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LinkedIn is a business and employment platform that provides a broader range of potential employers and employees in the job market. The main idea and concepts behind the website are to provide better application procedures and directions that reduces time consumption and mental load during the interaction process. Macarthy, (2018) observes, LinkedIn is a collection of global databases that collect and coordinates different job application requests globally. In this case, the LinkedIn official website is designed more appealingly and attractively to ensure that members joining the site for the first time are served with a quick tour guide as a way of familiarizing themselves with the new system. The overall layout of the website has maintained a simple outfit to give a better look not to forget about the quick response of the website.

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With the use of the information gathered during the signup page, employers get to factor out the level of qualification of their candidates. Through this, the website helps employers get suitable experience employees for the job. On the same token, employers can choose from a broader range of potential employees to ensure that they fit in their organizations with a minimal margin of errors.

Koch, et al., (2018) observes that, form filling is one of the highly used techniques in websites to obtain the correct information. Through this, all collected data is uniform according to the format used. In this case, LinkedIn has used this feature not only to collect the required data but also to reduce the workload of users during application. With the use of place holders in a website form inputs, users can see what is required for a particular piece of input box hence making it easier for a user no to mistake.

Evaluation of Features

As a way of ensuring that all new users find a better way of navigating through the system. The design has used both words and icons as a way of explaining what a particular button performs, in this case, the likelihood of users spending most of their time trying to find out what a specific section of menus performs is reduced. Never the less, the design of the site helps to reduce the chances of making critical mistakes that may lead to a user applying for a wrong job opportunity. On the other hand, the performance of a website is the primary goal of ensuring that users' demands are met. In this case, the LinkedIn website has primarily achieved this by ensuring that job searching from the database is well presented to the user, capturing all the relevant information such as the employer, the date of the post as well as the required qualifications to reduce chances of missing out. On the other hand, the site supports one of the essential features, that is used to track your application progress. Through this, it becomes easier for anyone understanding the status of their application, which may lead to a good transition from one job to the other.

View on the go is an excellent feature that gives employees a better shape in their career. With this feature, one can view the list of people who have come across your post. From this point, an employer can go through your details, compared with his or her requirements to ensure that they are sure before they get to call the user for employment.

Substantive Comment

After creating an account on the LinkedIn website, a user may feel that several missing factors need to be included in their curriculum Vitae to ensure that their experience and qualifications are all captured. Never the less, this may emanate from the need to update your current achievements and sophistication to your file. In this case, LinkedIn provides a suitable form that allows modification of data not to mention notification to the users who view your profile. In this case, a user stands at a better chance of getting new employment.

Additional Contribution

With the higher priority being focused on the recent postings, this increases the probability of diversifying a single post across millions of users in the network. The overall responsiveness of the website causes dynamic changes in postings, hence making it easier for ones' post being viewed by many users within a concise period. Through this technique, a user's profile is viewed by many other users who are on the same network on the website.

Simply Hired

Description of features. Features include sources of data, job levels, non-job posting information, links

Simply Hired is an online job search engine that gives the user an opportunity to create an account and air their qualifications and job experience, which are later used by potential employers in trying to factor out the qualified employees that they would like to consider (Alexander, et al., 2019). Among one of the interesting features of the Simply Hired website is the ability to post a job without actual signup. Through this, it opens chances for non-members of the community to post their jobs seeking better and qualified employees. However, despite this aspect giving an employer a better opportunity, the employees are not provided with relevant information regarding the background of the employer.

The Simply Hired website sources data from different websites such as Start Wire,,, career bliss, Look sharp, Kijiji Live Career, among many other sites that may be willing to offer different opportunities to new employees.

Job Levels

Simply Hired offers a vast of different job levels that a user chooses to apply for. In this case, the applicant is left with the choice to apply any part of his or her interests without any limitations. In this case, the entire process of the job application is closely related to what a user has to go through during job application on the LinkedIn website to ensure that all necessary information is captured before it is stored in the database.

Website Features

The simplicity of the website is the theme of the site to ensure that the user is not presented with numerous information that is not relevant to job applications. Through this, users spend limited time when navigating through the website to create or upload their resumes (Soltis, et al., 2018).

The user is provided with an opportunity to create or upload a resume, a step that may be vital especially where the user has a ready-made resume. In this case, the user is likely to spend little time on the site while trying to post critical information that may be used for evaluation before landing a job interview. In addition to the above, location is another factor that is widely considered before application to ensure that requests are merged and mapped according to the users' locations. Through this, users are supplied with job vacancies that are closely related to their area to ensure that the posts are closely related to their cultural and social practices.

Evaluation of Features

The use of form filling is one of the features that help the user of the site not to miss vital information. Through this, users can fill in all the required information before submitting the form. In this case, a user does not need the intervention of assistance to help fill the required details but rather consider what is written on the place holder to ensure that the required set of data is fed in the system.

On the other hand, the website offers different formatting styles that make a user's resume more professional by the use of online tools that are supported by the site. In this manner, a user does not have to worry about their resume formatting but instead focus on the content of their resume.

Substantive Comment

Right away from the home page, the website offers an opportunity to upload any relevant advertisement even without proper login to the system. In this manner, the feature is used to increase the usability of the system and flexibility, aiming to attract more users of the system. On the same token, the website can be used on two different angles, where one can operate it as an employee, or an employer have registered for an account.

Additional Contribution

The overall layout of the website is simple and easy to navigate through; in this case, the website design takes a more significant consideration of both expert and novice users who are new in the system. In this manner, all the users of the system are offered with a simple layout that increases their chances of navigating through the website with fewer or no limitations.


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