Paper Example on Funtime Company Incorporates Infrastructure Management

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Date:  2023-01-29

Question 1

This corporation needs to incorporate infrastructure management. Purchasing the cheapest computers from the internet when the need arises is an inefficient and insufficient process that often leads to wastage of time and productivity. Since Funtime Company is a large corporation, they need to ensure that they have at least three spare laptops that can be easily retrieved in case of emergencies or whenever they have a new employee joining their team.

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The human resource should ensure that the company purchases laptops that have excellent specifications that can handle any type of work. This will ensure that better communication systems are installed in the computers to facilitate communication within the organization. In addition, the human resource should ensure that a system which keeps records, as well as keeps track of the company laptops, is developed. New employees will be registered using their company identification numbers and given the log in details that they can use to access the cloud services. This adjustment will help to document which employee accessed the cloud and the purpose of their access.

The human resource should also ensure that the cloud system has security levels whereby each employee can access the cloud to a specific security level depending on their job description. This modification will help the company to avoid corporate espionage by competitors. Creating security and access levels would also help to limit the people who have access to the cloud simply because not everyone will need to access the cloud. The system would also help as it would enable the user to generate the option of adjusting their log in details in the case, they forget.

The human resource should also ensure that the company laptops are branded or recorded in the instance an employee decides to take one home or carry out an off-site work. The labels will help the company to track its laptops in case of theft. However, in case of damage to the computer that was not within the company premises, the company can charge the employee responsible and deduct an agreed amount from the monthly salary. This development will motivate the employees to take better care of the organization property while working from outside the organization premises.

For communication, I would recommend that the human resource should develop a peer to peer network that facilitates communication for the employees within the organization. The system will be able to facilitate the sharing of information between different computers within the organization without extra necessities.

Question 2

Funtime company should consider setting up GPOs as well as assigning roles to users. The GPO is mostly a security tool that is used to incorporate security settings to users and their machines. Installing a GPOs and assigning roles to the users would help the administrator to push software to computers according to the tasks that they have been assigned in the Active Directory and save the administrator from having to install the software in any new computer manually.

The administrator should also create back-ups of the fileserver both through a cloud service as well as locally. Furthermore, the administrator can also consider reassigning file permissions as well as security groups so that only domain administrators have complete control of the directories and files. The users within the corporations can also be assigned permissions based on their roles in the company as well as their correspondence in the GPOs.

The administrator should also consider hiring an assistant before he is overwhelmed with work. The assistant in consideration should be able to take on a defined part of the responsibilities in the IT department. Some of these responsibilities may include support technician or low-level helpdesk.

Question 3

I think the company needs to incorporate a back-up system that is more effective and efficient. Even though a disk backup is not a bad idea, having a person travel with it is a terrible idea since accidents can occur. The company can consider making two disk backups; the IT person can keep one with them, and the other will stay onsite. In addition to the two disks, the company can subscribe to a cloud system backup where they can back up their information on a cloud server.

I think that the open-source ticketing system incorporated by the company should be replaced or the employees should be trained on how to use it. The more straightforward solution would be to train employees on how to use the system and ensure that the system is operational for the employees to use after the training. Moreover, I think that the company should reset the active directories as well as the roles and GPOs for users so that the employees can have the software installed automatically whenever they log in. The employee in charge of IT should oversee and maintain employee accounts. This means that he needs to delete the employee account when the users leave the organization. Finally, the company should save itself the struggle of running the website on their servers. Instead, they should consider paying a minimum fee that will facilitate their page being hosted by a hosting service which will enable the company to enjoy maximum uptime.

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