Essay on Othello and Desdemona Relationship

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The appropriate relationship between Othello and Desdemona is important with the question of the connection between Othello and Iago. The explanation of the two components is explicitly covered well for a considerable length of the play. It is significant to understand what Shakespeare wrote in his play, as it requires interpretation.

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Othello Summary

By the Othello plot, Othello is the protagonist in the play and a hero. He is a Christian Moor, general in the army of Venice, which is the Othello play setting, physically powerful, eloquent, and respected by people around him. Despite his influential status, he is the victim of insecurity due to his life as a fighter, race, and his age. Othello owns a free and open nature that his banner Iago, Othello's enemy, uses to convert his love for Desdemona, his wife, into a destructive and powerful jealousy. Desdemona is the Brabantio daughter who is a senator of Venetian. She is a secret lover to Othello, the moor of Venice, before the beginning of the play. She is meek and stereotypically pure. Desdemona is self-possessed and determined. She is in a position to defend her marriage, kidding bawdily with lago, and responds to Othello's unfathomable jealousy with respect.

Two parties each looking for Othello for various reasons convey the relationship between Othello and Desdemona into fame. Cassio summons Othello together with the Senate, which brings Othello's ability as the commander. Afterward, Othello finds that Brabantio, his former admirer, has become his accuser to the Senate. Also, Othello learned that he is seen as an enemy, and executed as Desdemona's husband; it is here that he realizes that Venetians do not acknowledge him regarding exact quality. It is possible that Othello fears this and hence takes Desdemona into marriage without the permission of her father. She is confident that with a black man there is no need for permission.

The Influence of Race and Prejudice on the Relationship of Othello and Desdemona

When the case is taken before the Senate, the objection of Othellos by Brabantio is purely based on Othellos' race and color. He proposes that it is not okay for Desdemona to accept Othello knowingly and willing. He fails to understand how his daughter can take a man of Othello's nationality and color unless she is out of her mind. As a result, he planned to portray Othello to have charmed her daughter with magic and drugs and cried out of desperation.

She is abused and stolen from me, and corrupted
By spell, and medicine bought of mountebanks;
For nature, so preposterously to err,
(Being not deficient, blind, or lame of sense)
Sans witchcraft could not (pg I. iii 75-9)

He restates his views that it is against all rules of nature (I. iii 76) and talks of Othello's imaginary magic as practices of cunning hell. Brabantio imagines his daughter's marriage between Venetian and Moor, of white and black, to be totally unnatural and outrageous, and undoubtedly, other senators share his convictions. Othello gets charged before the Senate for abducting Brabantio's daughter. His defense is a frank and free acceptance that he has taken Desdemona and apologizes for his account. He appeals that he is little blest with the phrase of peace for he has spent his entire life in feats of broils(I. iii. 104 ff) as part of his apology, round unembellished story becomes fluent with brutal honesty and brilliance that nearly gets empathy from the Senate. The tale of the sieges, fortune, battle, he had conceded is nearly as compelling with the senators just like Desdemona as he says, “Loved me for the dangers I had passed”.

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