Representational Roles and Legislative Leaders Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20


Policymakers experience multiple pressures as they decide whether to listen to their leaders, voters, and governors or their conscience. Policymaking in a competitive district with an equal number of Independents, Republicans, and Democrats is quite challenging. Based on my Republican identity, my first Bill is a House Bill that prohibits Texans with no valid US birth Certificate from receiving state benefits. The constituents and the Governors are in support of the bill while the speaker of the House and I oppose the bill.

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Representational Role

I will adopt the representative role of a trustee rather than a delegate. As a trustee, my representation role requires me to do what I feel is best, despite a different belief by the members of the district. My experience, knowledge, and understanding will help me decide on the House Bill at hand hoping that the voters will trust the judgment. Conversely, a delegate does what the voters of their district want even if they disagree. They believe that they were sent there by voters and are, therefore, obliged to do what they want (Haskell, 2018). I think that it is not always right to agree with everything especially if the Constituents or the Members of the House are failing to consider the moral aspect of a bill.

Influence on the fate of the bill

The House Speaker, the Lt. Governor and the Governor of Texas will influence the fate of the Bill. The speaker of the House, for example, is the most critical person in the House. He is followed by the Lt. Governor who is the 'top dog' in the Senate. The two people are topmost leaders, and their decisions can be very influential. Therefore, they can influence the fate of the bill. The Governor also possesses power and can influence the bill. Nonetheless, the Speaker of the House and the Lt. Governor possess greater procedural knowledge of how to do things and make the legislative process work. The experience can help them gain support on the bill (Fleig, Schmidt & Tosun, 2017).

Influence of Constituents on my vote

The voters of Texas selected a team to represent them in the government and being their representative; I feel that they will have an impact on my vote. The legislator's constituents are the primary source of guidance (Fleig, Schmidt & Tosun, 2017). In this case, the voters are in support of the bill that Texans without an original US Birth Certificate should not receive social benefits. Nonetheless, it is not able to look at the long term effect of the decision and my vote. At the same time, voters are the main reason I hold the seat and should support them immensely.

Factors that will influence my vote

The Constituents will act as the most common source of guidance in deciding my vote since I am their representative. My ideology and views will also determine my vote since the vote I cast should not only be driven by other people's opinions but also moral values. Other legislators most especially my trusted colleagues will also determine the vote, and those more experienced will give insights (McConnell & Schumer, 2018). Additionally, the Lobbyists who focus exclusively on the social sectors will help me decide on whether agree in favor of or against the bill as they are more knowledgeable since the different fields are their primary focus.

The public opinion is also vital in making my decision on the vote. As a Republican Representative, I can even defy my values and those of my colleagues to help avoid going against the public especially if I feel that it is the right decision. The Governor or Party Leaders are also essential to look into since they have power. If the Governor is also a Republican, he might influence my decision on the vote.

My vote as a House Representative

I will vote against the bill that prohibits Texans who has no valid US Birth Certificate from receiving state benefits such as Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps and Welfare. Being a trustee, in this case, requires me to take my responsibility and doing what I feel right. Citizenship in Texas can not only be gained through birth rite as there are other ways of becoming a US Citizen. Consequently, offering these social services to every citizen can be termed as fair and morally right (Haskell, 2018). Denying other citizens the right to these services is a sign of discrimination of other Texas citizens. Failure to provide services to all the residents equally could lead to chaos, and thus lack of peace (McConnell & Schumer, 2018).

As a trustee, I vote against the bill since I am in support of equality among all US citizens which I feel is best regardless of the difference in opinion by the Governor and the Constituents. A delegate would be in support of the Constituents, which would result in ethnic divisions. The biases involved in providing Medicare to only Texans born in the US could not bring justice to all citizens. Therefore, it is better to amend the bill and advocate for the provision of state benefits to every US Citizen regarding how they got their Citizenship (Haskell, 2018).


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