Research Paper on Human Resource Management: Every Manager's Responsibility

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Human resource management should be the business of every manager in an organization. It is the management of the human capital in the organization. Employees who make up the human capital of an organization are critical for the success or failure of an organization. Their management thus needs not only to be the duty of the human resource department but also the responsibility of every manager. Human resource management touches on a broad scope of issues that cannot be run by the human resource department alone. The entire need for human resource management is to ensure that the organization attracts, retains, and engages diverse talents needed for the success of the organization (Dessler, Cole & Chhinzer, 2015). This way, the organization seeks not just to hire the best employees but also sharpen their skills when they are at work and retains them to ensure the organization is stable.

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Part A: Every Manager is an HR Manage

Human Resource as every manager's business

Human resource is the business of every manager since every supervisor seeks to create a productive department. Such a department can, however, not be productive when a manager does not have the right talent or does not show efforts to improve such abilities to gain the best from the employees. Thus, every manager is expected by the organization to deliver as per the expectations. The manager can, nonetheless, deliver alone since they are not solely at work. The manager is, therefore, expected to work alongside the employees who work under him or her. The work of the manager is mainly to direct, continually build, and monitor the performance of the employees under them. Therefore, if a manager is not effective in human resources, he or she may not relate well with the employees under them. Consequently, their performance would go down, affecting the performance of his department. Thus, a failed department would reflect a general failure of the organization, which showcases the dire need for the manager to take human resources as his business.

With a human resource department or not, it is a fundamental strategic stride for an organization to ensure that the management of human resources is appropriately done. The management of a productive work environment and the general organizational performance largely depends on the human resources of every organization. While strategic goals can be made in boardrooms or by the management where all the employees are not involved, the final delivery on the goals is made by the employees. Therefore, other than just hiring the best workers, an organization needs to ensure that they provide the best conditions for working, realizing employee satisfaction, and also maintaining a good way of addressing the needs of the employees. Such needs should be realized through rewards, training, and even increasing the expertise of the workers (Dessler, Cole & Chhinzer, 2015). Having a fulfilled lot of employees is good for the organization as it offers them a competitive advantage.

View of how HR is managed within the organization

In my organization, I believe human resource management is managed effectively. The human resource department of an organization is actively engaged in the hiring and management of the human capital (Noe et al., 2017). One of the best approaches that I believe has been adopted by the organization is that it treats employees as necessary in every decision-making. Even when changes are being made, employees are well-versed, asked to give their viewpoints, and their issues addressed. Such a practice has always made employees feel as if they are an active part of the organization, and they are satisfied. Also, the human resource department addresses issues that are raised by the employees with speed, and rarely are disagreements between the management and employees. Additionally, the human resource departments use a rewarding system to motivate employees; hence they work hard to realize their personally set and organizational goals. The management of the organization is highly centered on human capital, which makes the organization effective in human resource management.

Part B: Responding to the Changing Environment

Background Information

Nike is a multinational organization that concentrates on making athletic shoes and apparel. Its vision is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world while their mission is to do everything possible to expand human potential. The organization over the years has provided athletic shoes and apparel to aspiring athletes and every other person that is interested in their athletic shoes. The organization which has its headquarters in Oregon, USA, operates in almost every country in the world and has outlets and factories in different nations ("Read Nike's Mission Statement and find information about NIKE, Inc. innovation, sustainability, community impact and more," 2020). Based on the demand for its products, Nike has a large number of employees, approximately 77,000. The organization is based on values of authenticity, innovation, and sustainability. Nike is, thus, a dependable organization that has consistently satisfied its clients and stood the stringent competition witnessed in the world of athletic apparel and footwear.

Nike SWOT Analysis


Strong Brand Awareness: Nike has consistently worked on making their brand known. Almost every person around the world recognizes the brand based on the effectiveness of its marketing procedures.

Huge market base: Nike has many customers across the globe who follow the organization. Based on its huge number of customers, the organization has consistently made hefty profits and grown in reach.

Sustainability goal: Nike recognizes the need for sustainability, not just given the environmental factors but also in the cost of production.


Poor Working Conditions: On many occasions, Nike has been accused of providing poor working conditions for its employees, especially in foreign nations.

