Report Example: Contingency Plan for the Royal Perth Hospital Australia

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Date:  2021-04-12

The development of a contingency plan is a critical element in the course of developing and executing an all-inclusive emergency preparedness prototype. There are five critical elements in a project contingency plan they include supporting information, the concept of operations, reconstitution of ordinary operations, notification and activation, as well as recovery of operations (Donabedian 2010).

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For the success of the Royal Perth Hospital Australia contingency plan stakeholders must re-evaluate areas of operational significance by concentrating on issues such as plan execution, business processes, training, systems, maintenance, alternative analysis, and recovery strategies. The gained information can be employed in developing plans that deal with specific issues of significance. Their development is meant to deal with all things that are likely to influence normal operations. The Royal Perth Hospital Australia contingency plan contains information that is meant to lead stakeholders in their attempt to restore ordinary operations (Donabedian 2010).

Contingency Plan

Company: Name: Royal Perth Hospital Australia Perth

Who was consulted as part of this plan?

Name - Position

Rachel Benton - Strategic development Director

Kate Brokeman - Facility lead Royal Perth Hospital

Sian Bates - Chairman board of directors

Dr. Hannah Seymour - Consultant Geriatrician

Sean Washington - Procurement Officer

Doris Lombardi - Royal Perth Hospital Director of Operations

Susan Clerk - Hospital Director

Perker Willaimson - The Royal Perth Hospital clinical lead Four-hour program

Richard Nixon - Human Resource Manager

Ruth Silverstone - Clinical Toxicologist

Bernard Bush - Emergency physician

Michael Joseph - Director of emergency medicine

Beatrice Monica - Clinical chair State emergency taskforce

Eunice Bridgestone - Clinical reform and improvement director

Salome Stephenes - The executive head of the Four-hour program

Kate Fatovich - Project officer

Risk Identified

There is a mismatch between the hospital workload and number of nurses as well as staff roster profiles which mean that there is no quality and fairness in the hospital. Health and fairness were a national health strategy launched by the government. This was developed after a long process of consultation and set out the health service vision, four principles upon which service delivery would be built, national goals and six national change frameworks that would be employed in attaining goals, visions and principals. Amongst the six frameworks was Human resources development. Medical and technological innovations are improving healthcare delivery, yet the delivery is done through people whose demands are very critical. Quality and fairness thus pose a challenge to address the needs of employees in the hospital (Meiesenheimer 2011).

Strategies/activities to minimize the risk / By when / By whom

Good governance and management of performance coupled with robust political and leadership commitment / March 15th, 2017 / Rachel Benton - Strategic development Director

An ideal targeted stretch to drive innovation in the entire hospital system / March 28th, 2017 / Kate Brokeman - Facility lead Royal Perth Hospital

A mutual patient concentrated and data-driven methodology of creating solutions founded on identified root causes / April 15th, 2017 / Sian Bates - Chairman board of directors

A robust sense of consented values mutual between members of staff and patients / April 17th, 2017 / Dr. Hannah Seymour - Consultant Geriatrician

To guarantee that the quality of patient care is timely, effective, personal and safe / April 20th, 2017 / Sean Washington - Procurement Officer

To ensure that each patient counts and that every minute counts to them / May 10th 2017 / Doris Lombardi - Royal Perth Hospital Director of Operations

To ensure that the Royal Perth hospital Australia Perth workforce becomes its most critical resource / May 16th , 2017 / Susan Clerk - Hospital Director

The reengineering of procedures in the entire hospital / July 20th, 2017 / Perker Willaimson - The Royal Perth Hospital clinical lead four-hour program

An augmented employment of business intelligence / July 27th, 2017 / Richard Nixon - Human Resource Manager

Visible accountability as well as performance management / August 3rd, 2017 / Ruth Silverstone - Clinical Toxicologist

Guarantee that all members of staff pay attention to detail / September 5th, 2017 /Bernard Bush - Emergency physician

The hospital should come up with a standardized governance structure / November 17th, 2017 / Michael Joseph - Director of emergency medicine

Every hospital employee should be accountable for change / December 2nd, 2017 / Beatrice Monica - Clinical chair State emergency taskforce

Intellectual property (IP) to be protected

Royal Perth hospital Australia electronic records / Balanced scorecard template (Managed Operational Plan) / KRA (Key Result Area) / Target KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Result

Mutual medical students program / Medical students / Increased quality and quantity of medical practitioners / Two universities attached to the hospital are now working in a mutual medical education program which is unique to the hospitals medical programs.

