Gender Discrimination at Workplaces Essay

Paper Type:  Argumentative essay
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Wordcount:  614 Words
Date:  2022-05-09

Gender discrimination in workplaces is mostly associated with women where they are offered different working environment from their male colleagues. They might have the same qualifications but they are offered less tiring tasks with lower salaries than men. Job positions such as titles are also awarded more to men as compared to women such as the chief executive officers and managers. This discrimination is mostly due to their educational background, the stereotype that they are better at some tasks and family responsibilities. This paper discusses the need for employment equality between men and women.

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The education system has also contributed to a high extent the rate at which women are equipping themselves for the employment environment. In accordance with the past studies carried out, most of the involving courses or programs in schools and universities are pursued by men. Women tend to shy from these courses such as Engineering, Computing and Mathematics courses. This has affected employment statistics as the jobs which require technicality procedures are awarded to men while women are assigned simple tasks. This, however, has changed as women have been motivated to take up the same courses in schools as men. The outcome is encouraging as they are even performing better than men in these studies. This, therefore, raises the question of why the employment structure has remained rigid even after the effort applied by women.

Women are associated with family responsibilities which also makes them vulnerable to discrimination at workplaces especially in the environment which requires involving tasks. Most of the employers prefer men in such tasks as they suggest that women take much time off work for their children and have divided attention. For example, they are entitled to maternity leave of up to five months leaving their positions to be filled by an intern or even the position remaining vacant until she resumes. This is challenging to organizations which deal which large inputs and outputs which can cause the general reduction of women employees. However, this is just a stereotype as women have emerged successful in entrepreneurship posing a great challenge to men. In the recent past, some of the international and most successful companies are run by women. Most of the women are good at multitasking and managing their personal life of their working environment.

Employers feel secure to hire a particular gender to perform some specific duties while the other gender for other tasks. This is due to the existing stereotype that some roles are better performed by women while others by men. Employers feel that through this form of discrimination, duties are handled professionally as they build their reputation among their families as well as friends. For example, women are offered tasks that are less involving than men hence perform tasks such as receptionists and human resource. However, gender discrimination at workplaces results in the poor performance. One of the biggest challenges in companies and working environment is favoritism and discrimination on a daily basis. Not only is it a challenge but also very costly as the manager hire incompetent candidates for the jobs as they are their relatives or friends.


In conclusion, female discrimination at workplaces is not only professionally wrong but also demotivating to the employees. Every employee or contractor should be treated the same in work environment irrespective of their sex, education background and their position as well as their salaries. Employers should evaluate job advertisements before being released to the public with the aim of encouraging both men and women for the application. Companies should enable attainable recruitment goals hence equality in gender. This would additionally increase the teamwork and unity and enhance transparent procedures during recruitment of competent employees.

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