Research Paper on Leadership in the Dynamic Healthcare System

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As a leader, one needs to be honest and have unquestionable integrity. It helps in building a productive relationship between the management and my employees. They portray confidence in what I do. It boosts the level of respect the subordinates have for management and it diminishes any chance there is for them to refuse to follow the commands.

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Teamwork is a crucial part of good leadership, especially in healthcare. At every turn, leaders should try to involve the employees in decision making by listening to the feedback they give together with the comments and complains they give. There is a need to ensure they meet the levels of expectations of the client in the healthcare industry.

Delivering high-quality care to the patients is one of the main objectives of leadership in the current healthcare systems. In order to deliver the high-quality care to the patients, leaders require the control of the healthcare system errors which are present in most of the healthcare systems across the globe (Bunting, & Groszkruger, 2016).

Healthcare system errors, therefore, are defined as the avoidable adverse effects of medical care whether or not patent or injurious to the sick (Wager et al. 2017). Some of the methods which can be used in the control of the healthcare system errors include the employment of the EHRs, process redesign in the healthcare setup and also the system-wide transformation.

Impact of Healthcare Leadership on Patient Experiences

Families also benefit from leadership systems because of the distribution of these healthcare services in all ways possible to patients as they need them. Through appropriate leadership, patients get informed about the various diseases affecting them and the ways the can use to control and prevent the same.

It acts as a piece of advice as well as a reminder for all the people. In the event where one of them could be experiencing symptoms, they will be fast in reporting and seeking medication (Moran, & Roudsari, 2015). Exchange of data can be done physically and mentally from all sides which makes it beneficial. This also makes sure that the executives of health monitor the way people are concerned about their health.

The communities will also benefit from leadership systems. They will be at a better place to have better experience about how the management of hospitals treats them. Leadership ensures that the costs are also favorable for the people making it easy for them to get assessed. They will benefit in terms of distribution of medical providers that is in great depth and breadth. Good leadership enables distribution and access to more quality specialists. T

the number of preventable admissions in the community will be reduced by a great number and some of these complications might be dealt with completely. Generally, there is an improvement in clinical outcomes.

The leadership in the industries monitors that the technologies are used to serve people which is quite economical and people have access to all health services regardless of where they are. Impacts on networks are also considered since it mainly uses these networks to help people access the facilities. This is by the use of technology systems. It ensures that the more preventative outreach that it presents makes the healthcare to cover a huge area ensuring that patients are healthy regardless of the places they are. The implementation of technology helps to reach all networks.

Implications for the Organization if the Patient Experience Is Not a Strategic Priority

The presence of the healthcare system errors in the healthcare systems brings about huge problems which are felt by the patients. This comes as a result of the death of the patients who are present in the healthcare systems. According to some of the studies carried out about the IOM, more than five hundred people perish each day as an outcome of the healthcare system mistakes in our healthcare setups.

These deaths are accompanied by the suffering of these patients which comes from carrying out of procedures which are not necessary to the patients. This challenge, therefore, brings about a big challenge to the employers and also the purchasers who are paying this care to their patients.

Some of these errors in the healthcare systems include the challenge of too much unnecessary care to the patients. This means that the overuse and the unnecessary care accounts more than one-third to one-half of the healthcare costs across the healthcare systems.

The unnecessary care that is present in most of the clinics across the globe, therefore, brings about some of the challenges to the patients which results in other health-related problems. Unnecessary care also leads to the embezzlement of funds which could be used on other healthcare setups which are sensitive. This, therefore, explains that there is a need for the implementation of the methods which can be put in place to control the healthcare system errors.

Avoidable harm to the patients is also another problem that comes as a result of healthcare system error. Patients harm is among the current problems which are experienced in most of the clinics. A good example of the patients' harm comes in place on the early elective deliveries. This lead to the injury of both the women and their babies.

This is due to the fact that the babies who are born at either 37-39 completed weeks of growth are always at a big danger of death. They are also at the danger of being in a chance of having the respiratory challenges. This is very big challenges to both the mother and the baby. Therefore, by the use of the methods which can control the healthcare system errors, such challenges to the early elective deliveries are can be prevented.