Poor relationships with retailers: Nike has poor relationships with retailers, and they rarely have a say in how their retailers sell their products, which means that retailers earn more.

Lawsuits: Nike has had numerous lawsuits launched against them, mostly by their employers. The recent lawsuit was launched by the female employees who complained against a toxic work environment.


Emerging Markets: While already, Nike has a vast global reach, it still has plenty of new markets to explore.

Innovative Products: Nike has the chance to make more innovative products that would see it find an enormous market.


Increased competition: Nike has recently faced competition from established companies such as Adidas that could oust it in the market if adequate measures are not taken.

Counterfeit products: Many counterfeit products are being released in the market in the name if Nike and could affect its profit-making.

Business Challenges and Trends

Today, Nike faces several business challenges. While most of the challenges may be addressed, the issue of relationships with their employees is wanting. Nike needs to restructure its human resource management to see that all the needs of the employees are met. Other than meeting the needs of the employees, the organization needs to invest in employees who offer them the best innovative skills ("Read Nike's Mission Statement and find information about NIKE, Inc. innovation, sustainability, community impact and more," 2020). Currently, the organization is working with employees who were used to their traditional trends and needs to equip them with the skills they deserve to meet the sustainability and innovative goals the organization has set. Also, given the increasing workforce diversity, the organization will have to invest in training the employees the virtues of tolerance and placing the organizational interests above their interests.

Organizations' Key Goals

The key goals for Nike in the near future are to carry on their legacy and create more innovative products that place it above the competition and offer value for their shareholders. To achieve these three goals, Nike will have to engage in research and learn about the needs of athletes and people who wear athletic shoes so that they can make more innovative products (Meyers, 2020). Also, Nike will have to engage in instrumental market awareness that will see it gain a competitive edge. Obtaining a competitive edge will guarantee the organization more sales which in return allows them to realize the value they need for their shareholders.

The Need for Changes in Staffing Levels

To realize the goals that Nike has set, there will be a need for changes in staffing. While they will not have to do away with the current staff completely, the organization may have to employ new talent. The new talent will help the already employed workers to sharpen their skills and adopt new innovative technologies.

Part C: The Legal Environment

Working in the jurisdiction of the human resource department is faced with several employment laws. Some of the employment laws are workplace health and safety laws. These laws require that employees be given the right environment for work inclusive of being given tools that offer occupational health and safety to workers ("Human resources regulations," 2015). The other law is the hiring requirements, which require that the employment of employees be non-discriminatory. This law requires that all employees be given a fair chance to prove why they need to be employed at the organization. Among the necessary laws in this context are employing people who are above the minimum age of employment, making the workplace accessible to all individual who wants to be hired and also reporting to the relevant authorities when hiring takes place.

Other laws affecting the human resource department are employment equity and human rights. These laws view the human resource department as having the responsibility to ensure that all employees are treated with respect. After they are hired, the human resource department is given the responsibility to ensure that all employees are not discriminated against and harassed in the workplace ("Human resources regulations," 2015). Some other laws affecting the human resource jurisdiction are the minimum wage where every employee should be offered a salary above the minimum wage, given annual vacations and leaves, and not forced to work beyond the standard working hours (Dessler, Cole & Chhinzer, 2015). Also, in the case of termination of a contract or when an employee leaves, the human resource department is expected to offer the best circumstances for termination, layoff, and dismissal with adequate information being offered and notice provided within the necessary time limits.

Various laws that are enacted by the government need to be followed for an organization to operate perfectly with very few hitches. It is necessary to observe that one goal of th human resource department is to ensure a good relationship with the employee and the employer. When a stable relationship has ensued between the employee and the employer, there are very few instances to encounter issues with the government (Dessler, Cole & Chhinzer, 2015). In this line, the human resource department must ensure that issues such as minimum wage, overtime payments, and human rights of all employees are ensured. The laws provide for a chance of prosecution which would cause issues with the government; thus it is only necessary for the human resource department to follow them to have a good relationship with the government.

Other than having a good relationship with the government, it is the legal responsibility of the human resource department to ensure that its practices are healthy and that the organization res...

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