Research Paper on Gender Differences in Employment

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Date:  2022-05-16

Introduction and Problem Statement


Most companies across the globe believe that men are more hardworking than women. Therefore, the companies give men priority to work in the company as compared to women. Originating in the West, the belief on social, political as well as economic equality of sexes has been evident in the whole world and has already manifested through various research and explorations conducted by several institutions. Throughout history, women have got denied the chance to freely exploit their capabilities mostly in the economic sector in which social boundaries have got established with men being more employable than women. Gender has set specifications in employment terms within the private sectors instead of career specializations. Some tasks such as managerial and technical jobs get regarded as masculine leading to less or no considerations of the female applicants who qualify for the same. Even if the women get the job in a company, the wages of the female worker is likely to be lower than that of the male worker that is; there is a gender wage gap

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In an organization, the female worker may face some challenges, for example, harassment, a work-life balance where a woman cannot as well balance the working hours and her family concern. The woman might not get sufficient maternity leave. Also, the women do not have a better opportunity to access a career growth and professional development. Most people believe that men have a better opportunity to access the professional career to develop his state. Feminism has been a critical issue in the selection of employees driving to adverse effects on female workers around the globe. This report will describe some of the effects together with coming up with a suitable way of curbing them and ensuring that the working environment is fair and satisfactory to each employee hence increasing productivity and efficiency.

The prime motive in a working set up is to witness the positive progress of the goals of the firm. The obtained abilities get measured through the different levels as well as co-curricular tests the employee got exposed to during the employment process. Poor performance within the working environment demands a critical assessment with the immediate effect possible to retain the stipulated goals of the company. (Netcoh et al., 2017). Cases whereby a novice requires particular attention or a change in the normality of the systems to be assertive, a review of the outlined process should be carried out. Other ways of handling such employees should get adopted about their abilities. The availability of the many collaborative feminine styles simplifies the seemingly tight situations with the different characters of female employees within a working environment.

The ability grouping is one of the leading instructional strategies adopted by the employer in the particular company. While erroneously referred to as an instructional group, ability grouping foundation get associated with the employees grouped in different configurations for instructional purposes within the working environment. The ability grouping gets facilitated within the company, but there are many other grouping strategies and techniques whose effectiveness is still in question and subject to research. The homologous clustering has gotten used because there is general belief that an employer has to ensure that employees are mixed to improve the representation of workers of different levels in each group.

There are two critical grouping methods, the heterogeneous grouping and similar grouping technique used in the working environment. The different grouping of workers has been the most commonly used grouping methods as compared to the homogeneous grouping of workers where employees are grouped based on their ability, gender and skill levels. On the other hand, flexible groups involve grouping workers for instruction delivery into small groups or a whole department and in some cases, collaborating employees. Flexible grouping is mostly to maximize employee's performance. The ability grouping or tracking involves grouping new female employees based on their talents at the elementary level.

Research Questions

This study will seek to shine a light on the extrapolation of the effect of gender differences on the women employed in private sector in Kurd city in Iraq's Kurdistan. The study will seek to find out how are women affected by the gender differences in their workplaces, focus on labor rights, working conditions, remunerations, and promotions. Finally, the study will also seek to resolve if women are granted opportunities such as promotion, education and allocated leave such as health, maternity, and seminars.

The Research Objectives

Scholars are known to have taken many years in the research and study of the power of strict employment set up and the many ways it has impacted women's outlooks, abilities as well as conduct in performance. Many female employees have been discovered to be manipulated quickly in an attempt to make them act according to the perceived expectations in educational demands, social relations, roles in social aspects or even a minor venture where one is forced to keep their perception towards the requirements of the sequential process administered to them. In a learning environment, many less able women change their behavior to look appealing to other employees in so that they can get a harmonious learning atmosphere and also ensure the sound associations with other individuals remain. During such times, they have to stick to the guidelines given by the management and sometimes emulate them to give desired expectations. Such practices maintain good associations in the direction of education sector since the control of the firm ascertains their agreement to the terms of the working conditions. Such agreeing to be bound by the firm helps in building confidence in the concerned persons resulting to better performances by the females.