The system errors also lead to loss of money. According to the research carried out by the Institute of Medicine, a third or more of the cost related to the health are misused. A good example was given on the early elective deliveries which were consuming about $ 1 billion annually.

Service Line Management

Service line management structure refers to a model where the manager has the responsibility of coordinating patient care and the flow of information in a manner that is comprehensive along the journey of the patient's care. The providers take care of the patients in the facilities of the healthcare system.

The hospital service line needs to be structured for success. To receive full benefits from the model, hospitals are required to create a kind of management structure which is able to foster independent innovation (Rich et al. 2018). The hospital also achieved the alignment of its strategic plan through this type of management.

Service line management empowers the service line leaders to be truly effective and follow strategic methods to make rational decisions which will result in real changes on the aspects of costs and quality of services that they offer.

There is a need for planning of the subtasks before one knows where to categorize each one of them. This is the first step to analyze the problems that this system has an aiming solving. The diseases rampant within the community need to be taken care of by knowing how they are going to come to an end.

Basically, planning will cover all estimates needed to development costs that will create another new system. At this stage, there is the determination of the needs by the end-user and all the necessary requirements for deployment of the new system. They will need to realize the benefits that suite them, and so embrace the idea of working more closely together to define the operations of the clinical process.

Pros and Cons of Leading the Service Line Using the Dyad Management Model

This type of structure has a description of how to operate a grout pump which is well illustrated, and the roles have been explained systematically to help ensure that healthcare providers offer services to their optimum. It is the best at grouping positions like the way it has been able to group different descriptions have arisen from the operation of a grout pump (Braithwaite, 1993). Precisely, there are matching situations and parallel positions in which there are correspondent duties and training, although the precise responsibility assignments may vary.

However, it is an expensive method of preparing job descriptions and time consuming as well since it will take time to come up with elaborate job descriptions for a specific assignment like in this case the role of an equipment operator two.

Depending on the position of an individual such as manual or special requirements will need practical accommodation (Braithwaite, 1993). A quota of the organizations is selected as target jobs, fixed to the overall marketplace salary arrays as designated by consistent reimbursement survey information.

In large companies, it may be as few as 4% or 8% of the positions; in lesser organizations, it may be as many as 20%. Standard jobs are used for each main class sequence to guarantee exterior equity and to guarantee that the whole system is in line with market reimbursement practices. Dyad's leadership model improves communication and cooperation to better understand and adapt to changes in the healthcare industry.

Importance of Employee and Provider Relations on the Overall Success of the Organization

Employee and provider relations need to be strong for the sake of patients' care and the success of the organization as a whole. There are many benefits that come with such relations. These benefits include the provision of accurate, complete and up-to-date information to the patients.

With excellent coordination, there is an allowance for quick access to the records of the patients in order to provide effective care to them. They also allow safer and reliable treatments to the patients. the aspect of accessibility, accountability, financial transparency and also patients being in a chance to look for the correct doctor.

The relation also ensures a great impact on healthcare organizations since they are able to conduct better surveys and monitoring. It can be used as a component of healthcare crisis solution. The organizations can make use of such relations to solve problems surrounding them.

The delivery they give is cost-effective and distribution is done better when people relate well. Long term and short-term conditions can be managed better with the use of relations. Decision making is made better by employee and provider relations as there can always be consultations with beneficial projects underway.

Role of the Health Care Leader in Regard to Organizational Quality Improvement

System complications in most of the healthcare setups are the main causes of the medical errors, and it is the role of the leader to ensure organizational quality improvement through methods such s system redesign (Kotagal, and Carlos 2018).

In order to solve these complications, the evaluation of the healthcare systems is necessary so as to come up with system solutions in the healthcare setups. The importance that comes up with the system evaluation is basically on the side of helping in the management of and also the minimization of the risks through the recognition of threats which are controlled over good policies.

Therefore, in order to improve the safety and quality of healthcare, the excellence, the comfort and the effectiveness of the healthcare systems are basically through evaluating the involved systems in order for the systems to be improved from the side of the management. Transformations in healthcare, therefore, refers to the inputs to the outputs in which they are a process in the system. System transformation in the healthcare systems includes reading the MARs, checking of the sick people and also the handling of si...

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