Research Paper Example: Tesla Motors Overview

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Date:  2021-04-01

Industry Definition

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Succinctly, Tesla Motors operates under the NAICS Code 336111 Automobile Manufacturing as it encompasses production of final autos as well as single chassis. Since its inception 13 years ago, the company commonly referred to as Tesla, has always endeavored to promote sustainable transportation systems and innovations. Today, the company takes pride in a global reputation and significant notoriety in the automotive domain. The company is arguably the leading global manufacturer of electric cars having manufactured more than 50,000 cars. Over the years, Teslas primary objective and the most significant driver has been to provide a transportation framework that is more environment-accommodating and feasible. The companys electric cars are charged at home and do not require fueling unlike the other cars in the market. Be that as it may, these non-emission cars have had a difficult time in the market given the slow acceptance rate by most customers with most of them terming them as unfeasible. Furthermore, some customers also expressed their concerns on the cars designs. Most remarkably, the company managed to flip that condition. Thus, when Tesla released the Roadster,' they were in a better position to lure more car fanatics, brightening the new car market. Trailing the Roadster,' was Teslas luxury sedan and Tesla Model S which pushed for more space in the automotive industry. Since then, the company had been characterized by heightened enthusiasts and new customers with the trends likely to keep increasing in future in light of the increased innovations. Subsequently, the number of reservations for the companys next model are heating up with the fueled reckoning for the Tesla Model X and Model 3 releases.

Today, the electric automotive manufacturer is still considered as the new-kid-on-the-block in the American as well as the global auto industry, yet it is turning out to be a force to reckon with. With an industrial facility that will make it a pioneer in American assembling, dubious endorsement and support from Republican government officials, and a free-market way to deal with car sales Tesla has the eyes of the world on them.

Competitive Overview

Succinctly, Tesla's uniqueness is arguably its most necessary competitive strength. This uniqueness emanates from the fact that in addition to providing new cars, the company also offers innovations and technology. Teslas continuous changes have enabled it to create and dominate a different luxurious market the market that is particular from both the market for less expensive electric vehicles and the market for luxury gas-controlled cars. What's more, as the sole player, the organization needs to offer cars as well as work out the foundation essential to bolster the operation of those cars. For Tesla's situation, this includes working out a system of superchargers, battery swap stations, and service stations. Along these lines, this comprehension ought to make developing the business harder yet Tesla's one of a kind position in the automotive market can help it accomplish that objective. There is one of a kind thing about Tesla; its cars work in a Long Range EV car advertise which comprises of only one vehicle, the Tesla Model S. Given it's evaluating, the car falls into the value scope of luxury cars.

Tesla Motors, Inc. keeps up its productivity through key measures that address the difficulties sketched out in this Five Forces analysis of the automotive business (Kissinger, 2016). Porter model of analysis depicts the effect of external components on firms and the states of their industry surroundings. Along these lines, the Five Forces analysis of Tesla takes a gander at the external components that are significant in the automotive business, and how such variables influence the organization. As one of the greatest players in the electric vehicle showcase, Tesla ought to consider and mitigate the influence of these factors to guarantee its long-haul ability and versatility notwithstanding aggressive competition in the local and worldwide markets. Consequently, competition is the most crucial external factor that influences the company's business operations. As a result, Tesla ought to factor in this aspect in its core business strategies. Heightened competitive advantage can be achieved through market presence and increased innovation as evident in the company's business endeavors, objectives, and mission statements.

Consumers Influence

The company's customers are the primary drivers of sales, profitability, and revenues. For instance, low switching costs make it easier for the company's customers to purchase cars from Tesla's competitors. As a result, there is a substantial compel that works against the organization and different players in the car business environment. Be that as it may, the accessibility of substitutes is just direct much of the time, along these lines constraining clients' purchasing power against Tesla.

Suppliers Influence

Tesla, just like most if not all firms across industries, relies on its suppliers. Thus, these suppliers mold the industry environment by affecting the availability or lack of it for that matter of necessary material. In Tesla's case, forward integration and size of suppliers exert a moderate external force on the company. The suppliers have a low level of forwarding integration which alludes to their limited control in the distribution and sales of their products. For instance, a few providers utilize outsiders to offer their materials to Tesla, while others straightforwardly execute with the organization.

Threat of Substitution and New Entrants

The small exchanging costs empower substitutes to pull in clients effectively. This external element forces a substantial constraint against Tesla's industry surroundings. Be that as it may, the direct accessibility of substitutes breaking points such impact of providers. In connection, many substitutes have just a right level of execution in fulfilling clients' basic needs, along these lines additionally restricting such compel against Tesla. Furthermore, Tesla's business is hard to contend with, particularly given the high cost of brand advancement. For instance, the organization has a solid brand that new contestants discover hard to coordinate. What's more, car assembling has high costs, which force a hindrance to new firms. Additionally, great players like Tesla advantage from expanding economies of scale, which new contestants can just accomplish after surpassing a generation limit.


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