Paper Example on Computer Revolution: Must-Have for CEOs to Ensure Smooth Operations

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Every organization now utilizes computers in its entire operations. The computer is helping in ensuring smooth operations in an organization. It is a product a must to have by any CEO because it helps in production, research, marketing, distribution, team management, baking, and automation. The computer has also become important, significant for ensuring effective employee management and data storage. However, organizations are going through rapid change, especially with the introduction and invention of cloud computing.

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Nevertheless, the concept of Cloud-Based Phone Systems cannot be implemented without the use of computer technology. Therefore, it is vitally advisable for the CEO to consider implementing the technology in the organization. Henceforth, I invite the organization's Chief Executive Officer to initiate appropriate mechanisms and thus introduce highly advanced computers that would support the successful implementation of Cloud-Based Phone Systems (Simmhan et al., 2015). The technology will have immense benefits in our organization, as mentioned below:

Technology is now a prerequisite for any entrepreneur who wants to thrive, and that is why a small business owner cannot ignore this fact. Telecommunication is one of the areas experiencing the impact of technological advancements. More and more businesses are shunning legacy communication systems in a bid to leverage the potential of digital communication. Cloud-based phone systems offer your small business the capabilities that you may not access through legacy communication systems. Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy by opting for cloud-based phone systems as a small business operator.

Enhanced Competitiveness

It is needless to say that several entrepreneurs are offering the same products or services that your small business offers, which suggests that this gives room for competition. As a proprietor, you also need to note that some entrepreneurs go out of business as a result of the stiff competition they may be experiencing on various occasions, and finding solutions for such challenges is critical (Simmhan et al., 2015). Acquiring a cloud-based phone system will set your enterprise apart by enhancing its competitiveness. Once you gain the leverage that digital communication affords your operations, it places your small business in a better position to manage the current competition in the market.

It Is Cost-Effective

One of the challenges of opting for traditional phone systems is that they require a significant initial investment and regular maintenance as well. The implication, in this case, is that installing a legacy communication system is not advisable because it is expensive, and that can drive your small business expenses through the roof. Apart from the fact that the upfront cost of cloud-based phone systems is reasonable, the other obligation on your part as a small entrepreneur is paying for the services you use only, which can result in significant savings.

Promotes Remote Access and Tracking

Small business operators must oversee every aspect of their operations, and since they cannot be everywhere all the time, investing in technology becomes the better option. Cloud-based phone systems will help you track the activities of your field workers remotely by analyzing the call they place or receive daily (Simmhan et al., 2015). The ability to track calls through the cloud is a cost-saving measure that can yield several benefits for your business, and it also gives you insight into whether your firm is achieving its objectives or not so you can adjust your operations accordingly.


As small businesses grow, their requirements change, which suggests that the need to adapt accordingly is not an option. Over and above acquiring more space and hiring additional employees to accommodate the expansion needs of your enterprise, you should also amplify your communication system since it becomes part of the necessities (Simmhan et al., 2015). A cloud-based phone system grows with your business by allowing you to manage voicemails, add new lines, change extensions, and adopt new features, among other things. Note that preparing for the expansion of your operations beforehand as a small business owner is advisable because it will reduce unnecessary expenses, and that is achievable through cloud-based phone systems.


Today, more employees are working away from the office, and business executives are also frequent travelers when responsibilities requiring their attention at various branches arise. If you work with remote employees or you are away from your small firm most of the time, maintaining constant communication with both in-house and field workers is paramount (Simmhan et al., 2015). Cloud-based phone devices are portable, which means that all employees can keep in touch with the office even when they are attending to their duties in the field, and that will promote productivity. Insight into the limitations of legacy phone systems over the cloud option can inform the decision-making process of small business operators, and here are some of them. Traditional phone systems are expensive to install and maintain.

Cross-sectional team

The way we live and work is significantly transforming with Cloud technology. All businesses, regardless of shape and size, are moving to the cloud after Amazon's launch of the Elastic Compute Cloud in 2006. Cloud-based applications are growing at an exponential rate, with many companies adopting these services. The cloud-based phone system is designed to allow individuals and companies to store, access, and retrieve information through the internet. The cloud services provide a robust and more efficient computing power, which achieves better results as compared to using an on-premise hard drive or server (Simmhan et al., 2015). Estimates show that by 2020, companies will store 83% of their workload in the cloud due to the effectiveness of this technology.

In addition to the cloud-based access control software providing many benefits for companies in all industries, this technology also offers cloud-based solutions for self-storage operations. On-premise software is cumbersome and associated with multiple locations that give remote workflows, making them vulnerable to problems as compared to cloud solutions. Migrating your access control to cloud from on-premise hard drives and servers can help you realize the following impacts.

Anytime, Anywhere Access on All Devices

The cloud-based phone system ensures that users of this technology maintain total control and visibility of their operations no matter location. With cloud technology, you need not be around your site physically to manage and view daily activities such as restricting access to tenants or doing lock checks. Multi-site owners and operators located far from their section can access operations from a device of their choice from anywhere, anytime hence achieving better facility management from improved efficiency.

Instant and Constant Software Updates

Updates frequently occur on cloud software, which is not the case in on-premise software. On-premise software is vulnerable unless you regularly download the latest updates to run on current versions (Simmhan et al., 2015). Manual updates are not necessary for cloud-based solutions as the software updates itself automatically.

Improved Data Recovery and Risk Prevention

Cloud-based phone system provides automatic data backup that insures companies against data loss, unlike in on-premise servers that are prone to data loss due to events such as flood, fire, theft, and more (Simmhan et al., 2015). These events can completely wipe out an entire on-premise library backup, which leads to loss of customer data as well as system settings. A cloud-based phone system provides seamless data recovery from remote and secure storage. Cloud technology covers and insulates you from potentially catastrophic data loss through access control systems.

Enhanced System Support

A cloud-based phone system offers unmatched support capabilities as compared to on-premise computer versions. When using a cloud-based phone system, your company support team can quickly access your accounts while responding to issues regarding the company and resolving them, which improves the ability of technicians to diagnose problems (Simmhan et al., 2015). The improved technician ability reduces downtime and frustrations experienced while troubleshooting queries in your company operations.

Single Login for Users

A specific login is all you need to access systems for multiple sites using cloud-based access control software. Customized login access is becoming inevitable due to multi-site storage operation demands. Single login allows users of this service to effectively manage access control systems without necessarily visiting the operation site physically (Simmhan et al., 2015). The cloud-based phone system has a customization feature, which ensures privacy through limited access to the site by managers and employees.


Companies are recognizing the need to employ cloud technology, which is a critical step-up for data storage and security in different sectors across all industries. Most operating environments in companies have variable features demanding more than on-premise systems, and here comes Cloud-based software to the rescue.


Simmhan, Y., Aman, S., Kumbhare, A., Liu, R., Stevens, S., Zhou, Q., & Prasanna, V. (2013). Cloud-based software platform for big data analytics in smart grids. Computing in Science & Engineering, 15(4), 38.

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