Research Paper on Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

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Date:  2022-11-06

Information About the Organization

I have selected a gift shop known as Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Cracker Barrel was founded in the year 1969 and currently boast approximately 73,000 employees (Bloomberg, 2018). Within the store, there is a restaurant that offers southern cuisine in more than 100 locations around the country. More stores are getting opened on a yearly basis. For instance, plans are underway to open eight new stores in the year 2019.

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Each of the retails stores has been merged with the restaurants hence giving Country Barrel the advantage of two entities within a single premise. Country Barrel boasts many vibrant departments including Food and Candy, Clothing and Accessories, Trees and Trim, Toys, Sports Fans, Military, Home and Furniture, and Personal Care. Some of their collections are Coastal, Lake, Bohemian, Farmhouse, Nautical, Garden, Great Gifts, Harvest, Oh Gussie, Peacock, and Vintage (Cracker Barrel, 2018).

Information About the Process Selected

I have chosen to focus on the people phase of the BPM. This phase has the objective to please the customers by offering quality services. The customers should have a fantastic experience regardless of whether they come to the store or the restaurant. This entails the involvement of all employees to make this possible. The process begins when a customer gets in through the door, they have to be shown where they can get the service they need if they seem lost (Jeston, 2017). They need to be shown where to sit as they wait for the services or items they seek. At the end of all these processes, it is necessary to thank the customers and offer after-sales services where necessary. The junior level management has to ensure that the processes are not interrupted. Individuals involved such as the chefs, and the waiters have to be kept on toes at all times. Additionally, any disruption of these processes has to be reported to the senior management so that they can be addressed in time (Moon et al., 2017).

There is a strategic significance to this process. The people working in Cracker Barrel have their distinct tasks. They work in unison to prevent chaos in the process. The executive has to be keen on whichever changes are implemented because some changes can disrupt the smooth process (DeMicco, 2014). Some of the stakeholders in this process include the owners, lenders, creditors, and the employees. There are a few steps involved to ensure the customers' satisfaction. They include; Greeting customers when they arrive, asking for their orders once they are seated, checking that their orders are complete, and Ensuring they are happy before they leave. The ultimate goal is to satisfy the customer so that they may return when they need another service or item from the store.

Strategic Justification

A BPM project on this can be taken by Cracker Barrel because there is always room to make things better. Some changes enhance the working relationship between people and make the transitions from one step to another easier. Some of the triggers include budget cuts, training issues, and high turnover. Business Process Management can enable the introduction of better training methods, a reduction in expenditures, and reduced turnover.

Alignment of the Process to the Company Strategy

This process gives support to strategic choice since it involves the people, that is the employees and the customers. These are important components for any business that aims to be prosperous. To make the customers happy, the individuals in charge of operations need to well informed on how to please them. I believe that this process could be classified under any of the 13.6 model portions. The divisions have a group of people that are important in the operational aspect of the business.


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