Fred Hampton: I Am a Revolutionary

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Date:  2021-03-11

The art shows Fred Hampton an African American activist and the deputy chairman of the Black Panthers Party. He is one of the activists who went viral in 1960 as the most articulate, inspiring and effective leader in Chicago. He was up to fighting for the black revolution, liberalization and socialism. He was known by his famous quote; you can kill revolutionists but you can't kill a revolutionyou can jail a liberator, but you can't jail liberation' (Alk & Gray, 2008, p. 4).The piece of art was drawn showing when he was addressing the multitude against the unjust trial and jail of the liberators and fighters for revolution. Due to his inspiration and active participation for the right of individuals, the government in connection with the FBI and the police administration assassinated him at his bed in 1969. (Hampton, 2002, p.7)Fred Hampton was mainly up to bringing change and improves services in the black community. As a leader of Black Panthers Party, he taught political education classes, organized weekly rallies as the one depicted in the art above to teach people about their rights, organize a truce among the Chicago street gangs, worked very closely with the local peoples clinic and organized a revolutionary organizations with other organizations like young lords and Puerto Rican for the fight of democracy in the society. In response, the FBI and the US national intelligence were up their sleeves since they were able to mobilize a large number of black Americans to fight for the revolutions (Hampton, 2002, p. 8).

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When the art is viewed via Google art, it does not depict the real conditions in which the revolutionists and the crew were undergoing. It can just depict and give a gist of the protest against trial which the African American were undergoing through. Besides, the art also reveals that it was not only the black Americans who were supporting the revolution but it comprised of a team from all races. It is demonstrated by the presence of a white in the above-depicted rally. Therefore, viewing the picture in the Google art does not reflect the true experience the revolutionists did undergo. It can make the viewers just to take it casually as the normal demonstration of the 21st century where there is no brutality and force during law enforcement.

Suppose the context of the art is changed to be a rally for launching an innovative idea where Fred Hampton would have developed software which shall provide lights for citizens while on demand. The posters which bear the writings stop trial would have been written as 'start creative trials.' The youths would have been endowed with the ideas of coming up with new innovative and critical ideas which can help develop the nation. From the speech, many would have gotten various information which could have made their life better as oppose to spending resources to revolutionize the actions which lead to a gain of a section of a group but not the entire society. The change of context could have also changed the imagination of the citizens that the country was in a worse situation than today. It would have made them imagine and wonder how far America has come from while considering the level of innovations and development new ideas. They would have appreciated the efforts made by the ancient leaders to bring a greater invention on the eve of industrial revolution.

About the context of the art above, it is evident that the quotes of Fred Hampton were real and vivid. The Liberator can be killed, but the liberation cannot be killed. Hampton was assassinated in cold blood, but the revolution was fulfilled. The backings were got from civil rights Acts of 1964. Besides, when the context have been changed to show a state of celebration for an award, then individuals would not have been having a memory of political turmoil in the history of America. Indeed, we acknowledge and appreciate a life well lived. Kudos Fred.


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