Research Paper on Langston Hughes: A Literary Icon and Champion of the Arts

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Langston Hughes was among the most prowess writers because of their significant contribution to the realm of literature. His insights and ideas are significant to readers as they relate to the fiction that the author was mostly addressing. The poet has authored some stories that are widely read across the world. Literature is a broad field where different authors show their prowess in areas that they are best. Hughes made great achievements from his accomplishments that put him on a higher level when compared with other authors of his time. Born in a humble background and exposed to challenges that ranged from family wrangles between his parents and doing odd jobs, he still scaled more considerable heights (Debman 46). Heroes are usually described according to their deeds and achievements in the world. Hughes might not have accomplished the best but remains one of the American heroes in the realm of literature because of his weighty contribution.

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Langston Hughes Poetry

First, it is important to acknowledge the numerous works that Hughes was able to do in his life until his demise. Being able to do a range of poems and writings that related with the society issues was an act of heroism. He was able to reflect on the problems that the society was facing and put it into writing (Debman 8). This provided people with similar insights into being able to understand their issues and ways that they can implement to achieve social changes. However, only a few of his works are critics of other people, and thus, this shows that he did not take time to review other authors. As a renowned poet, there was a need for him to make some comparisons to add or suggest corrections on other writers in the industry. This is one of the areas that Hughes failed to look upon during his career. However, despite the few aspects that Hughes did not cover in his career, he still stands to be among the heroes of American people.

Family Life

Besides, the aspect of the family can be looked upon from different angles when researching on Hughes. The sources indicate that his family had broken up when he was still young. His grandmother took the responsibility of taking care of him until he reached late childhood. This implies that he was later a grown-up, and as he was approaching to join college, Hughes had already interacted with his mother and lived with his father back in Mexico (Duki 4). However, despite having the opportunity to meet with the two at different periods, he was not able to bring unity in his family or even propose a reunion between his parents. This tends to be an act of cowardice, considering that he one individual who was able to express himself both in writing and talking (Duki 16). However, he still made up his family and married and moved his family to Kansas, where he was working as an educator and activist of human rights. This implies that despite having family challenges, he was still able to make up his own.

Renaissance Period (1920)

On the other hand, the impact that Hughes has put in the poetry industry is excellent and thus, still considered to have created a better platform for other poets. For example, the introduction of Jazz poetry is a clear indication that Hughes brought significant changes in the industry. During the period of renaissance in 1920, poetry was not well defined as it is today. Poets were doing poetry in the same way, and thus it was not easier to differentiate the works of people (Hughes 11). Therefore, the introduction of jazz poetry by Hughes in an apparent act of heroism because it provided individuals with an opportunity to create other platforms for poetry that is being celebrated today. However, despite the great achievements that Hughes was able to achieve, there are no other individuals that were mentored by him. Therefore, Hughes could have made significant changes in the poetry industry but failed to uplift other authors directly (The Poetry and Prose of Langston Hughes 13). This is because, like Socrates, who were great philosophers, their works were used by other authors who improved the as others used them to modify their works. In my view, Hughes could create more impact on the industry if he decided to mentor several artists in the same line of industry.

Achievements in Poetry

Also, making his achievements come true is another act of heroism that is portrayed by the poet. The poet's goal was to ensure that he was able to reflect the societal issues and making possible changes. His poems were to help express their feelings, emotions, and ideas about what they feel and their perspective on the world experiences (Conwill 5). Poems use different stylistic techniques that readers need to be familiar with to understand the message that is being communicated by the author. Most of his poems relate to real-life experiences. On the other hand, "The Negro Speaks Rivers" relates to life as it provides readers with a simple evening experience that the author came across. In essence, we tend to come across various daily happenings that may be interesting, depending on our perspectives. This implies that his works received both praises and criticism, depending on how the audience received it.


To sum up, poetry is a form of literature where authors try to express their feelings and emotions. In addition, through poetry, poets can express the things that happen in society. Hughes remains one of the most prolific writers that is characterized by achievement, skills among many other attributes. He has been well accepted through his works that are being used today. He faced success and challenges at the same time, but in the end, he still emerged a hero in American history. His numerous works in the industry are still celebrated up to date hence creating a better platform for the next generations. The issue of the family tends to have created a challenge to his life, but he later emerged a victor by stabilizing his own. The introduction of jazz poetry is another milestone by the author that provided him with mileage in his works, considering that it was something new in the industry. Therefore, Hughes is a hero that well defined himself through action and various works that are still relevant in the world of literature today.

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