Coca-Cola, NASDAQ, Morningstar Inc.: Global Success Stories - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-24


Coca-Cola Company, NASDAQ stock market, and Morningstar Inc. have been one of the most successful companies in their operational industries in the world. Coca-Cola Company, which is an American multinational corporation, and manufacturer, retailer, and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. For a significant period, it has operated a franchised distribution system in many parts of the world. The NASDAQ stock market is an American stock exchange owned by NASDAQ that has been a top performer in stock exchange marketers in market capitalization. Morningstar Inc. is a global financial service company that provides an array of services in investment-research and investment-management. The core competencies of these firms, which are the company resources and capabilities, aid in the strategic advantage of the company's business operations. Considerably, the firms integrate specific amount of money for the production of their main goods or services. The core competencies and the types of costs that are incurred in the acquisition of the factors of production of goods or services of the firms are broadly described below. Additionally, is an analysis of the factors that impact the cost of production of the products and services of these firms.

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Coca-Cola Company

The success of Coca Cola Company has been enhanced by the company's cultivation and exploitation of its core competencies, which are the resources and capabilities that constitute the company's strategic advantage in the business markets. The core competencies of the Coca-Cola Company have been its strong brand name, cost controls, effective administrative control and the strong marketing efforts enhanced by the franchise network, and distribution network. The stringent engagement of these core competencies has made Coca-Cola carry out its business operations in over 200 countries in the word as well as be in a position to sustain significant profitability for over a century. Most companies have to incur production costs in the process of producing goods and services. A significant number of companies, therefore, seeks to have a cost advantage, whereby it can produce a specific product at a lower cost compared to its competitors in the industry. Similar to other companies, Coca Cola Company incurs different types of costs in the production of the main products. These include variable costs and fixed costs. Coca-Cola's variable costs of production are costs vary depending on the production output. These variable outputs are labor costs, packaging costs, costs of raw materials and costs involved in the transportation and delivery, with raw materials costs being the main variable cost. Examples of coca colas fixed costs are employee salaries, advertisement expenses, insurance expenses, rent expenses, and equipment maintenance expenses. These expenses tend to remain constant regardless of the changes in output. Several factors usually affect the cost of production of a company. Considerably, the factors that impact the cost of production of the main products in Coca Cola Company include the weather conditions, levels of output, and demand for the company's products.

Morningstar Inc.

The firm plays a key role in the provision of software and data platforms that are used by professionals for investment. The core competencies of the firm include its ability to merge other technology companies, Strong dealer community, and its ability to develop new products. These competencies have enhanced the success of the firm, and its superb performance in the markets leading to strong cash flows. The types of costs of production in Morningstar Inc. firm include fixed costs and variable costs. Due to the fact that the firm produces a variety of technology and research-based products to its retailers and institutional investors, such as Morningstar Direct, Morningstar premium, and Morningstar office cloud, it usually has a few variable costs while fixed costs include labor expenses, firm maintenance expenses, and insurance coverage expenses. The factor that impacts the cost of production in Morningstar Inc. firm is the demand for its products and services. When the demand is high, there is a high cost of production of the firm's products.

NASDAQ Stock Market

The NASDAQ Stock Market, initially quoted as the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, has been one of the most performing stock markets in United States stock exchanges by market capitalization of shares traded in New York Stock Exchange. The core competencies of NASDAQ include effective and efficient administration of the firm (leadership), high-quality products that ensure customer satisfaction and a strong distribution network of their products and services. These competencies have enabled the firm to strive against other competitors in the stock exchange markets in the United States. Furthermore, this has enhanced the firm to engage, support and empower people by exercising corporate expertise and investment while the firm's employees and contractors foster a culture of corporate responsibility in their work towards the firm service delivery. The types of costs of production for the firm is fixed costs. Examples of these fixed costs include labor costs and insurance coverage costs. Since the firm offers financial services the factor that affects the cost of operations of the firm is the demand for stock exchange market services.


In conclusion, firms experience significant and successful moments due to their significant core competencies, effective management of its production costs, and their abilities to effectively manage the factors that affect their costs of production. This enhances the growth of companies to a wide range section in the world hence boosting their profitability and performances. Currently, the companies stand out to have a predicted successful prospect as they continue to induce and develop their operations.

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