Free Essay on Managers' Fear of Change: What Research Tells Us

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Date:  2023-11-18

Employees in a given organization can bring concerns about a given problem within the workplace, and managers look down upon their ideas. Some actively disregard such opinions and act in a way to discourage employees. The majority do that because they are stuck in their working methodologies.

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What the Research Tells Me

The research tells me that most managers are obsessed with the status quo, and they are not comfortable listening to contrary opinions from below. Managers fail to develop a speak-up culture from their employees not because they are more focused, but instead, because they care more about their egos and ideas.

What Traits can a Manager Display in place of Work?

An effective manager should convey traits of mission and vision to his employees and give a clear way of reasoning, which can help orient every employee. Communication is vital and a paramount quality that every manager should possess and portray in the workplace.

An effective manager should be autonomous and responsible (Carozza, 2019). One must be capable of tackling decisions independently and, above all, must be able to bear responsibility for his or her choices. When one is autonomous, it means that he or she is not afraid of guilt and can make a firm stand on matters within the company or organization, even if he stands alone in a given opinion. Being a manager or in any given leadership means you often encounter difficulties on your way, and face them confidently.

The manager should watch the goals, show ways and direction, manage the workers' emotions, and be a role model to others in the workplace. Knowing how to be in command as a manager, making strong stands on a given issue, and winning the trust of other workers on the job is not a simple deed.

A great manager must have managerial courage. After all, one has to face challenges, make optimal decisions for the organization, and be accountable for their actions. Managerial courage entails being capable of managing storms no matter how challenging or ambiguous it may be. Facing challenges is equivalent to ensuring that reality is observed, even if the situation is very harsh, one should be able to share with employees to handle it together.

Managers should have leadership qualities and be able to inspire others. That ability to mobilize and guide a specific group of people to achieve a common goal is what defines a great manager. Besides, one should be able to stand firm, and have a vision as well as courage.

An effective manager should have intellectual resources. One should have a logical kind of thinking, be able to formulate hypotheses, have global visions, and use ordered, rigorous, and systematic ways of reasoning.

Is there a Profile for the Evaluation Process for Managers Who Struggling with the Process?

Yes, there are profiles like performance documents that can help a specific group of workers when it comes to evaluation. A manager can create even a profile to manage the eligibility process to ensure everything is available to other workers. An organization with the help of a manager can create a performance document to compare sales within either department or among the workers.

Critical Elements of Employee Evaluation Process, and How One Can Prepare for an Event Any given worker's evaluation process must have several elements, including the following, well-defined goals and objectives. Also, configuration flexibility, continuous feedback to every employee, self-evaluation, and completion in time of a given task, compensation, and rewards are other elements of evaluation.

A great manager should be flexible when it comes to event management. Such flexibility helps one learn, adapt, and make changes for the event to be better (Hashmi & Governatori, 2018). Managers can prepare by setting clear objectives. One should work with clients to deduce the concrete goals of a given event and specify such purposes. For example, how many Lories do you want parking drivers to move in every thirty minutes?

The event manager should mobilize all other networks by maintaining close contact with other venues and vendors that you works with (Chandra, 2017). Besides, it ensures that when one needs them in the future, they are much more available.


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