Requirements Engineering Paper Example

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Date:  2022-05-09


Requirements engineering is the process of interacting with end-users and customers to establish the system requirements, the services that will be provided by the system and the various design constraints. The system requirements mirror the environment upon which the system operates, and it will involve a range of stakeholders, including administrators, end-users, managers, test engineers, system engineers, maintenance engineers, and bank employees. These are the person with direct or indirect influence on the system requirement. The requirement elicitation and analysis had four primary processes.

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The process began by collection of the requirements through interviews with existing customers, potential customers, bank employees, and managers. The related requirements into sub-categories prioritized and refined through the removal of unambiguous requirements, which could potentially raise conflicts.

It is the iterative coupled with feedback process with criticism and feedback from all stakeholders taken into consideration. The cycle begins with identification of requirement and terminates with the requirement document. The cycle culminates with the completion of the requirement document.

Requirement Discovery

It is the process of coordinating with clients and collecting requirement about the proposed system and existing system. It was implemented through interviews, and analysis of prototypes, as well as scenarios, which were helpful to stakeholders in comprehending the proposed changes.


The requirement engineering team posed questions to stakeholders regarding the proposed system. The questions posed were both close-ended and open-ended. The former were pre-defined unlike the former, which were more generic and were useful in exploring issues that are less clear in an informal way. The interview incorporated both types of questions and it was a great opportunity to identify the needs of stakeholders, and ways in which they will interact with the system, as well as the challenges they confront with the new system.

Use Case and Scenarios

Scenarios and Use Case were used jointly to identify the interactions between users and the system. Some of the actors identified included administrators, end-users, managers, test engineers, system engineers, maintenance engineers, and bank employees. Use case was efficient in the elicitation of requirements, although not for non-functional requirements.

Requirement Classification and Organization

Some of the issues that were raised in regards to system requirement included but not limited to the following:

  • System performance
  • Security requirements
  • System availability
  • Emergent properties
  • Safety requirements
  • Quality attributes
  • Maintenance costs
  • Customer satisfaction

System Requirement Document (Outline)

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Scope
1.4 Definitions, Abbreviations and Acronyms
1.5 References
1.6 Overview
2.0 Overall Description
2.1 Product Perspective
2.1.1 System Interfaces
2.1.2 User Interfaces
2.1.3 Hardware Interfaces
2.1.4 Communication Interfaces
2.1.5 Memory Constraints
2.1.6 Operations
2.2 Product Function
2.2.1 User Characteristics
2.2.2 Constraints
3.0 Specific Requirements
3.1 External Interfaces
3.1.1 User Interface
3.1.2 Hardware Interface
3.1.3 Software Interface
3.1.4 Communications Interface
3.2 Functions
3.2.1 Logon Capabilities
3.2.2 Browsing
3.2.3. Register
3.2.4. Print view
3.2.5. Money Deposit
3.2.6. Money Transfer
3.2.7. Account Information
3.2.8. Session count
3.2.9. News flashes
3.2.10. Feedback
3.3 Performance Requirements
3.3.1 Logic Database Requirements
3.4 Design Constraints
4.0 Software Attributes
4.1. Usability
4.2 Reliability
4.3 Availability
5.0 Conclusion

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