Paper Example on Creating a Business Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Healthy Food Restaurant

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A formal document written in a form to highlight the goals, methods and way of achievement is a business plan (Hawkey, 2017). The paper aims at drawing out the plan of a healthy food company from operations, how it makes its supplies and way of production.

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Executive summary

The "Healthy Food Restaurant" is a public fast food point located in Brazil in South America and specialises in the supply of fresh products such as vegetables, healthy fresh meat, and fast serving. The restaurant growth potential plan is projected to increase customer number by double by the next two years.

Operating strategies

The restaurant location is in Brasilia city as a centre for testing the market. In near future the healthy food restaurant will open other branches near our current location. Transparent kitchens will work in all our outlets' kitchens for attracting clients as they will be able to see the raw products we use in preparation of their meals. The transparent kitchens will also attract clients in a way by the sweet aroma from fresh products.

Competitive strategy

  • Friendly staff with enthusiasm
  • Fresh fries to compete against those using frozen
  • Unique packaging in our products, allowing it to compete with the foreign ones.
  • Different merchandised items that will support our branding

Marketing strategy

Marketing will involve segmentation in two parts, individual and families. Individual's clients will major at lunchtime supply operation while dinner comprises of families and friends. This strategy will aim at serving the market with uniqueness. Our first store is the model to which other outlets will expand from; thus, a strong concentration will first be established in local markets.

Local media and marketing programs are going to be used in a different location to see that this project grows. We will utilise the best form of advertisement in an energetic and fun environment to show the market of our unbeatable fresh products with quality that highly matches the prices. Our brands will actively be built through material of promotion, and support materials that we will be selling.

Pricing strategy

We will position our pricing is generic such that the average spending by the consumer for light food and snacks will be less than 3 dollars.


The new "Healthy Food Restaurant" offers lunch and dinner menu, drinks, cold cuts and takeaway prepared dishes. Lunch is composed of cold cuts such as beef, roast and ham, eggs, yoghurt, sandwiches and cereals.

The menu at lunch hour will incorporate; Greek salad, Caesar salad, potato salad, eggplant salad, and the Arctic salad. In addition to this, the restaurant will offer northwest cuisine, including the salmon of Columbia, smoked salmon, apple cakes, and loganberry tarts.


The restaurant will be connected with a network system that will link with the distributors and suppliers of various products. The network will also be able to show the flow of data and ingredient uses in the restaurant in real-time in addition to showing the shipments and supply across the network.


Supplier Contact Service/Goods suppliers Terms of trade

Healthy food restaurant +873444535363

[email protected], vegetable, and, fries Pay on delivery

City mall +85556746365

[email protected], fish, vegetable, fries and juice Payment within 30 days

Local Brazilian __ __ Pay on delivery

Logistics and fulfilmentThe "Healthy food restaurant" will employ the use of Descartes sequencing to meet the increasing daily demand for our products. The daily schedule can be interrupted, especially during peak seasons and holidays to meet our clients' needs. By using this functionality, some of the increased tasks during peak periods will be checked.

Organizational structure

The head of the restaurant will be the general manager who will be responsible for training, hiring and staff overseeing. The manager is also responsible for ensuring that all legal requirements are maintained. He will also be responsible for directing assistant managers and also ensure the smooth running of the restaurant.

The operative group will categorise the workers into front-workers or back-worker that will allow for differentiation of chores. The front staff will be responsible for talking to clients and cleaning the dining tables while the back staffs will be responsible for doing kitchen staffs.

The executive chef will be responsible for all operations at the back of the house, including hiring kitchen staff, menu creation purchasing and sourcing of the food and price determination of different meals. The executive will also play the role of beverage and food manager.


Hawkey, J. (2017). Exit Strategy Planning: Grooming your business for sale or succession. Routledge.

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