Report on Johnson & Johnson's Company - The Organization Profile

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Date:  2021-04-19

New manager at Johnson & Johnsons Company

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When a new manager reports to the organization, it is the responsibility of the Human resource department to take the new manager through organization profile. The aim of this is to enhance familiarity between the new manager and the organization. We are going to take the new manager who will be the head of marketing department through organization profile.

Main products and service of the organization

Johnson & Johnsons Company is a global company that deals with consumer goods, medical equipments and pharmaceuticals. The company operates globally with stations in most countries. The company supplies it products to hospitals and pharmacy together with promoting consumer goods in supermarkets globally. The company also provides delivery services of health care equipments to global health care units. Sterile used in surgery, dressings used in surgery, sutures, bandages and adhesives are products that are mainly produced and supplied to hospitals by the company.

Main external customers

People globally consume Johnson & Jonson products in one way or another, for example petroleum jelly used by children. Therefore the people who purchase the company products from the supermarkets are external customers. Hospitals also use company products ranging from scanning machines to disinfectants used in surgery. Pharmaceutical companies purchase products from Johnson & Johnson, therefore the above form the main external customers.

Purpose and goals of the organization

Johnson & Johnson is a global company that focuses on two main purposes which are commitment to people and innovation. Taking a look at the first goals of commitment to people, the company has served people globally through enhancing healthy and happy lives through manufacturing and distribution of health products that enhance the lives of people. For example consumer goods in the supermarkets are considered of high quality because they are designed to meet the health needs of people especially to the young. The products are unique in providing the skin care protection to infants.

When it comes to the goal of innovation; the company aims at enhancing innovation through developing new products that are helpful in enhancing human life. Take for example scanning machines used in hospitals, the company supplies the best machines used in various sections in hospitals. Innovation is the core strategy of the company and this is obtained through integration of technology in production and manufacturing, in collaboration with Phillips healthcare technologies.

External factors impacting on the company

Analyzing external factors is important for the purpose of decision making and planning. The manager therefore should have an insight on these external factors that impact on performance of Johnson & Johnson Company. Technology is an external factor that impact on decision making in most companies, for the case of this company, changes in technology has resulted to a challenge in keeping up with the speed of technology.In order to be up to date, the company therefore adapt to the changes in technology through embracing it in its production and marketing.

Johnson& Johnson also faces competition from medical equipment suppliers globally for example Pfizer, Novartis and Stryker. Competition as an external factor subjects the company towards developing innovative strategies so as to gain the competitive advantage.

Economic recessions in some countries have also resulted to changing strategy of the company especially on the supply and volume of sales. Economic situation in countries impact on decisions made by the company since it operate globally. The manager will be the head of marketing and hence it will be important to have an insight on the impact of economy on sales.

Political changes in countries also impact on company operations since the company serves approximately 60 countries globally. Political opinions and decisions in every country are different and hence impacting either positively or negatively on supply of company products in these countries.

Organization structure of Johnson & Johnson

The company has three main structures which are; pharmaceuticals, medical or diagnostic devices and consumer products. The diagnostic devices are divided into Ethicon and DePuy.In order to achieve its goals, the company has integrated four functions which are the management, sales and marketing, production and supply functions.

Each function has its responsibility towards achieving the goals of the company, under managerial, human resource has ensured that hiring, compensation and providing a good work environment for employees is implemented. Sales and marketing function is responsible for ensuring that the company products are marketed and sold globally. The production function is responsible for producing the products under the company specialization and lastly the supply function ensures that there is enough supply of products that will meet the rising demand for the company products.

Organization culture

The company embraces diversity as one of the organization culture. The reason behind embracing diversity is because the company operates in approximately 60 countries globally, therefore the need to embrace other peoples culture is important for the purpose of achieving the goals. Embracing diversity has positively affected the company because it has enhanced equality when it comes to hiring and it has resulted to appreciation of other peoples culture, through organizing conferences that unite employees from different countries.

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