Building capacity / Clinical placements / The number of support staff has significantly increased / The two universities are relentlessly working closely with the Royal Perth hospital Australia to provide clinical placements in communities surrounding the hospital.

The simulation of clinical skills / Training Increased training capacity / The hospital has managed to partner with key medical training institutions which provide education facilities that support low as well as medium fidelity skills. / The training is done at both undergraduate and vocational level thus increasing the number of staff ready to take up the four-hour program

Community services / Community members neighboring the hospital / The provision of outreach services / The hospital is now offering outreach services in community sites. The hospital's members of staff are very keen to oversee the extra transfer of clinically suitable activities into the community setting.

Incorporated community services / Basic and community care / To treat patients closer to their homes / The hospital has formed a trust through the better care fund that ensures that elderly patients are treated closer to their homes. This trust is relentlessly developing hospital outreach services in various sites. This strategy is underlined by stronger partnerships through networks that guarantee the delivery of seamless care to the community.

Patient safety / The prevention of harm / To treat patients in a safe environment / The hospital staff has ensured that the hospital environment is not only safe but also clean thus minimizing easy to avoid harm, for instance, health care related infections and drug errors.

The Action Plan

The hospital decided to institute key consultative workshops to obtain views of members of staff, HR professionals, line managers, and union officials in the hospital on what should be contained in the Action Plan. The output emerging from the consultations was the critical element in writing the action plan. The seven themes that emanated from these workshops include the effective management of people, the development of performance management, improvement in working life quality, advance improved employee relations in the hospital, Devise and execute best practice policies, invest in education, training, and development, and finally to further develop the partnership approach (Ovretveit 2012).

Action plan template

Milestone (Action or objective) / Date / Person responsibility / Budget or resources

Effective management of members of staff

The hospital's management at all levels especially unit and department levels to meet their members of staff and discuss the objectives of quality and fairness / 25th March 2017 / Senior managers / $1000

The development and production of a corporate strategy for communication which should include: the development of (MIS) Management information systems, communication skills courses, and intranets / 15th April 2017 / The corporate management team / $2000

The completion and launch of management competency frameworks for clerical and management staff as well as healthcare professionals / 1st May 2017 / The Human Resource department / $1500

The development of a management competency framework for cohorts that have the responsibilities of people management / Ongoing / The human resource department and corporate management team / $2200

The enhancement of management training programs that target particular individuals' management skills. Areas of priority include communication skills, grievances issues, sending and receiving feedback, disciplinary procedures, motivating and influencing, as well as disciplinary procedures. / 17th May 2017 / All managers and Change facilitators / $2500

The alignment of development management to development organizational regarding health strategy execution and change management. / 1st, June 2017 / The corporate management team and the Human Resources department / $2200

The development and implementation of leaders that are growing for future tasks to include: Future planning for tomorrows service needs, career planning initiatives, mentorship programs, and training for senior managers / 20th June 2017 / The CEO, the corporate management team and the HR department / $4500

The production of an implementation plan for guidelines on the safety of occupational health safety and welfare service for health services as derived by expert groups / Ongoing / The CEO / $5000

The development of tools that are likely to help managers in providing equal opportunities as far as their diversity style of management is concerned / Ongoing / The corporate management team and the HR department / $2700


Donabedian A. 2010, The definition of quality and approaches to its assessment. Ann Arbor MI; Health Administration Press.

Meiesenheimer C.2011, Quality Assurance: A complete guide to effective programs. Aspen Publishers; Frederick MD.Ovretveit J. 2012, Action evaluation of health programmes and changes: a handbook for a user focused approach. Oxford UK; Radcliff Medical Press.

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