder in its adverts demonstrates serves to show that comes in different forms of sizes and shapes irrespective of the gender. The advert grabs people's attention by the striking effect. MAC brand the advert with a tagline "Strike a". The effect of the combination of the two overworks the performance of the adverts from the other brands. The company succeeds in glamorizing Jelena and highlights her beauty and femininity. This act contradicts the popular idea that bodybuilders are masculine, regaled of whether they are men or women. This act promotes the notion of gender equality and promotes inner beauty ("MAC Cosmetics Homepage", n.d.).

The decision to engage a female bodybuilder demonstrates cultural tale of inner strength and beauty in MAC 's campaigns. The moves sought to show beauty comes from different shapes and sizes. Whereas all other companies in the cosmetics industry use imaginative female body to promotes their products, MAC focuses on the roles of psychological emotions in shaping a person's confidence and self-esteem. The brand signifies that it is a psychology that determines one's feeling of both inner and outer beauty.

As an effort to build on its philosophy of creating makeup for everyone despite the Age, sex or race, MAC launched the famous 2015 'MACnificent Me' contest. Contestants would submit a photo of themselves, and write 100-word life mantra describing their style and their heart and soul. MACnificent Me advertisement celebrates diversity among populations and promotes creativity and confidence. The ad also advises consumers to overlook the model stereotypes and utilize MAC products in a personalized way. MAC chops six people, different gender, age, origin who proved uniquely magnificent ("MAC Cosmetics Homepage", n.d.).

How Essential Every Makeup Artist or Amateur Uses M.A. C Products

Their products dominate the cosmetics industry today that everyone comes into contact with it. The cultural idea of beauty is to instill a sense of confidence and attractiveness in the average woman and man. In the current world, many people use makeups to catch up with the crowd appearance regarding the crowd's profession, gender, or even age. Regarding professionalism, cosmetics improve one's appearance and self-esteem. The effect is good presentability, an essential attribute when it comes to interviews, daily workplace presentation, and meetings.

People use cosmetics to feel better and comfortable in their natural skin. MAC's advertisements were not specific to a particular gender but catered for both women and men. The stores also went beyond the cocoons of race, sponsoring empowerment, variety, and strength of their customers.

M.A.C Cosmetics Present Standing

Presently, MAC stands as a leading cosmetic manufacturer. The Company usefully makes strides in cultural equality representation, promoting individuality and self-expression. M.A.C continues to participate in the cultural movement. Despite their continued incorporation of famous artistical icons in their advertisements, MAC places less emphasis on traditional narratives about beauty and femininity as it is with most of their competitors. MAC 's approach to ads challenges the standards set in traditional beauty advertisement conventions which narrows the characterizations of female beauty.

Consequently, MAC magnificently position their messaging not to get undermined by fascination and appeals related to gender. The brand has chosen to focus on beauty found in an individual's uniqueness promoting a better and comfortable feeling of even in one's natural skin. The brand thus helps in embracing their perception of beauty and challenging conventional gender role connotations (Lopaciuk, & Loboda, 2013).

Advertisements and Campaigns

MAC still embraces the use of collaboration collections with celebrities to market its products. For instance, the company decides to use Jelena Abbou, a competitive bodybuilder and fitness model of Serbian-American origin. Fashioning the artist in full makeup and a shiny black gown promotes equality between men and women.

Against the odds, the winners of the MACnificent Me comprises of plum women and a gay, and a transgender woman as opposed to supermodel stereotype as represented in cosmetic advertisement. The brand instills a narrative of finding beauty every day and shunning conventional notions of reading vision. MAC manages in encouraging their customers to experiment and view the use of cosmetics to promote distinctiveness. The mini taglines "Make Me Proud" and "It's Really Me" used in MACnificent Me crusade helped to define new standards for beauty. The lines promote the idea that all humans are beautiful despite their age, nationality, race or body shape (Bigelow, 2016).

MAC executes broad-based advertisements that target both men and women, irrespective of their race or color. The brand promotes empowerment of its customers. MAC works towards making individual develop self-confidence, a quality that makes one achieve even greater heights in other spheres of l...

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