Essay Sample on Everest Team Decision-Making: Enhancing Project Accomplishment

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Date:  2023-08-21


The Everest team decision-making is useful since it accompanied the sharing of information. A situation that ensured the accomplishment of the project became more straightforward and effective. It is from sharing of information that my team members were able to come together and know each other weaknesses and strengths. The knowledge of this enabled me to design effective ways of approaching each member while engaging in the project requirements. Also, our Everest team decision making was is effective since each member obeys time. Time is essential in ensuring project tasks carried out effectively. Team members were expected to divot their time and ensure that they adhere to the team's requirements.

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Moreover, the effectiveness of our team relies on team members' understanding of their roles. For instance, I was assigned the role of a marathoner. In the role, I was to ensure that the weather was conducive for the team members. It was my duty to provide the team members does not get frostbite while on the project. It was also the other members' role to ensure that they effectively participate in their assigned roles, minimize collusion, and misunderstanding the Everest Teams operations.

What struggles did the team face while working through the Everest Simulation?

The team faced the challenge of ineffective communication in the beginning. The project commenced when the team members barely saw each other face-to-face and instead communicated via the E-mail. Ineffective communication saw the interaction and connection with the team members being inhibited (Aga et al. 2016). The situation saw a lack of trust among the Everest team members. For instance, Karen failed to trust the team members with the information about her sister, who had just broken her hips. The incidence derailed effective communication with all the team members. Kiplon also went for knee surgery on a Monday. Kiplon failed to communicate with the team members of the situation, and this led to delays in communicating with the team members.

Also, Tennessia faced the struggle of log on a situation that made the team members revert the time to one hour. The reverted time enhanced the fixing of the log on to simulation, a situation that derailed the Everest simulation. Therefore, it is evident that the Everest Team leader failed to avoid the perils that inhibit the attainment of the team's ability in the project operation.

What could have been done differently that would have ensured team success?

The team leader should have taken the initial step of communicating with the team members' before the project commence. Doing so would have ensured that the team members have prior information on the presence of Karen, and this would have made her included in the project at a much earlier date. Effective communication with the team members would also build trust with the members. The members would feel valued, thereby making them feel free in airing their grievances to the team leader (Vallera & Syed, 2020). Also, communication would ensure members agree on an amicable time for holding the project, and this will ensure total member participation in the attainment of the project goal.

Moreover, the team leader should display a commitment to the team. Doing so will ensure the team members emulate the leader's practices, and this plays a vital role in improving the team spirit towards the attainment of the project's goal. The team leader also should be courageous and confident when handling team members. Doing so will ensure the team members adherer to the team's rules, thereby enabling efficiency in the team operations.

Also, the team members should have carried an inhaler considering that Karen had Asthma. Such that the team would have gained all the points required and saved on time to achieve the project goal. The team also should have consulted before choosing Oxygen that they needed in climbing Everest. Lack of communication saw Kiplon acquiring the best measurement as opposed to the other team members. Therefore, the team members should not have assumed. Instead, they should have communicated among themselves for idea sharing and reasoning from the group members before finally arriving at an amicable decision.

Where could have been more empathetic towards your team members?

Compassionate empathy would have been more towards my teammates since Kiplon is intelligent, and that is why he chooses 5 pounds of weighted Oxygen. The show of his talent indicates the desire to improve communication, which forms a key in the advancement of technology. Also, Karen had a sister who happened to have broken her hips, a situation that triggered her emotions until the team members predicted her not attending the simulation. Emotion is also when Karen gets an asthma attack, and sadly she fails to carry her inhaler. The team members are forced to borrow an inhaler from the climbing party who generously assists the team. Moreover, an action in compassionate empathy is when the team members fail to comply with the scheduled time and instead arrive late for the project.


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