Reflective Essay on Yourself and Others

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Date:  2022-11-06

At some given circumstances in life it is essential to make a break and mirror on some of the past experiences and decisions that you have made in life and the impact such decisions have made in our lives. Generally, this paper presents a reflection of my life by making a deep insight of my life experiences and the way in which they have changed the course of my life in unimaginable dimensions. Some of the occurrences in my life have taken place unexpectedly and yet they turn out to be the most defining times of my life. Consequently, I have met various people in my life journey some of whom have impacted my life directly and enabled me to reach where I am today. I walk in the path of light today because at some point I met other different people who motivated me to stay focused and never lose hope in my path of pursuit for light. I am not afraid of my past no matter how many people would not like to have experienced such a dormant life that I had before I regained the strength to seek for light.

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The process of regaining strength and standing up strong to a better life meant letting go of my past which was made up of antagonism and self-empathy. I made a step to look into within myself and determined my worth and with the support of those who were close to me, I made it to college which has transformed me into a better person, a weapon that can be pointed out among the best in an arsenal. Even though college has been challenging by meeting up with friends who have not defined the direction they would like their life to take, I have managed to achieve revitalization and walk up to my goals in life to become the kind of person that my society would need me to be, to be the kind of person who would lift up others and show them lightly by motivating them and blowing in the fallen souls the cool breeze of hope and strength just like I was caught up when I was fallen and saw the light again.

Back at the high school level, my life that can be determined to be full of happiness with the spirit of adventure and high confidence towards life. My life in high school was very good with the perception of trying to get the best out of everyone and every situation. All I ever wanted while I high school was to help even though I never knew how to help, I was always obsessed with the idea to give back to the society and make a difference. This was an ambition that without effort and proper planning in life it would have been impossible to achieve. While in college I have enjoyed the participation in clubs and societies from which I have taken part in charity work by giving back to the society whereby every semester we attend orphanages to make some charity donation.

Generally, self-awareness is a very significant factor in the determination and pursuit of success in life. Self-awareness involves discovering the truth regarding an individual and can be regarded by the perception of individuals about themselves and about others. I have come to realize the significance of self-awareness because that is the onset of personal development. The concept of self-awareness which is significant for personal development involves activities such as enhancing personal knowledge, establishing an identity with others, developing strengths, spiritual growth, enhancing the individual perspective, and improving health, accomplishing ambitions and enhancing the social abilities. I have come to realize in life that any form of development either personal or organizational needs a plan in order to be able to track change. One thing that I appreciate in my life is the capability to effectively communicate with others in society. Poor communication skills are the most inevitable cause of anxiety and failure in life. Generally, one aspect of communication that most people fail and are very important is the aspect of listening because it is only by the means of the significant influence of personal growth that an individual can improve the social relationship.

Most of the times in my life I have learned to limit my talking and so much listening to the extent I have developed the feeling that it is my obligation to just listen and learn from other people by getting to know the interactive ideas that they have to share. Given the fact that I have always wanted to give back to the community, I have developed the sense of listening for the benefit of others as well because giving back to the society implies attending to the expectations of the society. Generally, attending implies a significant direction of focus on the other party in the communication process which requires paying attention to the communication process and that can only be achieved by effective listening.

My life has not been comprised of the capacity to consciously choose the perceptions that I pick on. Most of my opinions which I can best consider as being cautious behavior have been developing with life and being influenced by the events which surround me together with my peers. My personal development without self-awareness has not been very easy because I have felt like my existence has overpowered my personality. In the attempt to get myself into a point of self-awareness with enhanced listening skills, I have been able to maintain a high level of self-awareness by remaining focused on everything and everyone around me. It is no lie that human beings are complex and diverse because, in order to develop my self-awareness, I have been able to develop an insight of my personality based on several perspectives of self-awareness for instance habits, feelings, values, and desires. By the means of personal study, I have been able to realize that personal demands and values cannot be changed depending on what I have learned about myself.

It is a very vital obligation for anyone to pay attention to building personal values. As for now my top priority in life is to establish a good relationship with God even though it has seemed very difficult for me to keep sight of this priority on daily basis. In the events of busy days, I face challenges and upcoming opportunities that my to-do list often exceeds the time I have to attend to them hence ending up most of the time spending much time on lower priority activities even though very few of the low priority activities really matter to me. Presently, I can consolidate my focus and attend to what would help me build my values which is why I am always much more likely to realize those things I reflect most significant.

I have realized that I always have the urge to grow the habits that would enable me to interact effectively with other people in the society especially in the process to accomplish my goals of giving back to the society. Previously in my life never used to consult people especially peers and even my parents when making very vital decisions. This habit hindered my capability to establish the commitment of the people around me in regards to the decisions I made. I have then since come to realize that there are a number of human needs that propel behavior. Personally, I have been able to understand how certain demands in my life affect my interpersonal relationships. Honestly, it is after realizing this concept that I am capable to identify which needs influence my habit the greatest.

Reflecting on my life with a high demand for status, I am very much hungry for high-status opportunities and desperately in need of high-prestige positions in high-level organizations. My lifetime desires are to be shown respect and get privileges that most people of low social class are not capable of acquiring. It for this matter, therefore, that my life is full of struggle for things that other people may regard insignificant like a luxury lifestyle. My philosophy for battling for such desires is because needs cause motivation in cases where they are not satisfied they are likely to cause a lot of frustrations, stress and even conflict. Generally, on the issue of self-awareness, it is very important for any individual to develop a sense of emotional self-awareness so as to experience the happier side of life as a result of the impact of emotional self-awareness. Personally, I have considered myself a very enthusiastic person all my life but because of lack of emotional awareness, I have found myself losing the enthusiasm and experience fading off of excitement. It is for this matter that I recommend the capability of anyone to be able to understand their personal feelings and the factors that influence those feelings.

I have been struggling with my life to regain my sense of enthusiasm once again in order to experience excitement in my life but then it was until I was able to seek for professional help from a counselor from where I learned that it is important to first understand the internal processes that influence my emotions of excitement. This implies that an individual with a high sense of emotional self-awareness should be aware of the internal processes involved with emotional experiences and therefore has a better control over them. It is from this point of view that I have evaluated my performance and recognized the areas of which I need to enhance my standard of achievement in my life. The fact that I am currently in a position to control my feelings and emotional experiences imply my capability to deal with experiences of diverse environments and in different situations and in different ways. I am currently aware of my ideal qualities and weaknesses hence an adequate sense of self-awareness.


Generally, individual growth and development imply a set of activities that an individual can engage in for the purposes of improving knowledge and identity. The concept of personal development entails talent and potential development, building human capital and improving the quality of life which helps in facilitating the responsibilities towards the achievement of individual goals and aspirations. Personal circle of self-awareness enlarges with the consciousness of a greater personal portion and the enlargement of the borders of self-awareness upon a broad point of view of future innovation and growth. Success in life depends on the way someone relates to society and good relationship with society requires proper communication skills. If it were not for my society, the hope of seeing the future and perceiving it to be bright would be dead within me which implies that living in cohesion within the society is very important. All through my life, my most significant moments came as a result of good interrelation with the people around me even though I may not be perfect and still struggling with life in one way or another. I have come to full realization of my potential and just like I was lifted by those I have met in my life journey I look forward to utilizing my best to make an impact on the lives of others.

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