Research Paper on HRIS Application for Larson Property Management Company

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Date:  2022-11-14


From the review of Lanson Property Management in phase II, the company ought to replace its client-server computer system with an applicant tracking system (ATS) to solve inefficient HR related processes. The assignment will use the analysis information to describe the design stage of the system. The focus of the paper is describing the two-way perception of(Human Resource Information System) HRIS as data and a process. The discussion will also illustrate the logical process modeling by the use of data flow diagrams as well as the choice of physical design together with the selection of a vendor to offer the system.

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Two Ways of Viewing an HRIS: Data versus Process

Viewing the HRIS from both the process and data perspective is of importance in the system design. The importance is that both data and process views represent a section of the entire HRIS as neither of the two provides a complete picture of the system (Hanif, 2016). For instance, the data perspective of the system focuses on the information captured and used by the company, as well as defining and showing the relationships of the data accurately and efficiently. The process view, on the other hand, concentrates on business activities and processes and the manner of data flow in the system.

As a result, perceiving the system from both the process and data perspective is essential because it allows for modeling that caters for both the data and processes HRIS issues affecting the organization. The other importance of viewing the HRIS from both the process and data end is to offer alternatives in case of changes in the future (Wibawa, Izza, & Sulaeman, 2018). In case of changes in the organization's activities and processes, data will represent the most stable and permanent end of a system. Since the company activities are prone to dynamics, data will act as the system permanency and stability.

The change team will adequately use this information in addressing the recognized needs of the company at the analysis stage. The team will focus on particular business process and activities as well as inputting appropriate data in the system to ensure that both the process and data complement each other in the system (Hanif, 2016).

Modeling of the Logical Process with Data Flow Diagrams and the Physical Design Selection

The logical process modeling helps in the detailing of requirements of the application system. The logical model focused on the data requirements and storage on paper for its implementation to occur later during the physical design (Wibawa et al., 2018). A data flow diagram shown below was used to illustrate business processes and activities in the HR system. The layout also showed the manner in which data will flow. From the provided data flow diagram, key business activities and processes include the recruitment of candidates, employment, training, and achievement of skills.

Business activities and processes will appear clear in the system. In case of a new position, there will be either the recruitment of a new person or moving the existing staff to the new vacancy. An induction will follow the recruitment, and the next step is the training of the individual taking over the new position (Hanif, 2016). After the training, there will be the monitoring of the performance level followed by the appraisal performance and last step will be the reviewing of the reward mechanisms and remuneration.

On the other hand, the physical design will involve the implementation of the logical model of the system. The translating the logical model of the HRIS into the physically-based medium will occur through the help of a software system and hardware resources (Wibawa et al., 2018). The physical design will include actual materials and software required in the implementation like the computers, database management system file, screens, forms, reports, and manual records. These physical components of the system will assist in the actualization of the logical information process constituents

A Figure Showing the Data Flow Diagram

Choice of the Vendor

The three HRIS vendors for comparison are Simple HR, Bamboo HR, and Astron solutions. The comparison will focus on the cost, capabilities, and assessment of their HR functions. First, the identified vendors differ in their costs per month; the price for Simple HR is $ 285 per month, the ones for Bamboo HR is $ is 250, and lastly for Astron charges $ 200 (Nawaz, 2015).

The capabilities for these vendors also vary. Bambo HR is capable of recruitment, induction, training, and establishment of reward techniques and remuneration. Secondly, simple HR is capable for tracking vacation, reviewing of performance and attendance, the online review of job history and salary, recording accident incidents at the place of work, and documentation of HR forms and letters (Nawaz, 2015). Astron solutions, on the other hand, has the capability of managing the needs of the workforce, customization of the company's talent management activities, performance appraisal, job description as well as exit interviews and analysis

Concerning HR functions, Bamboo has the HR function of recruiting, training, compliance, and payroll and benefits analysis. Simple HR carries out tasks of job recruiting, ensuring workplace safety, compliance with laws, and enhancing employee relations (Nawaz, 2015). Astron, on the other hand, has the HR functions of attending to staff welfare, talent management, compliance with the employment law, and research on the problems facing HR.


From the comparison above, the chosen HRIS vendor is Bamboo HR is recommendable for Larson Property Management Company. The main reason for choosing Bamboo HR as the most suitable vendor is because it has the capability and HR function that appropriately solved the HR issues affecting the business.


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