In contrary, some staff engages in inappropriate influence than what they usually do. Keeping track of the behavior of admission into companies especially the lower levels where specialization is not much encouraged, which demand higher grades together with numerous letters of recommendation from former employment in the related career chances in a company. A female employee who gets tested regarding obtained experience from the previous firms may have a better endowment that can offer a more significant advantage to their lives but still fail to provide their best due to their expectation to be submissive from the social placement among other members. These prepositions may minimize some functions in their performance.

The study's objective is to determine the position of women in the private sector employment and their rights treatment. The study will seek to establish how the private sector adopts the changes implemented by the government and how they have made changes to suit the roles of women in their work setup.

The Significance of the Study

Production within a firm gets determined by the efficiency of the employees, their ability to abide by the terms of the company as well as adopt the best norms in working towards achieving the set goals of the firm. Afore is not in any way related to the gender of the employee; instead, the competence in performance. This research will, therefore, enlighten organizational management systems upon the need not to consider gender but rather qualifications and duty congruence while employing as well as dedicating tasks to employees.

The role of this quantitative method of study is to measure the degree to which the researched terms of women employment can facilitate the employer in the company and engage women participation in overcrowded middle job vacancies. The investigation design will assist the investigator to evaluate the employment environments in an urban setting. The investigated study design allows the researcher to recognize ways to support the employer in an overcrowded firm and encourage women employment.

Increased number of employees is one of the significant challenges facing the employment process in many companies today. The combinations of the increased population and decreased firm's funding have led to increased employees' populations (Carjuzaa & Kellough, 2013). The problem is middle job vacancies are overcrowded and highly underpaid. Therefore, employers have difficulty in reaching every employee's necessary needs (Netcoh, 2017). If the problem fails to address, working in overcrowded zones becomes overwhelming, frustrating and stressful even to the most effective of women workers (Bourn, 2014).

According to Bourn (2014), getting employed in overcrowded firms is devastating, frustrating and stressful even for the most qualified females. The indiscipline situation regarding women and the failure of struggling workers within the working environment is unavoidable in full companies. Working challenges contribute significantly to the deterioration of company goals and standards (Bourn, 2014). The increased employees' population and decreased funding have led to overcrowded company populations (Carjuzaa & Kellough, 2013). In that regard, companies and employees need to have useful and practical employment methodologies and strategies to alleviate the effects of the problem.

Literature Review


Iraq nation has undergone lots of changes since the end of the Gulf war with the change of government to the opening of democratic and more lenient government that has paved the way for new rules and regulation governing the labor relations in the country. The state of Kurd, on the other hand, has benefited from the post-war changes and has moved forward to legislate rules that support gender equality and safeguards the rights of the weaker sex against forms of discrimination due to sex. These regulations have created a more secure environment for the women to work and live in harmony in the society hence improving their working conditions, freedom and expectations as compared to the pre-war Iraq, whereby the women rights got infringed and limited. However, the post-war changes and the improvement of the legislation that allows more rights and privilege for the women in Kurd has been formulated and partly implemented, but this freedom is not western-like equivalent and men in the society are still considered dominant.

The change implemented does not grant women complete sovereignty, since their independence should not exceed the constraints and limits set by the Islamic law. The limitations include roles the women play in the workplace, the dressing codes and their work relations, whereby they play a limited role as compared to their male counterpart hence limiting their scope. In the City of Erbil, there is no significant difference for the women working in the private sector, whereby they operate under the set of rules and expectations of their Islamic male employees. The private sector forms a large pool of employer in the city. However, there is a significant gender disparity whereby more men get jobs as compare to women. Secondly, the women get fewer privileges than men such as reduced salary and allowances, decreasing responsibilities and opportunities and fewer promotions in the job. This study will, therefore, focus on the gender dif...

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